Daily Lovescope – November 9 2011

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Daily Lovescope – November 9 2011 – from http://dailylovescopes.com/

Aries: You may get cornered today so you need to be on your guard. This person has it in for you and is trying to get you into a compromising position. If they manage to succeed in their wicked intentions, you may not find it easy to escape from their clutches. They want you and will not stop until they have you, even though you are taken/not interested. Humor them for as long as is necessary, until you have the chance to make a fast exit. Whatever you do, don’t give in! You are craving comfort and loving affection but this person has no intention of giving you that. Placate them as nicely yet detached as you can. You will not be their trophy no matter how appealing they make the prize seem.

Taurus: You are in no mood for the passion that has threatened to overwhelm you. Resist as you may but the universe is making it more and more difficult to. As it stands, your walls have eroded and it looks like you are about to succumb to the inevitable. However, if you are truly against any interaction then try and stay strong for a few more days. This energy will pass and you have then won the war. Despite your best to remain invisible, a significant personal encounter or confrontation may happen. It leaves you in such a way that you should really reach out to those closest to you and ask for their advice on how to how to deal with the current situation. Listen to the one that gave you an objective view point on the issue, it is the most sound.

Gemini: You would rather not deal with love today but someone did not get the memo. You can feel an intense presence that is filled with neediness from a certain person and it turns you off even more. They have their sights on your and will try to get you into a compromising position. You are a stronger person and can get out of it. Simply be warm and polite – but keep yourself at a distance. Though this person wants to get their claws in you, you have your sights set on someone else. Take the initiative to pursue this special someone you want to be with. You might come on strong to this person, but he or she likes your style! If you don’t take a risk, you won’t ever know. Be firm yet gentle with the person you’ve got your heart set on and go for it!

Cancer: You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. In that same breath you realize that stagnating will leave you lost in the middle of nowhere. It could be hard to figure out the right move, especially with that special someone. You have been feeling that there is a need to rekindle the spark that may have dimmed recently in your relationship. This is a great opportunity to air and share your feelings with your partner. Make the most of this break and spend some quality time together. You two will deepen your bond and commitment considerably. Being open and honest will give each other some space and a chance to shine. Make plans that can be used as building blocks for future goals.

Leo: The energy surrounding you is drenched with a deep sense of passion. It is giving you the primal urge to own or possess your loved one. Your partner may find this objectionable and try to avoid you. If you want to improve matters, then change your tactic. They will resist your advances if they feel you are trying to take over so let go of your urges and let the energy set you free today. You will need to upset the equilibrium in order to have your own needs met, especially sexually. Don’t be shy about it, ask for what you want and how you want it, or you’ll just end up being frustrated. Just do not forget to please your partner just as well as you have been. Sometimes you forget that you have to give just as good as you’ve received.

Virgo: There is this burst of physical energy that you have that makes you think you can do so much at one time. A particular person who you have been trying to charm for some time may find you too overpowering and decide to run in your opposite direction. If you want to give the relationship any chance, then back off. Give them a little space to decide in your favor. Relationships of all types are activated now. They will require cooperation and compromise of each others’ views and this is where you set your focus. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Don’t let this person pass you by. You need their spark in your life right now and for some time to come.

Libra: There may be some of you who are in a very sour mood as a result of the current state of your most intimate relationship. For some reason your partner is in a rather deep introspective mood and has seem to check out of the relationship completely. It may seem, they are determined to do the opposite of everything you want to do. Because you do not understand why this is happening, your mind directs yourself inward and you begin to reflect on your personal life. You take stock in the overall direction you are headed in and if it’s where you want to be. Thoughts of the past and the choices you made are also prominent. It is likely that your relationship will be on the chopping block. If your partner continues to not respond to you then you are left with no other choice.

Scorpio: First dates can be magical and extraordinary. If you have one tonight, it will be quite favorable. There will be an electric intensity and passion in the air. You two may find that you get on with each other better than you had thought possible. What happens from here could be truly amazing, if you have the courage to pursue it. Do not let this evening intimate you. This is an upbeat, refreshing time period for you especially if you are attached. Progressive changes in your life and relationships make this an enjoyable, exciting time. The changes are not likely to be extraordinary, but a definite revolution in your relationship to others will be evident. Let things move forward with this person… as they should.

Sagittarius: The zealous energy of the day creates an encounter with someone that will become greatly attracted to. You are drawn by their deep passion and intensity. They are the type that will go out and get what they want; they will not wait for it to come to them. Give yourself a few days grace before rushing in for the kill. You may need time to observe another side of their nature before you commit yourself. Your emotional inhibitions are at a low at the moment, which allows you to talk freely about your feelings, needs and desires. Discussing your hopes and dreams with those close to you is likely to produce positive, even spectacular results. Use this time to strengthen all of your personal relationships. Go and settle any lingering grievances.

Capricorn: The energy saturated in passion will not pass you by but the manner it shows itself could take you completely by surprise. If you are going to some sort of social gathering, then you will need to keep your feet very firmly anchored to the ground. A romance may quickly bloom taking advantage of your amorous feelings and desires. Don’t give in to this romance too quickly; you need more time. If you are attached, those same feelings previously mentioned are strong and compelling at this time causing you to be very demanding of a lover’s energy and affection. Ask before you demand and you just may get the answer you want. Hell, you both will get something out of it and becomes a win/win situation.

Aquarius: Love is very caring, deep, and exotic today. You have every opportunity to make a deep impression on that delicious person you’ve been watching from afar, and to touch their heart in that special way. But don’t give them everything at once. Dally a while, let the game linger, and they may stay around even longer! It won’t hurt to keep them waiting, and they will appreciate you even more. This is an excellent time to have company or to give a party at your home. You are feeling hospitable, loving, and feel the need to share comfort and affection with close friends and family. Go on a date with someone you care for, make it simple and enjoy the adventure.

Pisces: The ongoing saga of your love life, single or attached has created a new chapter. You can expect a situation to develop in which you finally have a chance to spend some time with someone you have long desired. Don’t wreck this opportunity by being too intense on the first date. Allow your easygoing charm to lull them into a sense of security.  If you are attached then, frustrations and obstacles in your intimate relationships arise at this time. You feel like your partner does not really understand you and is not cooperating with you. This leaves you to feel that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. This can be a very self defeating attitude and it doesn’t belong near you. Center yourself, you will find a way to make things work out

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