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It seems that the issues in my practice arrive in groups, or tidal waves. Every once in a while, the issue of ‘abundance’ surfaces: clients having money worries; can not afford treatment; job transitions leave them with money hopes and fears; etc.

So, it’s time to address money again on this blog. Money, wealth, abundance, fear of not having enough, etc, indicate a root chakra imbalance.
Once this chakra has been brought into balance, I observe that we find it easier to address higher level chakras right after that.

Money Stones

There are many ways to heal the root chakra. As crystals and gemstones have entering my life in a big way, I thought to share my insights about how to use crystals to stimulate abundance and wealth, and rebalancing our belief system on related issues.

You will be happy to learn that there is a huge selection of gemstones and crystals that can help you attract prosperity. Let me introduce them to you one by one, as each has a different set of qualities. Pick your selection based on what kind of wealth support you want.

  • Amber
    It helps you to accept change and follow your dreams. It opens up the crown chakra and helps access to ancient wisdom. It purifies the heart and spirit. It aids in the making of correct choices. It is excellent at removing self-created obstacles in life. It transmutes negative into positive energy. It imparts a positive attitude fueled by self-confidence. And so you can see, why is said that amber when used properly, helps to add stability to your life. Powerful stone that makes the body heal itself. Powerful stone for good luck as well as protection. 
  • Aventurine
    A power stone: excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. Assists in identifying opportunities and has general abundance energies. Known as the stone of chance or luck. 
  • Bloodstone
    In addition to instilling courage, bloodstone is an intense healing stone, balancing the base, navel, sacral, and heart chakras. Helps one see the benefit and patterns of change, and to recognize the benefit of “turmoil prior to perfection”. One must sometimes break down a pattern of old behavior before it can be rebuilt in a healthier way. (=green JASPER dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide) 
  • Calcite
    Thought to double the intention of its wearer, i.e., it serves as a psychic amplifier.
    Magical crystal that is said to double existing power, strength, health, prosperity, and good fortune. It’s often called ‘the wish stone’. Also enhances intellect. 
  • Cat’s Eye
    For wealth and confidence.
    associated with power in the face of adversity and the ability — like a cat — to cultivate the instinct of self-preservation during adversity 
  • Chrysoprase
    Thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. 
  • Citrine
    Citrine is commonly referred to as the merchant’s stone and used to be placed inside cash registers to usher in prosperity. Helps you to keep money once you get it. The stone of success. 

    emerald gemstone

  • Emerald
    The Emerald is the Queen of the Heart with deep connections to Gaia (the sprit of the Earth) and several of the Archangels. They tend to grow as small stones, but for their small size, they have extraordinary energies. Emerald personifies the luxury and opulence of the Earth. 
  • Peridot
    Visionary stone, brings understanding of destiny & life purpose. Also a money stone: wear it to draw money and opportunity to you. Keep this stone in your cash register too. Don’t overdo it with any kind of lime stone (such as this one), as too much lime causes imbalance.
    (Peridot is gem quality of green olivine) 
  • Green Tourmaline
    General: Tourmaline is stone of success in all endeavors.
    Green Tourmaline: Creativity, prosperity, abundance, compassion. Represents life energy and life force. Excellent for people who work with herbs for healing. Enhances cooperation and healing, especially good at relieving chronic exhaustion, attracting abundance, and expressing creativity. 
  • Jade
    Jade has long been revered as a stone of prosperity, wealth, health, happiness, and joy. It is the all around “having a great life” stone, but also has deep connections with heart energies and that of Buddha and Kwan Yin. 
  • Jet
    Powerful protector stone. Protect finances. 
  • Malachite
    An Abundance stone. With its equalizing and balancing vibrations, it can create an unobstructed path leading to a desired goal. Stone of transformation. Excellent stone for identifying, recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially one that you cannot recall. 
  • Moss agate
    Ancient belief to make warriors strong and victorious.
    Also: draws new friends. Relieves exhaustion. Balances emotions. Gives feeling of freedom, expansion, and space, like a walk in nature. Some mention it as useful in locating hidden “treasure” and for money spells. 
  • Mother of Pearl
    Attracts prosperity. protective stone. heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity, and imagination. Sea shells were once used as money in many parts of the world, including Polynesia. Because of this, mother of pearl is often associated with money and riches and talismans to bring wealth are sometimes made with this gemstone. 
  • Opal
    Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It helps one release inhibitions and enhances memory. Opal is also a very spiritual stone, and can help one be “invisible” in situations where they don’t care to be noticed. Opal brings happy dreams. It also eases the process of change. 
  • Pearl
    Black and gold are good for prosperity. 
  • Pyrite/marcasite
    Pyrite holds the energies of the Golden Sun within it. It makes wonderful center stone in this grid because the cluster like pieces of Pyrite bounce the energy in such a happy way around the room. 
  • Ruby
    Stone of wise choices and noble decisions. Particularly good for helping to make wise financial decisions. The power of ruby is in its encouragement to follow your bliss and to realize your dreams, helping you to change your world. 
  • Tiger Eye
    Stone of self-discipline, qualities of the tiger: patient, focused, determined, alert, with perfect timing and slow, deliberate actions. Excellent grounding stone! If you need to make some changes in your life, this is the stone for you!
    This stone is best suited to earthy people. It has been used to stimulate wealth and abundance, and to enhance the stability required to maintain wealth and keep it without sub coming to wealth’s “earthly temptations” of greed and abuse of power. 
  • Topaz
    Stone of success in all endeavors; inspire and assist in “Lighting the divine light of imagination”. Topaz acts as a catalytic trigger, and activates the laws of attraction and manifestation of your desires. It helps you to have faith in the universes desire to help you, prompting receptivity and willingness to act. It helps one to creatively change ones personal world. Silver enhances the effects of topaz, acting as an additional conductor for topazes energy. Topaz is particularly powerful when combined with Amethyst. 
  • Turquoise
    Power stone of truth, to be honest with yourself and to walk your talk. Helps analytical thinking and communication. Opens the heart chakra for giving and receiving. Absorbs negativity. Great grounding stone. 

Crystal grid for Abundance

How to Use Your Crystals

The first step is clarify your intention. Ask yourself what is this grid for? Sit quietly for a moment. Find your center or that quiet place where you are completely focused and still. Be as specific and clear on your intention as you can be. Remember, the grid will be a tool to amplify these thoughts, feelings and/or intents, so you want to state your intention with absolute clarity.

The second step is to choose the location where the grid is going to be held.

Third is to clear that place and your self from any negative energy that might be in that location. You may burn incense or sage to smudge the area, go around with a bell or singing bowl, or use another cleansing technique.

The fourth step is to make a grid. A grid helps you focus your intention using the energy of crystals to amplify and manifest that intention. Consider where you are going to locate your grid as you would like your grid to stay in tact for a while, undisturbed.

There is no right or wrong way. Size and number or stones is up to you. Leave some space between stones. If they roll off, consider that perhaps they are moving to a better position! Follow your instinct. A thought for consideration: use the Rose Quartz as the center stone if you wish to imbue the environment with overall abundance energies.

The fifth step, once the grid is set up to your liking, is to activate the grid by using a quartz wand and point to the central crystal and then out to each crystal in the grid. Go in one direction, and hold the perfect vision of what you want while you are doing this, not allowing any negative thought come into the process.

I made the grid in the picture about a week ago for demonstration purposes, and … I am happy to report that every single day since I have received either a check, found money that I’d forgotten about, or received statements of my savings. This article inspired me to go to the rock shop and buy some more goodies. Some new ones temporarily belong to the grid too, although I am not sure if the grid is stronger as the money good luck started from the get go.

So, I hope you enjoy your sacred space of abundance! Don’t forget to share, but keep some too.

It’s Your Turn Now

If you are interested in acquiring your stones online, consider this place that I found that sells beautiful, jewelry-grade gems and crystals:

If you plan to wear your gems & crystals for abundance instead of placing them in a grid on your ‘altar’, then this shop is quite a very good choice.

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