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Moon in Aquarius


This is a great time for aligning yourself with groups and involving yourself in group activities of any kind. This is not an ideal day to be alone. Get out of the house if you work from home. Call up your best friends and make plans to cement your closest friendships. The emphasis falls on friendships, the environment, anything futuristic, electronics and technology, especially, will capture interest whenever the Moon is in Aquarius. Humanitarian issues, unity and anything odd and eccentric will appeal to our senses. This is a time to not take yourself too seriously, engage in something in which you are not well versed and possibly present an original creative idea to others. You will be surprised at the reactions you might receive. Take that risk, wear something over the top and realize that this is a great time to open your mind to anything spiritual, religious and it is also an advantageous time to study esoteric topics. We will all be attracted to anything odd or eccentric today. The issues of friendships, the environment and anything far out and futuristic will be favored activities for the day. Watch out also as this is a time when ex-loves appear, so be on the lookout. You might duck for cover or embrace that special someone from your past. Try to keep an open mind and do something out of your comfort zone. You could be surprised at how fun and easy this can be under this Moon.
The signs of Aquarius and Leo will be in the spotlight today. They will radiate sex appeal and confidence and we will find ourselves inexplicably drawn to these powerful signs. Aquarius will be the most popular and attractive and can make tremendous strides in their personal and professional endeavors today. Leo could be feeling be low on energy and slightly drained but can expect to make enormous progress in love and romance department. So step aside, and let Aquarius and Leo take the spotlight where they tend to shine naturally, charm us with their personal style, leadership abilities and their amazing sense of humor. We could all learn a thing or two from these two movers and shakers of the Zodiac.

 The Moon (Emotions, Your emotional nature) enters the 11th House of Aquarius. To see what area of your life could be affected check out this link Houses to see what area your sign is passing through. You could find yourself dealing with the properties of each House (more so than normal) on days when the Moon changes in a new House or Sign. If you know your rising sign, please read that sign as well for more insight!



The Moon in Aquarius impacts your 11th House of friendships, ex loves and social contacts. Reach out to those friends and acquaintances you miss. There are gains through groups and close friendships to which you affiliate yourself with today. Get out and socialize as this can lead to unexpected compliments, a possible new relationship and rewarding accolades. You might be surprised to hear kind and supportive words from a Taurus and a Scorpio, Aries.


The Moon in Aquarius impacts your 10th House of career and your social reputation, Scorpio. You could feel lively, rested and ready for action today. A strong sense of confidence overtakes you and others will be especially receptive to your personal charm and winning ways today. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could boost your confidence tremendously.


The Moon transits Aquarius, your 9th House of higher education and logic today, Gemini. You might be surprised to find that your way with words will stand out today and you could gain recognition from a writing, speaking or project dealing with the public. Reach out to those who could benefit from your talents. You know who they are. Another Gemini and another Sagittarius will be involved.


The Moon enters Aquarius and your 8th House of power, joint finances and mystery, Cancer. The way you define love and intimacy is changing and you might find yourself on the receiving end of unexpected compliments. Love is a two way street, Cancer. Smile and the world smiles back today. The signs of Scorpio and Pisces could be on your mind and in your heart.


The Moon in Aquarius occupies your 7th House of serious commitments and marriage. This is a great day to cultivate new ideas and adopt new strategies for your future, especially in the area of love. Try to avoid any hint of sarcasm and stubbornness and everything should be fine. Lighten up, Leo. People do adore you and will prove it. A Capricorn will play an important role.




The Moon in Aquarius enters your 6th House of repair and daily routines. A strong need to watch your earnings and learn lessons about hard work are on the agenda today. You will strive to be meticulous in terms of your financial affairs and your romantic life. Leave no stone unturned, Virgo. A Taurus and a Scorpio will play motivating roles.


The Moon in Aquarius transits your 5th House of creativity and brings about a need to focus on romance. You will idealize the notion of a fresh start as it relates to your current romantic life. Single Libra attracts someone new and exciting, while coupled Libras are instigating new starts by experimenting with new beginnings, important career ventures and experimenting within their relationship. A Taurus will play an important role.


The Moon in Aquarius highlights your 4th House of home and family affairs. You will feel loved, appreciated and more desirable in the workplace, publicly and even at home. Just beware of a tendency to attract those who might want to drain your time, energy and possible resources, Scorpio. The signs of Libra and Aquarius could play surprising roles. Make sure you insist on quality and avoid those who talk the talk but refuse to EVER walk a mile.


The Moon in Aquarius transits your 3rd House of speaking, listening and contracts. There could be a fascination with communications, getting at the truth or you might be focused on a large purchase. You could receive some news via email, text or phone that brightens your day and may confirm a hunch you had regarding a special relationship. A Scorpio will be considerate and extremely helpful.


The Moon in Aquarius transits your 2nd House of money, how you view your possessions and fulfill your financial desires. You could be perceived as mysterious, secretive or perhaps you are hiding something (like repressed emotions or strong feelings) that you can’t share with anyone, even those closest to you. Timing is everything, Capricorn. A Gemini and a Sagittarius could surprise you today.


The Moon enters your 1st House of personality, appearance and personal habits. Realize that you hold the winning cards today so utilize them wisely, Aquarius. You can attract publicity today and gain from serious partnerships. Your sex appeal is off the charts and your personality shines at any gathering today. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn are involved.


The Moon in Aquarius enters your 12th House of seclusion, secrets and untapped creativity. Avoid a tendency to feel sorry for yourself or think that perhaps you could be doing more. A somber mood could suddenly take over and you might need to take a quick break from everything and everyone to restore your senses and renew your spirits. A Virgo and an Aquarius play insightful roles.

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