Daily Horoscope – November 15, 2011 from Addicted to Astrology

daily horoscope november 15 2011 addictedtoastrology

Daily Horoscope – November 15, 2011 – from Additcted to Astrology

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Moon in Cancer – Sun in Scorpio

Whenever the Moon enters the sign of Cancer, we all become moody, sensitive and more emotional than usual.People will respond to personal attention and mothering of any kind. It’s a day when we will feel like staying home, being nurtured, having a nice family dinner and reaching out to our mothers/parents (especially if we have a good relationship with them). Nostalgia, memories and psychic powers are heightened. You will want to hang onto people and things. This is not a good day to clean out your home or your closet. You could give something away only to want it back at a later date.

We will all have shrewd insights into what others really need and want. There is a tendency to be able to instinctively know what others are feeling. The past will play a role. It’s a great time to pay attention to your dreams, intuitions and gut reactions. Remember under a Cancer Moon that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, we relate on a more emotional level as opposed to logical and emotions tend to get exaggerated. Get ready for a day of emotions gone wild!

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will be in the news today. They will have sex appeal, radiate charm and be relentlessly charming in personal and business affairs. Step aside and let these signs take center stage today.




The Moon in Cancer transits your 4th House of home and family, Aries. You will get your way in all family matters and feel lucky in areas relating to home, family members and possibly the past. Accept whatever comes your way and realize that you’re the fearless leader. Talk about fire, passion and sex appeal. A Taurus and a Libra play sentimental roles.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 3rd House of expert communications today. You will find the right words without much effort and you will benefit from the power of the written and spoken word. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will be extremely helpful. Take the time to get any important messages across to others today.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 2nd House of income and what you value financially, Gemini. You won’t have to look too far for success. It will find you without much effort on your part. In fact, you will gain new friends and admirers so easily it might even surprise you. Realize you are the winner in love, business and friendships right now. A Scorpio will notice a change in you.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 1st House of appearance and presentation. You might be considering ways to improve the way you look, feel, think and act. You might want to think about the way you come across to others as people will be sensitive to your thoughts and opinions. A Taurus and a Scorpio might need to hear what you have to say about this.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 12th House of secret activities. There could be some surprises that must be kept private for the time being. You might be thinking about ways to get a time sensitive message across in a discreet matter. An Aries and an Aquarius could help you with solutions to pressing problems. You will be dealing with secret and confidential information.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 11th House of friendships, Virgo. Your ambitions will be stirred as you formulate plans for future successes and current ones as well. There are gains and opportunities coming from close friendships and where your hopes are concerned. Reach out to another Virgo and a Pisces and share your good news, Virgo.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 10th House of fame and honors. You could feel that the grass might be greener elsewhere but realize you are making progress via eliminating what doesn’t work and discovering that which will bring you the success you want, Libra. The opinions of others matter more today than normal. Speak your mind if you feel left in the dark. You will then be able to say you did things your way, Libra. A Cancer and a Capricorn will show support.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 9th House of travel and foreign places. There could be an emphasis on learning new skills or working at perfecting existing ones. A serious relationship can come under the spotlight. A Virgo and a Pisces will be involved in covert operations, deliberate or otherwise.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 8th House, Sagittarius. There is a chance to benefit financially through other people and possibly via deeply committed partnerships. You could gain a boost in prestige with the help of someone in power. An Aquarius might have some useful suggestions.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 7th House of marriage and serious partnerships. People in power could be watching you and monitoring your progress. Realize that you can make or break an existing connection with your actions, not your words. You could suddenly be caught off guard. An Aries, Cancer and a Sagittarius will play key roles.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 6th House of health and daily routines. You could hear good news that brightens your spirits and makes you feel confident to handle any urgent and pressing matters or technical glitches that might occur. A Cancer and a Capricorn have ideas about what you should be doing.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 5th House of children and playful attractions. You might be in a mood for play yet find yourself involved more with obligations, responsibilities and more aggravations than normal. Your mind will be focused on love but other responsibilities distance you from your deepest desires. A Capricorn and Aquarius can bring on the entertainment and laughter.

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