Daily Horoscopes – November 19, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Daily Horoscopes – November 19, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal



I’ll be starting our next round of interviews with some of our favourite astrologers, tarot readers and featured experts. If you would like to have your astrological chart looked at during our live interview please send me an email – sonny@thesunnyside.net – wishing everyone a beautiful day – sonny



You are wasting your time doing trivial things that do not add up to much. Wait for that big offer of work that is bound to come your way. Your plans for the evening may have to be changed because a friend may not be feeling well. An early night will also do you good.



Do not be apprehensive about some expected changes. Try not to arrive at any conclusions right now. You may be pleasantly surprised by the turn of events and your own response to them in time to come. If you are on edge relax with your favorite pastime.



Concentrate on your current task and set-up realistic goals in your business or career. Think about your immediate needs and work towards achieving it. You could be neglecting something at work or in your career. If you find yourself constricted in any manner, do not hesitate to seek help and advice of others.



Uncertainties prevent you from taking any decision. But continue to put in efforts which will bring monetary rewards at a later stage. You will have work against all kinds of odds to maintain your current relationship. Do not make drastic decisions you may regret later.



There could be delays or minor hitch when traveling. Important issues or decisions may need more of your personal involvement. Make sure that your paper work and documents are in order. You may feel tired this evening. Visitors at home could make it difficult for you to concentrate on what you have to do.



A long-standing problem situation is eased out bringing much relief.  There are temptations to start new work promising instant gains. Time is not the right to make investments or change your job or work. There will be ample opportunities for you to improve your financial situation. You can look forward to a pleasant meeting with friends.



You are confronted with unusual problem at work. This can intrigue you and yet you may even succeed in solving it. Keep a promise you have recently made to yourself. Also fulfill any work aims you set yourself for the day. This evening is good for restful companionship.



You will have a beneficial day. You should push hard to get ahead with ideas and strategies with full confidence in your abilities. Your capacity to handle complex situations will put you in a commanding position at a meeting or social get-together.



There could be talk of a change of house or surroundings soon. You need to be patient with loved ones even though you may be feeling inconvenienced. You may feel obliged to discharge certain obligations towards a person who has been of great help to you in the past.



Gains from close associates are foreseen. Perseverance and patience will yield favorable results. Don’t let delays and opposition get you down. You will be meeting some interesting new people with whom you will have an instant rapport. A new romance is predicted. 



You should put your plans into action and take personal interest in concluding your task. Try to improve your relations with others. You are missing out on the subtle and romantic aspect of living. You tend to feel lonely. Work will not excite you today.



Financially you are doing well and may decide to spend a little money on yourself for a change. There is nothing wrong in occasional indulgences especially since you have worked hard to attain such position. Family and loved ones will be happy for your unexpected change of schedule since this is also a very busy time for you


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