Daily Horoscope – November 6, 2011







Daily Astrology for November 6, 2011 from – http://www.jacquelinebigar.com/daily.htm

Aries: The unexpected appears. Forge ahead. Deal with an older relative and/or friend. One of you will need to give. Remain sure of yourself. Conversations will flow once your roles are defined. Tonight: Enjoying every last moment of the weekend. 

Taurus: Sometimes issues are more apparent than you realize. Detach and relax without phones ringing or people asking for this or that. You will be able to process many of the issues. Tonight: Not to be found.

Gemini: You draw many people together, and happily so. Listen to a friend and get to the bottom of a personal problem. Your general sense of what works is important. Make the most of the moment. Tonight: Where the gang is.

Cancer: A parent, older friend or authority figure could be going overboard. Clearly this person wants to take the lead. A close friend or loved one could be unhappy with this situation. Tonight: Do your best at juggling.

Leo: Don’t key into someone’s issue so much that you cannot see clearly. You want to distance yourself, perhaps not literally but possibly mentally. You need to relax. Choose a movie or go for a drive. Let your mind wander. Tonight: Don’t even think about tomorrow.

Virgo: Deal with others directly, demonstrating your caring. Others could do the most unanticipated things. Relate in a way that makes a difference. Express your caring to your immediate domestic circle. Tonight: Go with a suggestion.

Libra: Defer to others. Think positively when dealing with a family member or roommate. You might be at the end of your rope dealing with someone, but you make an excellent choice. Listen more to what is being shared; surround yourself with interesting people. Tonight: Go with another’s suggestion.

Scorpio: Are you still working on that project? Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. Understand what is needed to make a situation work. Be more lighthearted and easygoing with someone who is a part of your daily life. Tonight: Change activities.

Sagittarius: A child or romantic tie could be full of snap, crackle and pop. Your fiery side responds accordingly. Don’t take unnecessary emotional risks. Keep reaching out to those you really care about. Let more fun in. Tonight: Be ever frisky.

Capricorn: How you structure a familial or domestic matter might make it subject to upheaval and major change. Your instincts guide you more than you realize. You might not want to let everyone know what is on your mind. Tonight: Close to home.

Aquarius: Keep conversations moving, though you might want to hang with friends and loved ones. You might be making judgments that prevent you from seeing the complete situation. Surround yourself with friends – be it out and about or at home. Tonight: Hang out.

Pisces: Make it OK to treat someone to an event, a meal or more. Make it OK also to treat yourself to a long-term desire: a special membership, a clothing item. You will be so content that you will be unlikely to have buyer’s remorse. Tonight: Tap into a little self-discipline.

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