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By Divya N

When was the last time you really thought about what your shoes were saying to the world about you? The style and condition of a person’s shoe has been said to indicate their personality. In women, an expensive/unique shoe is generally used to describe a high maintenance woman but in the case of men, higher maintenance often symbolizes a personality type more willing to put more effort into a relationship. How a particular shoe catches our attention in the midst of hundred others open this possible window to our personality – about who we are and what we really want. So let’s do take a look at the kind of footwear you have and what it says about you.

Sneakers & Running Shoes: The sneaker wearer is hip, youthful, playful and busy. These are the preferred shoes for the person who is not only on the go, but cares more about where they’re going, than what people will think once they get there. Whether you are a busy mom running off to drop her kids in school before heading off to buy your groceries or a teenager who dashes straight off to tennis practice after college, sneakers are the shoes for you. Running shoes indicate that there is sporty and health conscious. But when sneakers/running shoes are worn during formal occasions in suggest that, the person is not serious or interested in the situation.

Flats & Flip Flops: The flat shoe/sandal wearer is steady and grounded in life. They prefer stability and security to being a big risk taker. This person is often energetic; high paced, and exudes a zest for experiencing life to the fullest. On the other hand, flip flops symbolize a youthful, mellow, and money-conscious, person. While maybe considered a bit unpolished at times, the flip-flop bearer is easy to please, and even easier to get along with.

Platforms & Wedges: The person who wears platform shoes relays the same confidence and sexiness as stilettos, but under a more practical and sure footed nature. It also denotes ambition and determination. While these shoes are considered hip and trendy, the bearer is often more about the comfort and condition of their feet than the fashion statement they are making.

Stilettos & Designer wear: The stiletto, i.e., height is often associated with Power, self indulgence, and pride. It signifies that its wearer is assertive of their sexuality and personality and is not afraid to show it. The stiletto demands attention, and the more flashy it appears, the more pain it may inflict, as it walks over whoever or whatever stands in the way of getting what it wants. Designer shoes on the other hand signify that the wearer is choosy, picky and careful yet impulsive at times. They want to be unique and just make a statement everywhere they go.

Though it is not always right to judge a person by their clothes or shoes, we have to understand that we do give out information about ourselves just by the way we look.


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