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Aries: Emphasize the long term. Try to gain a realistic overview of what you must accomplish today and by Friday. This perspective will help you know which direction to head in. Make a key phone call or reach out for
an expert. Tonight: Where the action is.

Taurus: State your intentions. Deal with others individually and directly. A partner or associate assumes a more dominant position than in the past. Close relating warms up a difficult friendship. You come to a new understanding. Pressure
builds. Tonight: A must appearance.

Gemini: Tension builds. Take an overview and detach. See what is going on behind the scenes. You will understand much more. Walk in another person’s shoes and gain a perspective. Keep your mind off the negatives; they could bog you down. Tonight:
Feed your mind.

Cancer: One-on-one relating clears the air. Your creativity delights someone to no end. Be more caring to another person in your
life. Focus on the quality of your daily life. Your nurturing side emerges. Tonight: Togetherness works.

Leo: Others step up and demand more responsibility. You free up more time for a creative venture or more dynamic thinking. Enjoy the lack of pressure rather than miss the limelight. A child or loved one benefits from the extra time. Tonight: Where
the fun is.

Virgo: Pace yourself, and you’ll accomplish a lot. A problem might ensue in a conversation where both parties have very different ideas. You might question which person or idea to follow. Delay if you’re not sure of yourself. Look into the purchase of
a new item for the home. Tonight: Mellow out.

Libra: You could be delighted by a new friend or child. Focus on funneling more fun and creativity into the less exciting areas of your life. Your perspective will change dramatically when you do. Communication takes on an expressive tone.
Tonight: Midweek break

Scorpio: You might feel better if you anchor and allow greater give-and-take. Your ability to eye personal matters and move right through them emerges. Take another look at your budget, knowing there are some important expenditures heading in. Tonight:
Happy at home.

Sagittarius: Your words tumble on the right ears, or it seems your words complete another’s music. The real issue is what to do with this situation. Please note that you are unusually bright and alluring. Don’t allow a judgment to pull you into an abyss.
Tonight: Strutting your stuff.

Capricorn: Know what you desire. Often what you have to decide on has to do with goals and key friendships. For the next month, observe a tendency to be overly sensitive or to misconstrue others’ words. Question rather than retreat. Nothing is solved by
retreating. Tonight: Treat yourself well.

Aquarius: Wherever you apply your attention, you draw positive responses. Nevertheless, there is a boss or older relative who would prefer you focus on what he or she wants. Certainly this person doesn’t know the Aquarian well. Friends and associates support you in your actions and decisions – for now. Tonight: Follow the spontaneous path.

Pisces: You could be on top of your game, but right now do more exploring to find out what is happening within your immediate circle. You might not have all the answers at this point. Think past the obvious. Detach in order to solve a disagreement.
Tonight: Some much-needed personal time.

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