Gemstones to heat up your love life


Does your love life seem less passionate than you’d like? Was there a time when things were more exciting for you and your partner?

Although the intensity of love is always highest at the “new love” stage, this is no reason that you shouldn’t experience fiery passion many years into your relationship.

“New love” has the distinct advantage of discovery – both partners have so many new things to explore about one another that much of the passion is provided by the excitement of discovering the unknown. When love is brand new, even the smallest things seem fantastically exciting.

I consider the passion that comes with new love to be somewhat artificial, because it inevitably diminishes.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling that “the honeymoon is over!” This is the time to wake up the real passion that is sleeping within you and your partner.

For a “passion booster”…use the stone connected to the planet that is the center of so many love songs and poems that it has become synonymous with romance!


Moonstone has a long history as a stone of romance. According to the Romans, moonstone formed moonlight. Ancient Hindus believed it was composed from actual moonbeams. In India, this stone is considered so sacred that it is only displayed on a yellow silk cloth, as yellow is an especially sacred color. It is the stone of the Roman goddess Diana – who embodies fertility, abundance, nature, providence and freedom.

As a gift for lovers, the moonstone takes the highest rank due to its power to arouse passion and allow lovers to see into their future fortunes (good and bad). Intuition is a large part of the moonstone’s energy, as is fertility. Fertility traditionally means the bearing of children but also includes nurturing your love to thrive and grow in a healthy fashion.

Some of the ways you can intensify passion in the bedroom:

Combining Moonstone with other love stones

To increase sexual energy and attraction: Moonstone + Sunstone
To encourage creativity, eroticism or spontaneity with your lover: Moonstone + Rhodochrosite
To heal emotional scars or wounds from past relationships that may inhibit your ability to experience passion in a new relationship: (Moonstone is the stone of “new beginnings” while Rhodonite is a “rescue stone”) Moonstone + Rhodonite
Gemstones can be carried together in an amulet pouch, displayed in a decorative bowl, held in the hand during meditation, or used in any way that seems most comfortable to you in pulling the energies from the stones.
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