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Daily Horoscopes – November 15, 2011

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Aries: Today it would be better if you go all alone in achieving your goals. You might not find your colleagues very reliable or even co-operative. Your philosophical thoughts would act as a guide today. Rely on it completely as it will never go wrong. Also, today it will only bring you good. Your emotional vulnerability and lack of physical energy will make you very cautious in all your interactions today.

Taurus: Although you are a person who likes the company of others, today you might be in your own dream world. You might even seek solitude and be happy to be by yourself. Express you love for your beloved openly and confidently. Keep away any negative thoughts that might lurk in. You will be successful in love today. If there’s any social issue that hasn’t resolved till now and you are considering moving the courts; then it’s advisable to think through your decision. Consider all aspects including how it’s going to be received by others involved and the society at lar.

Gemini: Express your feelings and emotions clearly and openly to the person you are attracted to. Do not fear rejection. Today may not be a good day to raise funds or go about collecting money that others may owe you.The sole responsibility of a father is not just to provide for their family. It’s imperative that they also spend some time with their kids or else they may grow up emotionally detached with them. You might have to face some tough situations today. But you will be able to resolve all of that with your intelligence and analytical powers.

Cancer: You are moving ahead in full steam and anything that stops you will be resented. It would be advisable to keep you cool and get away tactfully from people who try to manipulate you. You needn’t wait like a puppy in love around your beloved. Just go ahead and propose and you are sure to get a positive response. You are a person committed to a relationship. The one that you have now forged would be a long one. You will also do whatever is within your means to make it stable.

Leo: Busy work schedules may keep fathers away from their family and responsibilities towards them. Your friendly, kind and noble nature brings people close to you. You won’t have to take any great efforts to do this.Your healthy and robust being will help you attain success in all your plans and projects that you undertake today.

Virgo: A favorable day for working women. You will be at your charming best today. Your popularity on the social chart also climbs up several notches.Things may not work out with you and your loved one today as they might come into your way. Instead of being a help they may be more of a hindrance. Be gentle but firm and get them out of the way.

Your fun loving nature and keen sense of humor attracts others to you. It will also bring joy and peace to your life and to others close to you. You have been suffering from hallucinations and nightmares. Today you might receive proper guidance from a qualified person who will help you rid of these.You have been careless enough to neglect your favorite hobbies. They are the things that keep you vibrant and energetic. Neglecting your hobbies would only make you dull.

Scorpio:Your irresistible sense of humor makes you very popular among friends and others you meet today. It would also enthuse people who you work with. It would be very difficult today to balance your time between family and career. There would be a conflict of commitment. Try and explain your situation to your close family members as they will only understand you.Women working on important and major projects will be appreciated for their dedication and hard work.You have a forceful personality that can easily overpower any enemy that you might have. But try and restrain showing it in public today.There might be some unforeseen family matters that might require your immediate attention today. This might keep you away from your job or business.

Sagitarius: You may reveal the more loving and caring and sensitive side of you which you have kept hidden always. This will also endear you to the kids in the family and others as well. You will act confidently today as your inner Self guides you through the day’s events. You will be in a high energy state.

You will be active and intensely alive today. You will also be generous and at your witty best. It’s time now for you to start focusing on yourself and your future. Stop wasting your time thinking and running around for others.You will be full of ideas to expand the current project you have been working on. But some unexpected problems might crop up preventing you from implementing these ideas.

Today you will face and resolve a baffling issue with a clam and patient mind. This will earn you the appreciation and regards of those close to you. Your healthy and robust being will help you attain success in all your plans and projects that you undertake today.You would be so tied down with responsibilities that you won’t find any time to spend on your favorite hobbies. Do not let it dampen your spirit though as you would soon get out of this busy schedule.

Something is bothering you and you need an explanation or reason for it. Your worries can be explained away. Just act according to what you think is right. Think over your plans over the next few days before implementing them. Soon you will find favorable time.Take any health warnings seriously. The symptoms may be pointing to some more serious trouble if not checked. Stick to a healthy diet, change your lifestyle to a moderate one and exercise well. Now is the favorable time to take new steps to make changes to your life. But this might also mean that you need to stay away from your current place.

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