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daily horoscope november 10, 2011 addictedtoastrology www.thesunnyside.netScorpio Monthly Horoscope, November 2011


Happy Birthday, Scorpio. This is a month of unexpected surprises, especially where finances are involved. The action begins on 11/2 when Venus and Mercury, the personal planets that rule love and communication leave your sign and enter Sagittarius and your 2nd House of money. Your ability to communicate effectively and gain attention from potential romantic admirers and prospects should be strongly felt as the month opens. The focus then shifts towards money and how you spend it and earn it. Mercury will remain in Sagittarius until the 24th, when it retrogrades in your 2nd House. So while this is a month to make additional income be advised that things will begin to slow down once Mercury goes retrograde. Not to worry, Scorpio.

On 11/25 a solar eclipse impacts your 2nd House of finance. This eclipse forms a good angle to your House of money and even extends to your career house but it might get loud so be prepared for some emotional waterworks, for better or for worse. Take advantage of the dates between 11/2 – 11/26, and send out resumes if you’re looking for a new job, put in the overtime needed so that deals can be made before Mercury turns retrograde. Mars, also a very intimate planet, will be exiting your 10th House and entering your 11th House of friends, hopes, wishes and could bring an ex back into your life. Mars leaves Leo and enters Virgo on 11/11. This transit is certain to rev up your social calendar when you receive calls and unexpected invitations and your mojo feels restored. Mars in Virgo will fill a void of what has seemed missing somehow in your social life, so expect even greater times ahead. Friendships will strengthen and you could even meet someone new if single. Relatives, friends and neighbors could introduce you to someone very special this month, Scorpio. Don’t reject a single invitation you get, even if you are exhausted. It is exactly when and where you don’t think you will meet someone that you do! So make the effort and get the reward. Sounds simple but you’re a Scorpio and you don’t think like most other people. This is a month to see what develops.

With Venus and Mars changing signs, Mercury retrograde and a lunar eclipse, only one thing is certain. Change is coming and its headed your way whether you want it or not. A Virgo and a Pisces could be involved in some upcoming changes, personal or otherwise.


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Gemini and Sagittarius will be most compatible and play active roles with Scorpio in November.    


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