Daily Lovescope – November 5th


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Aries: The opportunity to leave the past behind and start out on a new and exciting future presents itself today. If you have just been through a difficult relationship and recently emerged from the other side or have yet to move forward from one, then you will benefit by getting out as much as possible and broadening and expanding your circle of friends. The steps you take today will help you regain your confidence. Don’t look back, move forward! Some of you may experience a challenge to your sense independence and freedom. Explosive arguments could lead to going your own way when someone or something tries to confine you. There are times where you are a powder-keg waiting to go out but this instance should not be one of them. You may encounter it again in the future so deal with it now so the knee jerk reactions don’t occur the next time the issue arises.

Taurus: The energy surrounding you continues to be social and bubbly. You will be in the mood to host a party, bringing together all the friends who have been towers of strength by helping and support you over the years. If you are single, then you may also like to invite a few other select characters who may provide entertainments of a more seductive kind. Whatever you do, take care to drop the mask, and be spontaneous. Though some of you may be feeling fickle today and exhibit some hot and cold emotions. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative but it is easy to see that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively will cause you to keep your thoughts to yourself. If you are a Taurus that falls within this category, it might be a good idea to spend some time by yourself.

Gemini: Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are the emphasis of the energy today. Although you may find yourself completely at sea in a torrent of emotion, most of which seems to be the tearful outpourings of friends and/or lovers, and you’ll find that you want to listen and care about their situation. When your heart is open, you are at your most attractive and may draw potential lovers by your warmth and kindness. He or she will see your true compassion and want to be a part of the new things going on in your life. Being appreciated and admired for your gifts and talents is a powerful need for you, nothing at all wrong with wanting a pat on the back. Taking chances can bring big rewards, maybe not just for you but for all involved. Besides, don’t you need a new adventure in your life right now?

Cancer: If you are a Cancer who is single then a possibility of real passion will come your way today and a not a moment too soon. As you and romance interact you may find that you will get more than you bargained especially if you are attending some sort of fancy soiree.  Think about all those hidden disguises, behind which someone is burning and itching to get to know you better! By the end of the evening you will have made a decision, hope it is the right one. For those of you attached, take a break from the frustration. If you are feeling more distressed than usual over any disharmony in personal relationships, you will be inclined to avoid serious discussions with others. Now is not the time for these conversations so keep them in mind for a later time. It is a good idea to enact a little short term avoidance of those closest to you.

Leo: You want to be seen and noticed and today you will get just that. Change is in the air for you Leo and this is a long time coming to be honest. Some very intense feelings could surface that may take you by surprise. This revolution is due to an out and out attraction you feel for someone special whom you have only recently met. This special someone will be one that you connect with on both an emotional and romantic level. Because of how important this attraction is to where you are in life right now, you don’t want to jump into anything too fast so take this slow. Yes it is very exciting and you can feel the intensity strumming through your veins but good things come to those who let them play out. You receive appreciation and a positive response from your ideas as well today. So share them as they pop in your mind.

Virgo: This just happens to be a great time for you right now.  At this time you are more sensitive to beauty and also the feelings and needs of others, especially in a romantic relationship. If you are in a permanent relationship, spoil your loved one by creating a day tailor made for them. Take time to tell your sweetie how you really feel, as this will strengthen the bond between you. If you are looking for love, then you may find it by helping out another in a difficult situation. It is easy for you to give generously of yourself, for you can empathize strongly with your other and values are more important than material ones at this time. Whether it is the person you are helping or someone who sees your good deed, they will be attracted to your true character. This person will see you for who you are not who normally portray.

Libra: Your ability to get what you want couldn’t be better today. If you are seeking that special romance, then you will find it by listening to others, and by taking the time to sincerely open up and help. If you are invited to a party, be sure to go, as it is here that you may spot someone whom you just know is on your wavelength. Though some of you will have a great day socially, many of you will find yourself cranky and frustrated. At this time your emotions are ruling your head rather than logic and reason. You are more temperamental and impassioned which is leaving you perturbed by minor annoyances and others’ idiosyncrasies. You could be in a fighting mood so take a few deep breathes and hang on, but not to someone else’s throat! This isn’t a ‘shoot first ask questions later’ kind of day so maybe you should catch up on a book instead and shut the world out.

Scorpio: There is a lot of depth and real emotion embedded in the energy surrounding you. Dreams and illusions, forgiveness, and an understanding of human frailties are what arouse deep feelings for you at this time. Others around you are more open to connecting with their emotions. There may be a lot of heartfelt talk between you and your loved one, which can only be a good thing. If hurt or resentment has been building concerning a past problem, then clear the air while you have the chance. These types of emotions should not be allowed to fester. During this conversation, many deep and maybe dark personal tidbits may arise. The more you resist sharing them the more you will be probed to. Try and think about this and come up with a more comfortable version of the truth to spare them of the more nasty details.

Sagittarius: You have a certain level of confidence. You know how attractive you and still you feel less than what you really are. It is time to let go of those feelings of inferiority and allow yourself to truly shine. You have things to offer the world that no one else can. You think you are fluffy tabby cat but in actuality you are lion that needs to not be so scared of their roar. Get out there and be proud of yourself! It’s a good time for you to relax. Take some time and indulge in things that bring you pleasure.  Why not dabble a little with the hedonist energy that is just within your grasp today. Contentment and emotional well being are the main focus in your personal relationships. You are unlikely to be forceful and try to make things happen, but instead are inclined to flow along with people and situations, manifesting what you need and letting it all come to you.

Capricorn: There is someone who cares for you and right now they are thinking about you. All of that desire and electricity you feel is proof of that. If you are single and looking for romance, then don’t waste time sitting inside and daydreaming, wishing you had the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Get out there, interact with others and make life happen for you. Find people whom you can befriend, and to whom you can bring help and comfort, and you will soon have some wonderful companions. If you are attached, that bumpy road you were on before is still there. It will take a while before things run smoothly or go your way in your relationships. Stay diligent though and keep working toward your goal. You will indeed make some progress. It may be frustrating for you right now but stop being so hard on yourself. You are who you are and you’re doing the best you can.

Aquarius: If you have been finding it hard going as far your current relationship is concerned, it is time to come clean and be honest about how you feel. You partner will spark this conversation as you are fed up with all the excuses you seem to be hearing, yet again. This will leave you pouring your heart out about how you would really like things to be. Keep in mind that trying to get the final word on anything will be virtually impossible, and no matter how right you feel in your side of the argument, any loose ends turn up that won’t be silenced. Whatever you do, don’t say what this person wants to hear; say what you need to say. The honesty will change your relationship for the better regardless of the outcome. Try to keep your words positive, but leave the last word for later.

Pisces: Intense passion and deep feelings come flooding into your life today. You may meet someone whom you can trust almost immediately. Opening yourself up and being vulnerable is hard for you at the best of times, which is why this is so good. It may be that you have met that special person with whom you are willing to share your heart. Go easy on yourself today and remember if you won’t how will you allow others to be? Being serious about life, love, goals are all well and good, but have some fun today to. Take your lover or a potential lover out and enjoy some time together so you have some memories for those days that just feel it’s all too much to deal with. All work and no play will make this Pisces a dull fish. Stay positive and passionate.


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