Daily Horoscope – november 4, 2011

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Daily Forecast / Horoscopes for the Weekend of November 4th, 5th & 6th, 2011

Moon in Pisces – Sun in Scorpio
Whenever the Moon is in Pisces, it tends to be a highly creative time. It’s an ideal day to follow your imagination, intuition and dreams. Escapist tendencies will abound. The need to escape via food, drinking or harmful substances can be quite strong for some during this cycle. Channel this energy wisely by getting lost in music, film, dance, the Internet or anything else that captures and fuels your dreams, creativity and spirituality.
Reading books, going to the movies, watching television and the Internet would be ideal activities for the Pisces transit. So is spending time alone, helping the less fortunate and being there for anyone who needs extra love and support are all favored activities for this placement. It’s an ideal time to focus on someone special as we will all be in love with the ideas of love today.
Bottom Line: Try to avoid going to extremes and remember that moderation in everything —— Won’t lead to a hangover in anything!
On a personal note: Expect the signs of Pisces and Virgo to be center stage today. Pisces will be highly regarded and very attractive to the public while Virgo can get his or her way in love under the Pisces moon. The signs of Pisces and Virgo will make the news today. They will be considered exceptionally attractive, articulate and entertaining. These signs will surprise all of us with their talents and sex appeal.

The Moon (Emotions, Your emotional nature/barometer) is now in the 12th House of Pisces (Secrets, untapped creativity and self-imposed seclusion. To see what area of your life could be affected check out this link Houses to see what House your sign is passing through. You could find yourself dealing with the properties of each House (more so than normal) on days when the Moon changes into a new House or Sign. If you know your Rising sign, please read that sign as well for more insight!

The Moon in Pisces touches your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and your best kept hidden talents, Aries. It’s time to slow down, tone down and step out of the limelight as you could find others around you in a mood to argue about the most insignificant topics. Avoid crowds, irritability and being impatient. Create a sense of independence without alienating those closest to you. If you feel trapped or stuck in any situation take a time out, even for an hour. You could find that it is in these moments of solitude that you have your most inspirational ideas and you can and will make a final decision about love or whatever is bothering you and stick with it. Lavish attention on yourself first and then cheer these people up after you have taken some time for yourself, Aries. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces will play roles.
The Moon in Pisces enters your 11th House of hopes, wishes and your deepest friendships. You might find that you feel surrounded by those you know well who emotionally seem “all over the map”. Friends, groups to which you belong and far out topics will appeal to you this weekend, Taurus. You could find yourself feeling appreciated for your contributions and hard work. Love might seem unpredictable this weekend and you make a serious decision to fix areas that you feel are not progressing as you had hoped. This might involve taking a risk, but you always know what you’re doing, Taurus. Try to remain grounded, in a realistic head space or you ultimately will be let down and regret impulsive actions. The signs of another Taurus and Scorpio could be feeling nostalgic and need to tell you something important. Reach out to those you have not seen lately, Taurus. An Aries would love to hear from you!
The Moon in Pisces enters your 10th House. This could be a powerful weekend for you, Gemini. You will be coming into prominence where your career and love life are concerned. New faces, places and people can assist you in ways you have only dreamed about. Open your mind to new ways of doing the same old thing. You might be surprised to find out how easy this can be and you might accidentally find out how truly regarded you and your skills are. In love, something new is developing, even if you do not see it yet. Expect a Taurus, Aquarius and a Pisces to steal your heart and capture your undivided attention. You have much to look forward to, so focus and stay centered. Also, make sure you are kind and polite with authority figures, people in positions of power and your parents. These people will be observing you and your capabilities. Make sure you give the best you have to give to your career, family and your love life.
The Moon in Pisces enters your 9th House of faraway places, higher education and your world views, Cancer. There are plenty of changes coming at you from every direction this year. Realize that you hold enormous power in secretive and clandestine matters this weekend. There could be a conversation you overhear that could change the course of your current career and take you in a different direction to where you find an ideal assignment that is tailor made for you. Take a look at this time last year and see how much progress you have made. With Jupiter in Taurus, you could find sudden luck through love, travel with someone in another country or out of state. Avoid a “why me?” attitude as the Pisces Moon energizes your intuition and causes others to react impulsively. An Aries, Libra and a Capricorn will play roles.
The Moon in Pisces enters your 8th House of life changing circumstances and power. You could be forced out of a position for a new and improved one or you could receive news that initially seems daunting but will pave the way for a better way life. You need to adjust your attitude this weekend, Leo. You are not defined by your image, bank account or pride, Leo. You are defined by the way you treat others. Gossip and past secrets could come out when and where you least expect, so avoid participating in gossip, scandals or behavior that could be viewed as unsavory. You can run but you cannot hide. The more you adopt a kinder and gentler approach, the easier your life can be. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will play important roles in your weekend. Adopt a positive attitude when it comes to your finances and finances you share with another for best results.
The Moon in your 7th House gives you the winning cards in all of your personal and professional endeavors today and tomorrow, Virgo. The Moon in the sign of Pisces could find you reluctant to express what you really need from your one on one most intimate relationship. Money could play a major role. Don’t allow false pride to extinguish any close relationship ties this weekend, be they family, career, love and/or friendships. Realize that people are looking to you for answers and will find you appealing, talented and innovative when it comes to finding solutions to their problems. You might experience aches, lethargy and be low on energy but this will subside once you make a concerted effort to accept what you can’t change. The signs of Taurus and Libra will play strong and powerful roles in your weekend.
The Moon is in your 6th House of health, repair and maintenance issues, Libra. Take some time for yourself and follow your own counsel. There is a love relationship that could have you questioning the future with this individual. Realize that everyone will be more emotional this weekend and realize that the best offense is a great defense. Do not allow the petty complaints and misbehavior of others to dampen your already tender emotions. Realize that you have the power to change what is not working and replace it with something that fulfills you on a deep and profound level. For some, this could mean the end and for others, this could be the start of something very special. The choice is ultimately up to you, Libra. A Gemini, Cancer and a Virgo will play key roles.
The Moon in Pisces transits your 5th House of love and relationships, what you prefer doing for fun and also rules taking risks, Scorpio. Use your creatively wisely in order to get one step ahead of your competition. You could overhear something today that gives you the upper hand in a business or personal matter and it could catapult you to fame and fortune. Take your time to get everything right, Scorpio. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you could find yourself outdoing even the most seasoned expert in an area with which requires expertise and finances. Someone from your past misses you, Scorpio. The signs of Aries, another Scorpio and a Capricorn will play roles.
The Moon in Pisces transits your 4th House of home, family matters and the past, Sagittarius. You might be struggling between wanting to be two places simultaneously this weekend. There are lessons to be learned from a domestic and relationship adjustment. You are known for your resilience and persistence so it would be to your advantage to accept what comes your way and ultimately make the best of what you might perceive to be a lonely or not so great situation. You might be feeling impatient in matters related to love and relationships. You could notice that the moods of those around you seem to be emotional, especially on Friday and Saturday. Avoid regrets and move boldly into the future. A Virgo, Scorpio and a Pisces are on your side.
The Moon in Pisces enters your 3rd House of contracts and communications, Capricorn. Your interactions with those around you could be off kilter and you might question the information coming at you. You may also question your own communication abilities. Keep all and any conversations with others light hearted and humorous for best results. You could notice that those closest to you are feeling stuck, lost or just plain confused. Try to be the voice of reason and avoid any strongly voiced opinions that might be misconstrued. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius could be especially testy this weekend. Just focus on your own thing and you should be fine. Realize that others are irritable and might be offended by your words, actions and intentions unless you spell them out for others. Knowledge is power, Capricorn.
The Moon enters your 2nd House of income and possessions. Jupiter in Taurus creates a deep desire to work on a creative venture or project and brings luck to matters related to admirers that you might not be aware of, Aquarius. Money is coming your way, especially those Aquarians who have been working diligently this year. You could be extremely successful in the field of sales, property matters and anything creative. There is fame, fortune and notoriety headed your way. Stay focused; realize that your friends and family could be extra sensitive. The issue of money is weighing heavily on all Aquarians lately. Realize this is universal!. You have what it takes to transform your life into something that makes you happy, even though it might not seem that way now. It’s there. The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will be supportive. A Pisces could surprise you.
The Moon is in your 1st House of charisma, personality and good looks today and tomorrow, Pisces. You make serious gains if you put forth the effort and dedication needed to accomplish your goals. Whenever the Moon is in your 1st House, it is considered a very lucky time for you, so wrap up loose ends and focus on the things you desire most before the end of the weekend. You might be surprised to find that with a little effort, the rewards will exceed any expectations. That’s right, Pisces. You won’t have to work too hard this weekend and whatever you want will come to you quite effortlessly. In love, you’re either on track, or ending a relationship that has drained you financially and emotionally. You will make a great impression especially on a Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn.

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