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Mercury retrograde on November 24th – December 14th. 
Shadow begins on the 5th and ends on January 1st.

Full moon 18 Taurus  – 10 November
New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2 Sag – 25 November

There’s a lot of tension in your life, dear Aries – between freedom and responsibility, commitment and individualism. This is just an ongoing situation which you will have to learn to deal with. Somebody in your world is being a bit of a wet blanket, holding you back. It could be your partner. Do you put up with it – or do you walk? I think you should take a philosophical approach and think carefully before taking any action. 

I know this is not in your nature, but in this case try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I say this because it is you who are going through a big change. With the rebel planet Uranus in your sign for the next seven years or so you are even sparkier and feistier and harder to stop than ever before. This means it’s sometimes hard to take others with you. Spare a thought for them.

Mercury and Venus are going into your house of long distances and higher learning on the 2nd. This is at the best possible angle to your Sun. If you could plan a trip for some time in these first weeks of November (maybe somewhere hot and exotic), it would turn out to be romantic. The important news is that Mercury goes retrograde on the 20th still in this sector, sails backwards for three weeks and then goes forward again. This means you will have to rethink and adjust any plans you make, you may be revisiting a country or an set of ideas that you thought you would never go back to. You could find yourself even househunting in a foreign location. The thing is to look, think and be prepared to change you mind. Mercury retrogrades are excellent periods for seriously thinking about a particular issue in your life and in your case it’s how do I expand my horizons?

Finally, the eclipse of the 25 also falls in this house. This suggests the end of an era. Because it is at a good angle to our natal Sun and to Uranus in your sign, I think the eclipse could bring a sudden but exciting change into your life. If you have been living abroad, you may have to suddenly move on; if you have been studying one thing, you may realise you have to switch. Whatever changes you end up making may well be swift, but with Mercury retrograde, be prepared to switch back and forth a few times before things are finally settled.

PS With Jupiter in your house of income this year, you should be making every effort to make money while you can.

I hope you’ve been feeling the benefit of the planet of luck, Jupiter, in you sign this year, Taurus. Mostly April-born bulls will have had the best of it, but if you are born later in the sign, rest-assured your time is coming. This Jupiter effect is very powerful because it is energised by a high-voltage (positive) charge from Pluto. You really should feel some kind of benefit.

Treat the full Moon in Taurus on the 10th as a time to bring a personal ambition to fruition. This could be something seemingly quite small that you started last year, say a new exercise regime, and now you really feel you’re reaping the benefits. The two weeks after the Full Moon are also very special and lucky because Mars, the planet of action, joins Pluto and Jupiter to create a lovely Grand Trine in Earth. This makes your houses of self, creativity and wisdom positively glow. If you are at all religiously inclined it would be a great time to go on a pilgrimage or take up a course of study or create an artwork exploring your feelings about the numinous. 

On a more practical level, be aware that the Mercury Retrograde that starts on the 20th but which effects the whole month and all of December is in your house of debt and borrowings. Any deals you make will likely not be completed until after the retrograde finishes on December 14 and the whole effect lasts until January 1. Pay close attention if you sign any papers and expect to have to go over them again. If you move money around, be careful. This also means it’s a good month to balance the books and re-examine your finances, particularly mortgages, loans and joint accounts. Depending on how things work in your household, you could take this time to really take a look at your partner’s finances. If you put your heads together you could come up with some unusual money-making scheme. 

One more thing. if you have been having trouble with your sex life, this month and this Mercury retrograde are a good time to talk about it with a sympathetic listener – maybe your partner, but maybe a professional.

The eclipse on the 25th is also in this house and should effect the same matters. It’s likely to bring a rather sudden end but because of the Mercury, you may need to rethink it several times before moving on.


You’re flexible, clever and a good talker, but you also tend to worry and over-react. Try to stay calm and make plans. You have the huge advantage of having Saturn, the pragmatist, at a good angle to your Sun right now. This should help you see things clearly and think creatively about your future. Your personal ruler Mercury is still locked in an embrace with the planet of love and money, Venus, so I hope you are feeling some kind of financial or emotional well-being right now. Make hay while the Sun shines, because they’ll go their separate ways on the 20th when Mercury begins to go backwards. 

This is an interesting retrograde for you, dear Gemini. You’re used to them, of course, since they happen a couple of times a year, but this is in Sagittarius, the sign of exaggeration, and also the sign opposite yours in the Zodiac. It’s in your house of partnership. An old flame may turn up and show some serious interest in you at last – but don’t take anything too seriously until we get into 2012. Still he or she could liven up the holiday season. You may be that old flame too, so only you can know how seriously to take yourself. 

Mercury is inclined to behave rather badly in Sagittarius, showing off and talking hot air, so the message is, don’t believe everything you hear right now, even if you’re saying it yourself. Do have a think about your partnerships though. Ask yourself how you have behaved in the past. Have you really been a reliable partner? 

The eclipse takes place in this same sector of the chart. It’ll effect May-born Geminis most – especially those born in the first week of the sign. More precisely, you may find a certain partnership comes to an abrupt end. There could well be a lot of toing and froing after this – sorting out the paperwork – but nevertheless when it’s over, it’s over. Fret not, this ending truly is all for the best.

There’s a children’s book called Farmer Duck, in which a poor Duck does all the work on a farm until finally all the animals band together, kick the lazy farmer out, and start helping the duck with all the chores. That duck is you, dear Cancer – before the other animals help. 
It seems like as soon as one part of your life settles down for a bit, something else pops up that needs your attention. Up until the last few years, you may have successfully compartmentalised your life, but now things seem to be leaking into each other. Your domestic life and your career are all mixed up; your boundaries are all being pushed. Try to figure out what you need to do to rest. Meanwhile, enjoy the supportive rays of the Sun for the first three weeks of this month. You deserve it.

Mercury and Venus are still embracing rather elegantly in your house of duty, suggesting that although you’re very busy, you are coping well and maybe making a bit of money as well. This sector though is about to experience the two big events of the month: Mercury retrograde and a Solar eclipse. They are also at odd angles to your Sun. I’m thinking this is a good thing, because you’ve had enough ups and downs as it is. However, be prepared for the people around you to go through a bit of a shake-up. 

A solar eclipse usually means someone important is going to leave your life. For you this could well be someone you employ. It may just be the guy who mends your shoes but something about him is very crucial in your life and you will have to readjust. Because Mercury is also retrograding here, I’d guess you may have a bit of trouble replacing this person. You may have a few false starts. Rest assured it should all work out by January – and frankly, you may well turn out to be one of the lucky ones. 

Like I said, you will be very busy this month, and next, doing all those everyday things, but take the opportunity to have a rethink of your daily routine and see if there’s some way you can make your things run more smoothly.

While all around you, Leo, are dropping by the wayside, exhausted by events, you carry on bounding from rock to rock across the cosmic chaos. Well, you may have to get your wellington boots out Leo, because by mid-month Mars will no longer be in your sign and you won’t be feeling quite so bullish, or should I say Leonine. This sounds boring, but it could come as something of a relief. The inner fire that’s been driving you on may have become rather tiresome.

One issue that may be bothering you is your work-life balance. It seems to be out of kilter and no matter how hard you try, nothing you do sets it right. I’m afraid this is the essence of the times for you, dear Leo, you will have to learn to live with the see-saw and find solace in other areas of your life. This month there is a special emphasis on fun – yes, fun, you read it right. The universe is asking you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself a bit – take a walk in the park, tell someone you fancy him (or her); yes, have a fling – go on. You need to get your mojo back.

Two factors suggests that your mojo is bumping around in the 5th house, waiting to be sparked. The Mercury Retrograde that starts on the 24th but really colours the whole month and then goes right up to Christmas takes place here. And so does the eclipse. With Mercury Rx in the 5th, you may find that you’re able to spend more time with your kids. Don’t run away from this. It’s opportunity that won’t come again in a long time. If you don’t have children, then here’s the good news, you may find yourself able to spend more time acting like a kid, indulging your hobbies, making things up, playing pretend. And if you must, flirting. Put yourself out there, dear Leo. We are talking about leisure and pleasure.

The eclipse here is interesting. I think this is quite a good eclipse for you. It’s at a nice angle to your Sun and also to the planet of surprise in your 9th house of big horizons. An eclipse usually means the end of something – it may be sudden, which is a shock for a controller like you, but it will be beneficial. There may be some pet project on which you have been wasting your time and creativity that just has to go. For some reason you dump it. Maybe a woman in your life (the Moon) just tells you to stop sweating the small stuff which allows you to get on with some enjoyment. Whatever change comes, you may find it has some immediate repercussions which are rather entangling. Somehow it may engender a lot of paperwork that won’t get sorted out until the new year.

If you have been involved in a custody battle, you may see things start to resolve, however messily, under this eclipse. Soldier on, dear Leo, it will turn out all right in the end, but you must be very careful about signing papers and making agreements. 

By the way, with Mars going into your house of income for a two month stay, expect a lot of activity around money making. Take advantage please.

Hello there. Have you been feeling surprisingly good considering the general mayhem. Normally, you’re inclined to worry too much and get cross. Well, Mercury your ruling planet has been in the embrace of Venus planet of love and luck for a long time this year and this blessing is set to continue up until the end of this month. 

On the 24th Mercury starts to go backwards. now you are used to this: it happens a couple of times every year. But this time it is in Sagittarius, a sign which has a weird effect on Mercury, bringing out his mischievous show-off. He can be a bit of a fool in Sagittarius, and this is a role you do not like. However, his sense of humour comes to the fore. If you are working on a writing project take this Mercury retrograde to inject a little humour into it. Has it become too downbeat? Too serious? Edit it, lighten it up, then edit it again. In the New Year, you can forge ahead again.

The same applies to any other work you have on. Take this time to go over what you’ve been doing this year and really give it a polish. It’s not that long until Christmas now and you should be taking this time to look back over the year and find what needs fixing and do so. 

I have some good news for you. Mars is about to enter your sign for the first time in more than two years. This should give you just the boost of energy you need to see you through to Christmas. Take care of  your health dear Virgo. 

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve been feeling pretty depressed of late. You’ve been coping I expect, worrying as usual, but finding it very hard to keep laughing. If you can manage to make a quip about a situation, no matter how grim, you can keep going, but somehow there’s been a bit of a humour failure on your part. In fact, you may have let bitterness creep in. 

So you’re a year older. It may have been rather a tricky birthday. It’s not easy hosting Saturn in your own sign and the downbeat Daddy of Dour has really been making himself felt this year. He’s been at odds with just about every heavy-hitting planet in the solar system. Now, I know you’re Venus-ruled and all that but you are a Cardinal sign, that means you are comfortable in a leadership role. Saturn is also exalted in your sign, that means he is at his best. My guess is that you may have been forced to wear the trousers but you’ve found that – on some level – the pinstripes suit you. 

Your partnership may well feel completely weird too, but weird is the new normal. You’re going to have to have to learn to get used to it. Meanwhile, there is some excitement and interest down in your communications sector. Something is going to end and something else is going to make a juddering start. A neighbour who is important to you may well move away. This could leave a hole in your life. Another possibility is that you may leave your neighbourhood or at least decide too. It’s not going to be a clean break with Mercury messing around here, but in the long run it’s the right thing to do. The opportunity will be sudden. The other possibility is that a close relation, not your parents, will leave.

You should also spend this Mercury retrograde (Nov 24- Dec 14) thinking about your communication style. As a Libra, you may well work with the public in some way and how you talk to them is important. The universe is asking you how you can improve it – and whether your message is as clear as it should be. You may find you have to repeat yourself a lot this month and next. You just can’t get your message across. View this as a learning opportunity rather than a trial and you will surely get something out of it.

This is your month, Pincers, so enjoy it. Oh and happy birthday and all that. Now quick, you have two more days of Mercury (words) and Venus (love) in your own sign, so if you really want to tell someone you love them, do it now. It’s very potent and the planets will simply put the right words in your mouth. 

This is also a good time for diplomacy in general, but watch out because when Mercury goes into Sagittarius on the 3rd, words get inflated. This is in your sector of income, and Mercury goes retrograde on the 20th, so expect some uncertainty to do with your salary. You may be promised something that then fails to materialise. 

My advice is get what you can at before the 20th while Venus, money, is still hand in hand with Mercury. When the two go their separate way on the 20th be prepared for a certain amount of backtracking. I think this more likely to come from other people, especially since your ruling planet Mars is currently opposite the planet of secrets and lies, Neptune. 

That suggests to me that if you work for a big company, there may be something shady going on which you are not privy to. Keep vigilant because this could end up effecting you personally and adversely. You won’t have much control over the situation either, so the best advice is to take everything you hear in the next two months with a pinch of salt – and remember Mercury in Sagittarius exaggerates. Things may not be as bad or as good as you are being told.

Remember, while the Sun is in your sign, you have got more pulling power than usual. You have three more weeks of this. For most of the time he doesn’t have that much support. Look to a motherly type (male or female) for some sympathy but perhaps not much actual help. 

The eclipse on November 24 may see an important source of money leaving your life rather unexpectedly. Don’t get the wind up, but I think you should be aware. It may all be rather messy with Mercury dithering and fidgeting around. Again – get what you can. You are smart and far more focused than other people, so figure out what you want from the situation and make damn sure you get it in writing.

Well lucky you, you have Mercury and Venus holding hands in your sign for most of the month, so do say something nice, words should drip like honey from your lips and pen. 

Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius on the 20th. You should take advantage of this. On a very simple level, it’s a good time to rethink your physical body – are you treating yourself well? Do you need to re-educate in some way? Mercury will give you the gift of the gab but in this retrograde period, you may be forced to eat your words. Be careful what you promise. 
Mars is about to spend two and half months in the career sector of your chart, giving you a huge burst of energy in that area and a chance to enhance your status. This only comes around every two and a half years, so it’s important to grab this opportunity while you can. Powerful help may come from unexpected sources since Pluto is supporting Mars through this time and so is the planet of look, Jupiter. Whether you like it or not Sag, you may find yourself going places. However, if there are contracts to sign, be extra vigilant about reading (or writing) them and expect to have to rewrite. 

Now, you are about to have a solar eclipse in your sign. This will especially effect November-born Sagittarians. An eclipse like this usually means some kind of ending. In your case, it’s something important and close to you that is going to finish – it could be that you are going to leave a relationship, leaving a papertrail of acrimony in you wake. If you don’t leave you are likely to make some demands (probably quite reasonably) for change. You may have been brooding on this for some time. Expect the unexpected as a result. In other words, if you have held back for fear your beloved will just leave, don’t be afraid, he or she may unexpectedly want to stick around and work things through. The lead up to this eclipse with Mercury and Venus embracing should help you smooth the way for any surprising interchanges.

If you are single, the change could be that you will suddenly and surprisingly meet someone – possibly a total stranger – who turns out to be the one. Be fearless, Mercury may be messing around but he is on your side. It is up to you to pursue the unexpected and talk to it – whether it is man, beast or alien.

Pluto is actually on your side. He just wants you to transform. He is in Capricorn for a long, long time, so you need to get used to the idea of having that Plutonian energy working from inside you. 

Right now, Pluto is receiving a lot of support from Jupiter transiting your fifth house of creativity and children. That is one place you could turn for help. Your kids will really boost you now or the children of your own mind, whether that’s a dissertation, a work of art or a new interior design for your home. 

Mercury and Venus are dancing through your house of dreams and memory together for the first few weeks of this month. This may bring unexpected ideas into your head prompted by past experience. Don’t ignore what comes to mind, use it to see how far you have come, use it to inspire you. Mercury will be spending an unusually long time in this sector of your chart this year, because he will go backwards on the 20th and then forwards again. This means he’ll spend a good six weeks prompting you to think and rethink the past, ideas and dreams you may have buried. You may want to take this time to reflect and examine the state of your soul. 

The eclipse on the 25th also takes place here. The most likely scenario is that people around you are effected but you feel the eclipse less personally. That must be a relief  – since this year everything seems to have been personal. But something may finally be over. If someone close to you is in hospital or in pain, their suffering could come to a sudden and relieving end. 

Busy, busy, busy. Right now your career should be going rather well, dear Aquarius, with emails, letters and conversations whizzing around you like bees around a flower. If you are applying for jobs, get your CV in the post right now. Then get networking. You should be doing your utmost to raise your profile this month. It’s not your nature to show off but you may well need to.

Mercury and Venus will start going through your house of groups and groupies, parties and conferences on the 2nd. If there’s anything along those lines you are thinking of attending, book your place now. You will make a fistful of useful contacts – one of whom may even turn out to be more than that. 

Mercury spends an unconscionably long time in this department, because he goes retrograde on the 24th. Sadly, this means he kisses Venus goodbye until the next time, but it does mean you have a chance to do a little friends re-united. With a retrograde like this, you should do your utmost to re-establish old networks. Find out what people have been up to. It’s interesting and there could be gold there.

What is more, there’s going to be an eclipse in this chart sector the very day after Mercury goes retrograde. An important contact, a VIP in your life is about to leave. This may leave you scrabbling around for a replacement for a while, but by the New Year, you should have discovered a new guru.

Let’s deal with the eclipse of the 25th and then work backwards. The eclipse is going to take place in your career sector. Someone important is leaving – could be your boss. This will effect you more directly than most. Probably you liked this person. The departure will come as a shock and will leave a mess probably of paperwork behind. That’s one possible scenario. I leave it to you to extrapolate how this story might fit your life. 

But if you are self-employed a major client may move on. If you are at home (caring or working from home), you may find your status suddenly and unexpectedly changes. This could be rather good (you get married, for example, or you become a parent). The eclipse changes how the world perceives you. For example, you were a secretary and then you say something clever to the boss and suddenly you become the manager. I’m not promising a promotion but this is a best case scenario. It could go the other way. 

Whatever happens with this eclipse, there will be a lot of tidying up afterwards and it won’t be clear how things are going to pan out until the New Year. The ending will be obvious, but the next step may be fuzzy.

That is why we are working backwards. Venus and Mercury are locked in a lovely embrace in your career sector for the whole month until they kiss goodbye on the eclipse. This means you have a month to charm everyone you work with and hope that it make whatever is to come before Christmas more advantageous to you. You might even be able to negotiate a pay rise right now. Someone important realises that you are worth your weight in gold, but you need to make sure everyone else knows too.

This is all pretty important because you may find that people more on your level are trying to pick fights with you. Deal with this in your usual Piscean way – by disappearing so they can’t get their hands on you

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