Daily Lovescope – November 10, 2011

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Daily Lovescope – November 10, 2011

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Aries: You are feeling aggressive and hot tempered right now. Usually you feel like this when you aren’t getting your way but today it’s your relationship that has you on edge. Your loved one seems very difficult to comprehend at the moment and this has you worried. Don’t feel abandoned, or as though your relationship has been given the kiss of death; you just need some time and space to think a few things through. Every relationship goes through an adjustment period; soon you two will be back “together” faster than you think. Because of all this uncertainty you can be impatient and behave in an impulsive, irritable way. This makes you more prone to accidents or doing something you may regret later. So be careful, both for yourself and others.

Taurus: Good things come to those who wait and today, your wait is over. There is a person you have long desired in your life who will make a firmer commitment to you. As the events unfold you now see that they intended to do so all along, this person needed to make sure it was something you both wanted. You will find that they often seem very quiet and reflective, be mindful that they have been hurt before and feel the need to be cautious. Charm is plentiful and the energy of desire allows for all sorts of pleasantries that can provide the foundations for love and stability. New adventures begun today can be the start of a relationship as well as achievements could bring both wealth and love. Return the commitment and build something new.

Gemini: Your relationships, both intimate and friendly, are going through a rough patch right now. This would be a good time to mend fences and smooth over any problems in your home life. Your partner is going through a period of uncertainty and may have quietly shut you out. You want to help but you just can’t seem to get through to them, and it is causing you a great deal of stress. Don’t worry too much; your friend just needs time and space to come to a few conclusions. Draw support from close friends, family, and the women in your life. This can give you the confidence you need to get through this trying time. Try to find the positive aspects of situations rather than the negative. The positive will keep your mind free; the negative will box you in.

Cancer: For those of you in a relationship, do not be surprised if you have a serious conversation with your loved one today. This is really a great thing as there have been a few issues that you have been trying to clear the air about yet had no idea how to approach the subject. Don’t be afraid to talk from the heart, this will open you both up to greater possibilities within the relationship. This is a relationship worth persevering so make the effort! For you single Cancers, you will find yourself near a  certain someone who has made your heart race many times and seeped your imagination time and time again. You are not sure if what you are feeling is real or fantasy. Rather than let yourself drift to your happy place, the next time you see this person make strides towards figuring out if you are wasting your time or if it could be worth waiting for.

Leo: You may be feeling a bit restless and dissatisfied with your present relationships or situation. Do you feel as though you are getting the cold shoulder? You know that you need to discuss this yet find it difficult to begin a conversation. Even if your loved one is sulking and has closed you out, you need to make the effort. Once you do, what is revealed may have a profound effect on your relationship. It is well worth persevering – just “man up” and make the first move. This situation may leave you feeling limited and restricted by your responsibilities and impatient to achieve your larger goals. Don’t let your eagerness put you in a position that you may regret. Once you do, there is no going back from it.

Virgo: This day brings with it an urge to withdraw from your sugar honey and to make a little time and space for yourself. Don’t worry that this will harm the relationship, as it may even do it a great deal of good. You need to think a few things through and get clear about how you feel. Don’t neglect yourself; your needs are important as well. You’re coming into a period with a greater than usual emphasis on emotional security, which is likely to manifest as putting down roots somehow. Home and family matters can play a big part in this: relatives take on greater importance than ever before. Real estate plays a bigger part in your life goals as you are ready for some real roots. Take things day by day, there is no rush just do it right.

Libra: You may be feeling somewhat insecure about your current love relationship right now. You are unsure how to relieve your fears because you’re not really sure what is sparking your feelings of insecurity. How long has it taken to get this far in the relationship? Days, weeks, months? Distance yourself for a while and take the long view. If you can’t identify something in your mate that is causing your doubts, look to your past experiences for the cause. It’s likely you’re comparing your current relationship with a past bond that ended on a bad note. While there may be similarities, your current romance is very different and very unlikely to go down the same road as any of your past loves. There is a lot more yet to be discovered in the partnership, so keep going, but give each other space. Don’t expect miracles all at once; yet don’t give up altogether.

Scorpio: For those of you attached, you will feel encouraged to take the initiative in broaching a certain issue that you and your loved one have needed to discuss for some time. You have a lot to offer each other – and anyway, all relationships are an ongoing work of art. You may wish to retire and spend some time alone before tackling this, but it is well worth taking the trouble. If you are single right now the idea of love, being in a relationship, and pleasure are emphasized now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated by others in contact with you. A new romance or friendship may occur or an old or current one may take a turn for the better. This energy you will want to take advantage of and make things happen. Stop standing by the sidelines.

Sagittarius: You might be feeling left out or ignored right now. You are to some extent, but not in the manner you’ve been thinking. Your partner is taking time out to get some much needed space. They want to make the relationship between you work even better, and are taking time to attend to their own issues so that they can give to you more fully and freely. Because you are moved to express your affections more openly than usual let them know you will here for them when they feel ready. Don’t interfere any further after that. When you two come back together, your close relationships will have more emotional depth, power, and importance. It will be well worth the wait and those issues will be behind you.

Capricorn: Stability, maturity, and cooperation are the key issues during this time. You’ll be provided with a great opportunity to take time out to talk with your romantic partner. You may have both been busy lately, with different and very pressing issues to attend to. You may both be feeling out of joint because of the different demands of life. Whatever the reason, you now have a chance to sit down and share your thoughts and feelings with each other on anything and everything. You could find that you both share common concerns about important aspects of your lives together. This conversation will leave you feeling in tune with your romantic partner on the important issues. This will strengthen your foundation and move you both forward in your commitment to each other.

Aquarius: You are more emotional and subjective than usual today. You may just want to have some alone time as you tend to question the motives and maybe even the manipulations of those closest to you. It’s easy to assume things right now, so rather than risk the wrong assumption you may want to just wait till you are feeling more level emotionally than to put yourself in a position to doubt someone that really won’t be justified. Soon there may be a gather of sorts where you could meet someone rather special. However, your first encounter may be weighed down by matters way too serious for a new relationship. Luckily what starts off as a very thought-provoking, possibly disturbing conversation, it eventually leads to more pleasant subject matter. When this encounter happens don’t be put off from this person. Know that it will get better as you go along.

Pisces: You are very congenial and cooperative right now. You are finding yourself more interested in the similarities than in the differences between yourself and your romantic or love relationships. Try and get to know that special person in your life. You may have thought about abandoning the whole idea of ever speaking, as they always seem so distant and aloof. But today your determination is renewed. You are going to find out what makes them tick, and will not give up until you have solved this enigmatic mystery. You will have a fantastic time uncovering each layer. This is a very good time to let people know you care about them. Take the time to send a card, email a note of appreciation or even a love letter!

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