Daily Lovescope – November 12, 2011

daily lovescope november 12, 2011, the sunny sideDaily Lovescope – November 12, 2012

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Aries: In general, relationships tend to proceed at a meandering pace. Most of the time they move forward, sometimes they turn back on themselves, but oftentimes they go off at a tangent and never return. This is a natural process and cannot be avoided, but we do all need to take time to understand the needs of our partners. Luckily today, you’ll be given that chance to understand your partner more fully. You will spend some time with that someone you love and over the course of that time spent you will see why things feel or actually are, moving off base. Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this time. General good feeling and a sense of support and harmony make this a happy time.

Taurus: For the first time in a long time you feel, solid… maybe completed is a better term. For those of you experiencing this bliss, you feel you have met your soul mate. It shows as the warm and tender glow deep in your heart rises to the surface and shows on your face. This person is in this relationship just as deep as you are and is just as happy. You both know this is a relationship that will stand up to any test – and it WILL be tested. But your love and deepening feelings will overcome any problems. Friendship and cooperative endeavors are what the mood is really about today. You can achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving, of talking and listening. Your romantic interest will find this very appealing and appreciative.

Gemini: Fickle emotions today are likely to occur. It will feel like you are on a roller coaster, one moment up the next down or maybe not as smooth but jagged emotions formulating right out of thin air. You will surely feel overwhelmed and this is no way to live. Rather than ignore your feelings, which you often do tend to do, pay attention to them and what message they are trying to desperately to convey. This time, however, it is more difficult to cast aside the wisdom of your heart in favor of the ramblings of your restless mind. You would benefit from calming right down, encouraging a deepening sense of peace, and then listening to that small voice within. Snap decisions right now are not a great idea. Take a deep breath and re evaluate before you come to a conclusion or take any course of action. Things will settle down to a comfortable ride soon.

Cancer: Sharing time with those close to you is likely to be very attractive to you at this time. Quality time spent with your family will reenergize you and reaffirm much of your sense of purpose. You will be attending some sort of social gathering that will prove to be uplifting and beneficial. By talking with those whom you would not normally bother to get to know, open doors to new interests, and ultimately to a new relationship. It is by taking a risk and daring to open your heart to someone new that you make more progress then you have for some time. Renewing your sense of belonging to something good is sure to put smile on your face and a little snap in your walk. When you feel good about yourself it shows and manifests itself to those around you.

Leo: Your home life should get the bulk of your attention at this time. Now is an excellent time to resolve any lingering conflicts with your personal relationships. Today you should try and work out how you really feel about your relationship with your latest partner. If you have had mixed feelings for a while, then take some time to mull over exactly what is bothering you. It may only be a minor issue that is being blown out of all proportion, creating a sense of alienation. Expressing your emotional and physical needs clearly to your mate should lead to a fulfilling affirmation of your love for one another and strengthen your sense of being a part of something special. Having “the talk” isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes people are so wrapped up in everyday lives they forget what really matters. They simply need a little nudge to remember.

Virgo: For those of you attached, you should take advantage of the energy surrounding you and tell your partner just how you feel about your current relationship. It is not often that you get the chance to talk in depth about certain issues that may be leading to feelings of separateness. You two have a lot to discuss considering that this isn’t one sided. It is definitely worth the effort, as your partnership still has plenty of mileage in it. For those unattached and looking, a love for the unusual and a distaste the daily routine is where your energy is focused today. Unconventional romantic and social connections are also likely to occur. Just be careful of getting in over your head. This will be an exciting time for you and it will come from many directions.

Libra: You certainly have a way with words; it is one of your many gifts. Today brings a chance to talk your way into that special relationship. This is a good time to approach that special someone who you’ve been admiring. When you do, you certainly should use your talents to the fullest. Just don’t go over the top. If you do then you may have to retract some of what you already said when you discover that he or she does, quite naturally, have a few faults. Overall, this is a good time for relaxing recreation and rejuvenating yourself. Even better for those in an establish relationship at the moment. Do the things you most enjoy doing. Since good humor and optimism are the energies surrounding you at this time, you are able to get a larger perspective on your life. Work that knowledge for all that it is worth, do not waste it.

Scorpio: There is no point in wasting a great chance to share how you feel with that someone special. This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any criticisms you have been holding on to and desires you have for your most intimate of relationships. However, there is no need to hit them verbally with the depth of your passion straight away. Just let your partner gaze into your wonderful liquid eyes, and let your gaze express how you feel. Use as few words as you can so you do not cloud the moment with unnecessary rhetoric.  By dealing with any issues you’ve been holding onto and allowing your partner to do the same leaves you the space to move forward and find some new understandings in area’s you may have thought were never going to change. Things will turn passionate real quick and cement an already stable and loving foundation.

Sagittarius: Many of you have been at war with yourself lately. If you are one who has been engaged in an internal battle, today you will experience a meeting of the heart and mind. It has been rather difficult trying to decide whether to listen to your mind and the reasons why you shouldn’t enter into this relationship or your heart and to your feelings about why you should. By changing your perspective you will see that if you just follow your gut instinct, you won’t go wrong. It’s really about thinking and giving to yourself today. It’s not bad to be selfish, in fact right now you need to be selfish, especially with matters of the heart. After all if you don’t, then who will? Before you enter into any relationship, it always needs to be about you first. Can this person make you happy, meet your needs, love you like you should be loved? If you can’t answer yes then move on.

Capricorn: You tend to over-think everything; nothing is safe from your calculating mind. The more you think, the more you tend to confuse the issue, and the more you run around in circles. Right now this applies to your current plan. Stop thinking about it for a while and just relax. Take time to become calm and peaceful. Listen to your feelings, which are quite different, but which will guide you in the right direction. If you have a solid emotional base in your life, you will benefit from that right now. If not, this is a good time to begin making connections with people and also to discover what gives real emotional nourishment and fulfillment. This could also be a time where emotional satisfaction and harmony in your home life come your way. But in order for harmony to enter into your energy, you must be calm and open not frazzled and erratic.

Aquarius: All types of personal subjects are hot topics of discussion now. This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time. You’ll have the chance to add much-needed change to your relationship by discussing in great depth a certain important issue. You both know what needs to be said, but are hoping that somehow the subject can be bypassed and forgotten. This will not help in the long run; like a wound, you both need to heal. Take time to start this process. Reminiscing, remembering, daydreaming about and reflecting on the past is likely as well. Use what you may learn about yourself and your partner to grow together not apart. If we do not learn from our past we are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Pisces: Emotions are delicate and they force you to handle them and their actions with care. You know the power of words, and you also understand in greater depth the awesome power of feelings. You’ll have the opportunity to marry these two forces. If you have something to say to your loved one, then choose your words wisely, but also use the power of your feelings to convey your special message – in this way your partner cannot fail to understand you. Friendship, love and cooperative endeavors flourish now. You can achieve a balance of giving and receiving, of talking and listening, and any social or joint activity will benefit. Do something special with someone you are close to or ask someone out that you want to be closer to.

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