What is your perfume attracting ?

In the world of hypnotherapy/nlp, scent is one of the strongest triggers/anchors. The right scent can immediately overpower someone with feelings of attraction, repulsion, and instant love!

If you’d like to attract a different type of person/luck/love/opportunity into your life, try changing something simple like your daily perfume.  The article below describes the six categories of scents and the type of person they attract. 

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What Your Scent Says About You

You will naturally be drawn to the types of scents that reveal the most about you. Have you ever stopped to think what those scents do say exactly? All scents should fall into one of the following six categories. If you enjoy a fragrance that is a mixture of many scents, there will undoubtedly be one that is more dominating than the others.
o       Earthy/Woody Scents: As you may have guessed, these scents pull from smells of the forest and nature. They are refreshing, and have traces of cedar and sandalwood. These fragrances may fit your personality if you are naturally charming, extroverted and love to entertain.
o       Oriental Scents: The most mysterious of the group, oriental scents combine amber, ginger and spices combined with woods and flowers. This scent lends itself to those who are sociable, energetic and outgoing. These fragrances typically have powerful scents, so be careful when giving this scent as a gift.
o       Greens: Greens are also fresh, spicy scents that can be worn a little more casually than the oriental scents. They are less dramatic, yet still are popular with those that are outgoing and full of energy.
o       Oceanic Fragrances: These scents are newer to the perfume scene, and are most popular with the younger generation. Oceanic fragrances are somewhat intense, while at the same time bring a calming effect – much like the ocean itself.
o       Citrus: Citrus scents are very versatile, and are best worn during the spring and summer months. Light-hearted and happy, citrus scents can be outdoorsy and sporty, or elegant and somewhat formal. They are a great gifting scent because of the wide range of senses they appeal to.
o       Floral: Floral fragrances are probably the most traditional of all the fragrances. They can be suitable for everyone and for every occasion. However, beware of cheap smelling floral fragrances, and consider that what you pay for is what you get with these perfumes. Typically, floral scents are worn by romantics and dreamers, and they do make great gifts.
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