Numerology, Love and Relationships

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Numerology, Love and Relationships

“If you judge someone, you have no time to love them.” ~Mother Teresa

This month we will explore the role that Numerology has to play in love and relationships. Our relationships with the people in our lives are very important. It can be vital to your emotional, mental, and physical health to have good relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, children, and partners. Often, we don’t fully appreciate the value or potential of our relationships. Relationships allow us to get in touch with parts of ourselves that we do not normally encounter, and allow the participants to learn, change, and grow as a result. The various relationships in our lives can be great avenues for exploration, learning, growth, personal development, and having fun.

Most importantly, what is in your heart, determines the depth and richness of any relationship. This month many of us will be provided with a way to symbolically express our love through gift giving, on Valentine’s Day. This is a day that has come to embody love, relationships, friendship, and caring. It can be used to strengthen, deepen, and develop relationship bonds.

However, the depth and intimacy of any relationship is really up to you. Feelings of panic, pride or selfishness impair our ability to be open, honest and spontaneous. Also, to the extent that we see others in terms of acquiring something that we feel we do not have, we will not realize relationship’s potential. Our closest relationships, in particular, offer us boundless possibilities for happiness, love, self-expression, and vitality.

Relationships can be difficult territory to traverse, if we let ourselves or our limitations get in the way. However, Numerology provides the resources for allowing us to better understand our emotional and spiritual makeup, and the issues that arise about relationships. In particular, your Soul Number is one of the resources that can be a great aid in helping you to be aware of your needs, as well as your partners needs, in any relationship. It can also help to illustrate the basic stance, or nature, from which each person most often takes in his/her life.

Number Description Nature
1 This person needs to be an individual and have personal space. Quiet time, away from the relationship can be very important. It can be very important for these people to have their own private space, where they can relax and let go of worries. Mental
2 This person needs a strong partner; he or she needs cooperation and peace. He will also need to understand that he cannot always be in control. It can be important for these people to learn about dependence. Emotional
3 This person needs someone to be creative with. Finding time to break away from responsibilities and having fun is crucial. However being responsible, hard working, and persistent can be just as crucial. Physical
4 This person needs to find people who are willing to work hard and strive for improvement. He/She needs to find ways to outlet creativity, inventiveness, and imagination. Routine, can become the enemy of these people. Practical
5 This person needs to feel free, creative, and unrestricted. He/She will need to find others who enjoy learning, exploration, and inventing. Staying still for any length of time may be troublesome for these people. MentalPractical
6 This person needs to be giving, caring, and nurturing. He/She needs to have strong and committed family life. He/She may need to learn to take time out for himself. Emotional
7 This person needs personal space. He/She tends to be very quiet, introspective, pensive at times. EmotionalSpiritual
8 This person needs someone who is spirited, fun loving, and outgoing. Power and achievement are very important for him/her. Practical
9 This person needs someone who is loyal, honest, and dedicated. At times these people may become too serious, and they need to be reminded. Also they need to be expressive, passionate, and compassionate SpiritualPhysical


There are several important questions that you may ask yourself, or your partner (friend, lover, children, co-workers) to get better in touch with how they understand their needs:

Do you feel at home with yourself when you are alone?

When you make decisions, do you listen to and follow your own inner voice?

Are you able to be and share who you really are in intimate or family relationships?

Another Numerology tool that can help you to better understand your relationships is the Relationship Stress Number (RSN). The RSN can help to paint a picture of possible problem areas in your relationships. They can be found by determining the difference between your important Numerology numbers, such as your Soul Numbers.

For instance if you have a Soul Number of 7, and your partner has a Soul Number of 3, then your Relationship Stress Number will be 4. An RSN, of 4 indicates that being flexible, adaptable, and spontaneous are important aspects of the relationship that cannot be overlooked. Giving in to the other persons needs can be an important issue that will help the relationship from reaching a boiling point.

An adult and teenager who share an RSN of 2 will need to find ways to openly communicate with one another, while not letting aggression, anger, and rage to take over the conversation. However, bottling up emotions with an RSN of 2 can still lead to ineffective communication, and lack of trust. A strong base of honesty and security can be especially important for those in this situation as communication is a strong part or key point, of the relationship.

Number Description Key point
1 You need to honor each others need for independence and individuality. Independence
2 You need to be sensitive toward one another, and find ways to express your beliefs and opinions without stepping on the feelings of your partner. Communication
3 You and your partner need to work on effective and open communication. You will both need to find ways to take part in, and enjoy, each others activities. Creativity
4 You and your partner need to work on ways to deal with stress and conflict. Remaining flexible, adaptable, and willing to change is crucial for the success of the relationship. Adaptability
5 You and your partner need to know that change, honesty and persistence are important. Finding time to do small projects, visit museums, watch plays, and take in the arts can be very important in this relationship. Adaptability
6 Both you and your partner need to be flexible. Emotions
7 Allowing each other time to solve problems, and work on personal issues can be critical for this relationship. Also quality time together, without others, is crucial in this relationship, as you can easily drift apart. Independence
8 Power struggles can erupt, if care is not taken in granting each partner equal authority. Authority

There are several important questions that you may ask yourself, or your partner (friend, lover, children, co-workers) to get better in touch with relationship issues:

Do you accept and love your partner as he/she is?

Do you always blame your partner for difficulties that arise?

Do you experience yourself as complete?

Are you able to stand on your own two feet?

Do you accept and love yourself?

Numerology helps you to make the most of all your relationships by bringing awareness of your potential, strengths, and challenges you face. Everything in life is linked. Your Numerology chart highlights how you will relate to others. As you age, your numbers will have different meanings to you and the others in your life. Children, and even adults, who have an emotional nature, may need more comfort and support than those with a mental nature.

Also, It is important to realize that a relationship will only stay vibrant and alive, when there is an outer unity and each individual continues to open up, share, explore and to seize the moment. By giving, sharing, reaching out and communicating, we can come to realize who we are and what we are about. Hopefully, the tools presented here can be a useful addition to your relationship tool chest and will help you to find ways to foster, develop and grow your relationships.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

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