Daily horoscopes from Addicted to Astrology – November 9, 2011

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Daily horoscope – november 9, 2011 -from  http://www.addictedtoastrology.com/

Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio

The Moon (Emotions, Your emotional nature) enters the 2nd House of Taurus. To see what area of your life could be affected check out this link Houses to see what area your sign is passing through. You could find yourself dealing with the properties of each House (more so than normal) on days when the Moon changes in a new House or Sign. If you know your rising sign, please read that sign as well for more insight!

Moon in Taurus

Whenever the Moon enters the sign of Taurus, our senses become suddenly heightened. We will respond more so than normal to the pleasures, comfort and the luxuries of life. There can be an urge to lean on creature comforts, whether this is food, drinks or anything that appeals to our personal senses. Listening to music, having a romantic dinner or spending the night in the company of one you love, like or find to be entertaining are excellent activities to do under the Taurus Moon.

It’s a time of indulgence when we want what we want, when we want it. And expect to find yourself in the mood to treat yourself to something nice. Be aware that you could negotiate a better price for something you have had your eye on as negotiations are particularly well favored during this time. Ask for that discount and you might just get it. You could be surprised to find that people will be in a mood to negotiate so you could find an item of value during this transit for less than it’s priced at. These activities are all favored under the Taurus Moon.

On the practical side, this is also an ideal time to follow up on important projects, lay groundwork for future endeavors and remain as methodical as possible in everything you do.Also, focus on home related activities such as spending time watching the sunset or working on any home related projects or home repair projects. This is not an ideal time to begin a diet, as we will all have a self indulgent bent to our day. If you can afford to, this is an excellent time for investments and real estate matters, so keep that in mind as well. Taurus is all about domesticity, love and harmony.

The signs of Taurus and Scorpio will be the most prominent signs today and tomorrow as they will radiate charm, sex appeal and can make strides in whatever they hope to achieve. Taurus will capture the attention of strangers, love and the public, while Scorpio might be feeling low on energy but can do extremely well in all personal affairs. The signs of Taurus and Scorpio can make the news today. They will be considered exceptionally attractive, articulate and entertaining. These signs will surprise all of us with their talents, sensuality and sex appeal.

The Moon in Taurus (Your 2nd House of possessions and finance) could find you on the receiving end of some unexpected compliments, gifts and SURPRISES. Where there has been stress, today brings calmness, gratitude and acceptance. Love in the air for all Aries, single or coupled. Your ideals, dreams and values will be thoroughly examined and you will come to POSITIVE conclusions even if there are some disappointments along the way. There is nothing you can’t handle right now! Family matters could be weighing heavily on your mind. A Leo, Libra and an Aquarius are involved in this picture and will be supportive.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 1st House of personality and charm) will be highlighted as others will be drawn to your magnetism and SEX APPEAL. You will be seen as seductive, capable and confident where your career and love life are concerned. You will be presented with the opportunity to CONNECT with friends today especially those who you desire to forge closer bonds with, Taurus. You will feel a deep sense of self satisfaction tonight as you spellbound strangers and grow even closer to an existing love. There is a strong mutual connection that cannot be denied. It’s your lucky day, Taurus! Another Taurus, Sagittarius and a Pisces will play roles.


The Moon Taurus (Your 12th House) can bring about an intense interest in places of seclusion. You might find yourself attracted to places of confinement or desiring some personal space. Either way, Secrets, intrigue and mystery will play strong roles in your day. SURRENDER your worst fears and realize what a relief that can be. The times are changing, Gemini! Go with the flow and ACCEPT whatever comes your way. Surrender to that which you cannot control and ask a Taurus and Libra for help if you need support.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 11th House) brings opportunity to align yourself with close friends and to remember follow YOUR hopes and dreams, not someone else’s, Cancer. The Taurus Moon also tends to signify NEW BEGINNINGS for you, so realize what you put out will ultimately come full circle even though it might take you sometime to realize this. Focus on existing friendships and make new FRIENDS with those who share the same interests and passions. Chase your DREAMS as they could very well become realities. You have what it takes to make the changes you are seek, personal and professional. Have more faith in yourself! A Leo, Scorpio and a Pisces will be loyal friends who support your hopes and your personal dreams.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 10th House) can be comforting or equally uncomfortable. Tone down an urge to be hard on yourself, Leo. You need to align yourself with those in power. Realize you might be coming across as sarcastic and this can backfire, especially with authority figures and younger people. Try to show some TENDERNESS and see what develops. People are wondering what is going on in that innovative mind of yours. Refrain from coming across as one who has all the answers. LISTEN carefully to others before you respond today. An Aries and another Leo have interesting ideas to share with you.
The Moon is in Taurus (Your 9th House of higher education, travel and foreign people/places) there is an emphasis on innovative thinking and big ideas. You’re the practical dreamer and thinker, Virgo. You might feel a strong URGE to get away. This is an excellent day to make plans for a vacation or start planning one. Pay attention to your dreams, creative ideas and intuition. There might be hidden OPPORTUNITES waiting to be discovered and you could be feeling a strong urge to escape. This is an excellent day for a new beginning, whether it’s personal or professional. A Taurus and a Capricorn will be involved.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 8th House of self transformation/sex and rebirth) can bring about a desire for tearing down what doesn’t work and fixing it so it can work more efficiently. There could be a deep need to completely RESTRUCTURE certain aspects of your life. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t hang on to anything or anyone toxic, as the 8th House will eliminate whatever or whoever isn’t working for you, like it or not, Libra. Love is another story entirely. Talk about intensity! A current relationship finds you emotional and indecisive, simultaneously. The signs of Aries, Taurus and Pisces could be involved.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 7th House of marriage, legalities and serious business and personal relationships) is a BIG day for all Scorpios, single or coupled. This is a good time to solidify existing relationships and make SERIOUS commitments that are bound to last. You might want to strengthen ties to those you feel a strong connection or share a strong history with. Today brings about answers to any pressing LOVE questions and career concerns. You will know where you stand and with whom tonight and tomorrow. You choose LOVE over the unknown any day. An Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius play roles.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 6th House of health, wellness, daily repair and general maintenance) is a great day for Sagittarius to take care of improving your HEALTH and general wellness. You could also be on the move, focused on your health in some way and your daily routine could be side tracked today as a result of REPAIR, maintenance and health issues. You might feel the need to avoid certain schedules that seem impossible to stick to. Energy levels could be LOW and certain responsibilities and schedules seem harder (than normal) to adhere to. A Libra, Capricorn and a Pisces will play loyal roles. 
There could be unexpected passions stirring deep inside of you and you may feel a strong need to reach out as the Moon transits your 5th House of love, creativity and children. You find IDEAL ways to express yourself and find an EQUAL like minded partner who is ready, willing and able to assist you, Capricorn. This is a great time to let loose, make SINCERE efforts and ENJOY whatever comes your way. An Aries, Gemini and an Aquarius will have something to say.


The Moon in Taurus (Your 4th House of home and family) will be in the spotlight as you adjust to the changing times. There could be a need for some personal SPACE. A domestic adjustment can benefit you in more ways than you imagined. It might be time to assert your independence where your family and home life are concerned. Your home is your sanctuary and you might be thinking about how you can make it even more lavish and stylish. Your home, family and DOMESTIC life will be more important than normal today. Remain BALANCED in these areas today for best results. A Capricorn, another Aquarius and a Pisces can play prominent roles.
The Moon in Taurus (Your 3rd House of communications and siblings) brings about contracts, heightened communication skills and a possible urge to CONNECT with relatives and neighbors. You will find yourself taking short trips, planning them or in the midst of travel, correspondence and paperwork. Today gives you the ability to bring peace of mind to those who worry needlessly and excessively. You will have the ability to speak eloquently and your way with words will impress those in BUSINESS and in private – behind closed doors. A Gemini, Cancer and a Virgo could display a sincere interest in your life.

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