Daily Horoscopes – November 21, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal


Daily Horoscopes – November 21, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal



I’ll be starting our next round of interviews with some of our favourite astrologers, tarot readers and featured experts. If you would like to have your astrological chart looked at during our live interview please send me an email – sonny@thesunnyside.net – wishing everyone a beautiful day – sonny



Certain negotiations get concluded in your favor though you may have to make some compromises. Some of you will buy a new means of conveyance or invest your money in a property. A letter or a phone call will convey some good news. Love life is happy and congenial.



Financial gains accrue to you through new ventures, trading or commission work. International travel for business is predicted. The day promises pure happiness, cheerful relationships within the family. Look your best today for romance is highlight.



You may be drawn to self-improvement activities that call for some discipline. This in turn improves your business and profit. You will have to pay more attention to the domestic front. You will manage to find moments of exclusive time for your mate or sweetheart.



An unrealistic lifestyle and chaotic timings could begin to affect your health. Take an early break and look after yourself. Home affairs are charged with tension. Most of all there is constant concern for your well being that in itself is heartening though at times you may feel smothered.



You will receive several new proposals but nothing encouraging. It is better to wait than accepting something not worth your while. Do not let outsiders interfere in your love life. You have good relationship that makes others envious and spoil it with gossip and rumors.



You will get into some kind of a working arrangement with a colleague or a new organization, which will assure you of continuous work and profit. If connected with international trade, you will benefit through signing a long-term contract. You have a tiring but satisfying day.



Monetary gains are indicated through your efforts at work. Some of you may invest in a new home, property or a vehicle. Socially, you are much in demand. At a meeting or large gathering, you are going to be very popular. People will go out of their way to seek your company.



A fortunate day lies ahead. You can implement your new plans with a certain success. You are also assured of gains through speculative trading. Study the market trends and gainfully employ your skill to earn substantial rewards. At home you will entertain close relatives and friends.



Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. The successful completion of this project could pave the way for a raise and recognition. Since time seems to be the only thing that you don’t have, your mate or beloved may need some pacifying.



You will have to pursue a payment you have been expecting. Heavy expenses at home could prove irksome under the present situation. Your mate or sweetheart will be in a cheerful frame of mind and make you feel better about a situation that you have no control over right now.



Your career will get a boost with the offer of a prestigious assignment. You will have to be tactful when discussing money with close associates. A sale transaction may yield the gains you had envisaged. Some good changes around the home will be pleasing. 


You seem to benefit more through your social contacts and also through your good public relations. But make sure to meet all your commitments on schedule lest you lose credibility. Someone whom you had helped earlier will now return your favor. If fancy free you may get to know an interesting person who will feel strongly drawn to you.


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