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Today’s horoscope from Kaye Shinker –


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Happy Solar Return to our friends born with birthdays that fall during the Lunar Month of the Scorpio New Moon, October 26 through November 24.

Scorpios, born October 26th through November 21st – Earnings this year will improve. Be sure to list your goals and give yourself a deadline to accomplish each one. Now is the time to structure your budget and help your partners with their budgets. The year ahead will demand the replacement of some big ticket items especially items over 7 years old. Make sure your rainy day savings account has the extra funds.

If you are a Sagittarius born November 22nd through November 24th –  The year ahead promises a number of opportunities to attend fun classes and travel to interesting places. It is a good year to learn all of the magic your electronic toys offer

Scorpio This Month For Scorpio

Time to concentrate on clearing away all of the paperwork that has accumulated on your desk and in your file cabinet.  Make phone calls and write e mails to be sure that every piece of paper destined to leave your possession is absolutely accurate.


This is your month to do all of your favorite things. Sign up for fun classes, take an educational tour, visit a few book stores (brick and mortar or online) and be sure to respond to holiday party invitations.


Your home needs your attention. Clear away surplus furnishings and replace any thing that is broken. Think about the brand names you purchase to replace thrown away items. Check out the stock and consider a long term purchase.

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Career and compensation for your talents is the focus of your attention during the month ahead. If you are offered stock options be sure to sign the dotted lines to make sure you are eligible.


CancerCancerThis is your month for fun and family and maybe a little gamble in the world of commodities. Take some time to laugh and play a few games.

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You are networking and contacting friends from days gone by. Check your social network contacts to be sure only positive discussions surround you and your friends. Avoid any investments that do not pay a dividend.


Work, work, work. Hopefully it means extra pay and a bonus. Take your vitamins and enjoy well balanced meals. Try to avoid any wayward germs and visit your favorite dentist.

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It is OK to Spend some money on yourself. Replace broken items and throw out your raggedy clothes. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle and maybe a matching winter hat scarf and mittens. Now return to filling your piggy bank.


You have numerous skills and marketing them this month is your top priority. Be aware of opportunities to advance on your job or for that matter start your own business.

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Aries AriesYour garage and your storage area could use a good garage sale. Think about it while you are working all those extra hours and putting your extra cash in your savings account. Invest in a CD or even a savings bond Libra LibraClear off your desk, clean up all the paperwork that has accumulated. Be sure you are ready for a very busy month ahead.

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Taurus Taurus
Your personal transportation needs your attention. Take some time to find a good mechanic. It will be a very busy month and you need to keep everything in excellent repair.

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