Weekly Lovescope – November 6, 2011





Weekly Lovescope beginning November 6, 2011 – from http://theastrologyroom.com

by Sarah Bartlett

There’s something bizarre going on in the heavens and similarly in our love lives. Some of us are swapping roles – he’s the stay at home, she’s the career woman; he’s the mother, she’s the breadwinner – we’re also changing relationships, giving up one thing for another, and generally wishing to be something we can never be.

Ideal love is also as vivid and theatrical as Macbeth. Dynastic dramas are being lived out in families, or romantic dalliances lead us astray. We’re all divas or stars of some personal show. But, as always we get brought back down to earth this week, and accept that the illusion of materialism still binds us to a way of life that’s not so easy to give up. Yet, we still have the chance to enjoy living life to the full. So show you are passionate, not passive, and are ready to be active in love’s world of imminent change.

Remember the Who song ‘Pinball Wizard’ about ‘that deaf, dumb and blind kid?”  Well, this week, I want you to think about the deaf, dumb and blind kid, not of pinball wizardry, but another kind of wizardry, love. It’s usually some kid who wants so desperately to be loved she or he is blind to the truth. And this ‘kid’ is very common in our love relationships and sure plays a mean game of love too. Not in the sense of clever or talented, but mean in the sense of self- sabotaging, and ungenerous to itself. You may already identify yourself with this role, or know a partner or lover who was, or is like that. So be a wizard again for the kind of love that inspires you to grow, change, move and become true to yourself and don’t kid yourself either that you don’t need love. You do.

There seems to be a sense of being ‘not good enough’, or that someone is not good enough for you?  But if someone isn’t good enough for you, it tends to imply you don’t feel good enough about yourself. And currently, Jupiter is forcing you to become very aware of that dark place of need, of wanting, or not getting, or of feeling you’re never getting enough because no-one is ever good enough.  And whether single or attached, this is not greed, it is just emotional hunger because you feel empty. So please stop grabbing the depressing rain clouds that pass by, and instead let them pass on by. Instead grab the rainbows, butterflies, bubbles of sunshine, and the thoughts that make every day worth living. Because they are you too.

Love will grow and develop as it must when you grow and change and develop too. And with electrifying links between the planets, this week is one where your direction begins to become clearer. Love, like a raw diamond needs to be cut, worked on, polished and nurtured before it can become something of beauty. And you’re beginning to learn how to do exactly that. Now you can play the kind of game which is about being sensationally skilful in love. You are stronger, wiser, more sure of your direction. Relationship power games or subversive behaviour  won’t get to you. There is a wild spirit in you, a creative one and a humanitarian one. Time to chose who you want to be, and never look back.

You feel like having a little flounce. You are in fact, in one of those childish. careless moods. And this is very unlike you, well, most of the time.  But if you don’t express your feelings, it all gets very tense, there’s an inner fuss, you have a sense of responsibility for your emotions, and everything gets terribly literal because you have a little bit of trouble with assumptions and inferences. So why are you flouncing and tossing your hair back when normally you’re so grown up about love?Well, it’s hardly surprising, when the communication channels are well and truly shut as tight as a submarine hatch. Time to open them gently and let the calm seas flow over you again.

Try to convert your partner or new admirer to the virtues of why the world must be saved now, and you’ll be facing a week of vociferous disapproval or disappearing acts to match your own. Now one of the reasons you’re feeling particularly feisty is because you’re an idealist. And like any idealist, if something doesn’t live up to that ideal, then you simply want to move on to the next person or thing or idea, which perhaps could live up to it better. And right now, you’re searching for more, more of anything. More love, more passion, more answers, more meanings. And the searching, questing, restless side of your nature is simply in need of expression. This week, show your desires, and live your dream.

Do you really like living a nine-to-five existence and taking the same route home every day?  If the answer is no, then it’s time to shake out the ‘you shoulds’ and ‘if I were you’s’ and ‘this is the way to do it’ and instead say “I will shoot my arrows high, and even though they don’t achieve what I really want in love, then isn’t that better than aiming too low?” With challenging links this week, if attached, the energy is just right to generate the sort of lively, but jovial interaction you enjoy. And single, you meet those who can fuel your own inner enthusiasm for making connections or seeing different perspectives of love itself.

Whew, a week of endless romantic possibilities opening up to you, can’t be bad? But which to seize, which to ignore, which to reflect upon? Yet the influence of the cosmos gives you the inner strength and focus to take your time, plan your route, know your limitations. Whether single or attached, I know you’re afraid of committing yourself to tangibles and people, because that means you have to face not only the limitations of the ‘real’ so-called world, but also that you’re not so cosmic and boundless as you wish yourself to be. So forget the fantasies of what might be, enjoy who you are in the here and now. After all, love doesn’t necessarily make the world go round, but it does make the ride worthwhile.

Do you really know your lovers, friends or partner? I mean, are some of them as honest as they make out? What are they thinking of when they’re in your company, are they listening to your dreams, hoping you’ll make the success out of this that or the other? Probably not, because essentially we’re all thinking of ourselves. However altruistic or compassionate we appear to be, there is usually an underlying motivation for our generous spirit. So why not nourish your own ego this week? Take off on a whim alone if you dare, and be inspired by art, culture of the great outdoors. Leave all partners at home. It’s time to get a taste of personal freedom.

Has anyone told you how much you’ve changed in the last few months? The shift in the way you analyse, react and behave in relationships is much more directed and enthusiastic. Most of all, more honest and intuitive. You’re taking the reigns and changing course when life doesn’t deliver the total contentment you desire. Your vision and ability to change for the better is providing the opportunity to create a lifestyle you’ve long aspired to. And that’s one that’s more heartfelt and less logical. Where previous motivational despondency was causing problems in your closest relationship, you’re suddenly re-discovering the importance of playfulness. Go strut your stuff and reign supreme in all of love’s domains.

You’re now finding knowledge as attractive as materialism. With Mars boosting your more sensual nature you can wallow in the sexual frisson inspired by someone who offers fascinating knowledge. Perhaps a guru who stimulates you mentally and physically?  But if someone gets too close, you get nervous.  Listen to your inner feelings and you’ll realise a repeat pattern of fear rearing it’s head. The planets give you time to consider getting involved or avoiding love at all costs – but don’t forget that it’s the coward in all of us which avoids involvement. Love and even friendship can only be total if one truly believes in it, gives of ones time and takes a leap of faith. This is your chance to be the change that you are.

We all have a different view of what love is. And there are as probably as many different perspectives on love as there are people. In the zodiac, Taureans, for example, generally see love as a sensual experience coupled with material security; Pisces – an utter merger of spirit, soul and body, and you? Well, this week, the key theme behind your kind of ‘love’, is sharply in focus. How can we all be equal, and how can you love everyone else in the world yet maintain an exclusive relationship?  It just doesn’t make Aquarian sense. Yet, the secret romantic in you comes alive. Forget emotions and heavy atmospheres, you want light, laid-back conversations and fun, and by golly you’re going to get it.

This week, you reflect a little harder and longer about what love is all about. Being vulnerable and in love has a price to pay. It means you feel weak, it all gets too personal, and that’s kind of scary. And so back comes the demon belief in the perfect person and how it’s better to be single and loving it anyway. And if attached, well, NO-ONE can live up to your expectations so you might as well just get on with your career, and who needs love anyway? But, before you leap off to fight for the rights of whales or freelance writers, think of this. We arrive at that place of love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person, perfectly. You now have the chance to see both the joyful romantic, faults and all, within yourself ,as well as the flaws in someone else. And most of all, loving them and yourself for it. Don’t deny yourself that right, it’s all yours.

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