Daily Lovescope – November 13, 2011

daily lovescope november 13, 2011 the sunny side

Daily Lovescope – November 13, 2011

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Aries: Words may convey a bit more emotional meaning than usual but it will take more than that to get your point across today. Combine your gift for subtle communication and your own intuition to make those important messages clear. If you and your partner are aware of resentment building up between you, then this is a good day to get it out in the open and to resolve the problem once and for all. Things are stirring you both up, on purpose. Use this occasion to speak your mind and share your feelings, even if they are a little over-the-top. You are experiencing these feelings for a reason so over-the-top or not, get them off your chest. Take a step up and risk playing out an earlier imagined scenario, it may just pay off.

Taurus: No matter how much you love someone, you need to set them and yourself free. Today you may finally feel ready to break away from a relationship that has constricted you for some time. If you can summon up the courage and sense of conviction, then it is perhaps best to make a clean break. The chances are that if it has been bad for you, it has been bad for your partner, too. It is time to forgive each other, walk away and move on. Luckily you are entering into a cycle where heading off into unexplored territory is favorable. You will be in good company as you go since others are doing the same. Inventiveness and originality are favored right now. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time to.

Gemini: Every once in a while it feels good to just go with the flow and just trust that what happens is meant to be. You may lose your usual sense of attachment, but you also won’t be particularly bothered. Happiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the mood now. As long as you don’t overextend yourself, this is a good time to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others and also to be kind and indulgent to yourself. If you need to summon your courage to let someone close know how you feel, then make the most of it the opportunities that come your way.  When they do come, trust in them. You are long overdue and your courage does not go unnoticed.

Cancer: This is a time to get others’ opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing in regards to your life at this time. The intense period of time you have recently experienced may give you a good reason to get some clarity on your relationship with your romantic partner. If you have been spending most of your time together, with very little chance to meet up with family or friends, then give each other some much-needed space today. If you don’t, then you may find that you begin to really get on each other’s nerves, and that would be a great pity! What may help you a great deal is that during this time you may come into contact with a person who will be especially creative or influential in your life.

Leo: This is a tough day for relationships and yours is among them. Tensions are likely to lead into conflict which will make your relationship more strained than usual. Both of you will feel the need to speak your mind, this in and of itself is a very good thing. The only problem is that you may not care about how what you have to say will sound to your partner. This could lead to feelings of hurt and distrust on both sides. Enigmatic and cryptic comments should not be treated with suspicion, as they are probably compliments in disguise. If you two can set aside your assumptions for just a second and truly open up, then you both can really understand what’s being said and the emotions involved.

Virgo: At this time your interactions with others and with the outside world in general can be confusing, devitalizing, and discouraging. It seems that whatever you try to do goes nowhere, or gets lost in a haze of misunderstanding. Lately it has been hard to stand up for what you want, your values and ideals. If you have been keeping quiet, while inwardly seething at some of the behaviors your partner has been displaying recently, then now is the time to speak out. If you continue to suppress your real emotions on these issues, both you and the relationship will suffer in the end. Take some time out today; keep your personal interactions with loved ones and partners to a minimum if possible. Remember that they may be feeling the same way as well.

Libra: What you want to do and how you feel about a loved one today have come to a crossroads. The energy surrounding you and this dilemma make you not want to put much effort in. Problem is that you won’t be able to get away from it, you will have to act. You must genuinely show that you do care about your partner’s needs and welfare. Don’t be hasty, and try not to repeat yourself too many times because you didn’t get your point across with the first try. Your loved one is tired of your promises, and would now like to see something concrete and tangible as a reflection of your love. If you truly care enough then doing so will be easy. If you frankly no longer give a damn, then walk away now.

Scorpio: Remember being wanted for who you are instead of what you can give is the ultimate compliment. If you have been harboring suspicions about your partner’s behavior for some time, and have so far remained silent, then do so no longer. It is time to speak up and voice any resentment that you may be feeling concerning your relationship. You need to confront these issues and discover whether there is any substance to your worries or not! This should be a time when love, creativity, and self expression can satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired. If you cannot find this in your current relationship well, it may be time to find it elsewhere.

Sagittarius: Aspects of your relationships that have perplexed you are likely to be easier to understand at this time. You don’t have a mean or malicious temper; it’s simply that your anger tends to boil over when you can’t have what you want or when you cannot figure out what is going on around you. It is clear that you need to vent your spleen about something that you have been complaining about internally for some time. You’ll begin to see why your mate’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected, and realize that it’s not you that is the driving force behind their more baffling moments. The more patient and non-judgmental you are the more light your mate will shed on their more enigmatic actions.

Capricorn: Today may be a bit challenging to your personal relationships. If attached, the differences in your relationship may become difficult to resolve. Shared goals may appear nebulous, distant and somewhat unrealistic. You may find yourself unable to express your true feelings about anything. By keeping things light during this period the path before you will become clearer and you will feel more connected to those you love. If you have a date this evening, be prepared for him or her to be a little feisty. Initially they may be filled with hot air, if so then the best advice is to be polite and ignore it for the time being. You may get the best out of them by initiating a spirited conversation on any one of a number of contentious issues.

Aquarius: If your partner has been stressed lately, they are likely to spark arguments or be quick tempered over little mundane things. What they probably need is a healthy outlet for all this pent up negative energy. It may well be worth your while to send your mate out to the gym or running errands. Have them do anything where they have a chance to work out their frustrations on something other than you. When they return, keep everyday problems out of the conversation and turn on a little romance. A healthy dose of intimate talk, flirting and visual teasing should really get things moving in the right direction. A candle light dinner and a bottle of good wine is the ideal way set the night off right and forget the previous transgressions.

Pisces: If you are attending a social gathering and are single… you should be prepared for anything. If both you and a close friend have your sights set on the same person, then the evening will provide a unique source of entertainment. But don’t let it degenerate into the kind of game that turns you both, unnecessarily, into rivals. You friendship doesn’t need to sink to those depths. If you happen to be attached you will have a sudden realization the overall requirements in your relationship. The clarity gives you a better idea on what’s really going on between you two. You now know where you stand as the possible and impossible are sorted out. Now that you know, your obstacles are easier to work around or eliminate.

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