Daily Lovescope – November 21, 2011

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Daily Lovescope – November 21, 2011

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Aries: It’s an emotional day for you, with logic taking a back seat to gut reactions. Something’s triggering all sorts of emotions. If you have any secrets that you are keeping from your loved one, you may begin to feel a little more guilty than normal. One minute you may feel like revealing all; the next you may feel that nothing really matters anyway. Small issues may aggravate you more than usual, what doesn’t normally annoy you could really be a major thorn today. This is really one of those days where you want to hold your temper and think things through before opening your mouth and saying something you may regret later. Keep your head, and make a more informed decision tomorrow.

Taurus: The intensity of your emotions may make themselves known, and you could find it impossible to stop yourself from being carried away in an awesome frenzy of delight. Because of this, loosening your inhibitions is on today’s agenda. Your desire for love and affection, as well as beauty and pleasure, is strong now and you act on feelings and creative impulses more readily than usual. If you have been keeping someone dutifully at bay because you feel that this is the way things ought to be between you, then you may surprise even yourself tonight. If you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life, these issues arise at this time and there may be disagreements or tension in a close relationship.

Gemini: Your intimate relationship may be a bit askew at this time. Personal freedom and the need for a little adventure are the issues causing your disconnection. Sometimes the moonlight plays tricks upon us, and at other times it creates the kind of atmosphere that is so celebrated in love poems. There is a wonderfully potent atmosphere today that may also trick you into doing or saying something that you could regret at a later date. Go ahead and do all the usual romantic things, but don’t get too carried away! Or maybe instead, take some “me time” and do something new and exciting on your own. Prove to yourself that you can still move through the world as an individual and you’ll feel far less smothered by your personal relationship.

Cancer: A need to be the center of attention takes hold in your life now. It’s actually a craving to give and to be appreciated for your inner self more than your material side of life. Right now thought, you are at your most romantic, and are seeking to impress someone particularly dear to you. It is a good time to invite them around to your home, and create a caring and deeply nurturing environment where they can relax and just be utterly themselves. Allow the magic of the day to strengthen the bond between you and bring you both much happiness. This can be a creative and even romantic time in your life, one to look back on with pride and fondness. Enjoy it and those around you.

Leo: Implied understandings and understood arrangements are the tools of the moment for big gains emotionally. One minute your lover may seem particularly intense and passionate, and the next moment become vague and unwilling to make any definite plans for the day, or beyond. Small signals under the table will get you everything you need without upsetting anyone. A knowing glance and a small squeeze of someone’s hand will put you on the road to satisfaction, when a direct request might get you put off. If you want to make the best of the day, then take charge of arranging a time to go out together and enjoy yourselves without any particular expectations.

Virgo: You will be open and free with your feelings today, maybe a little too free. Impatience and sudden outbursts of emotions are possible with the need to break free from relationships that make you feel like your trapped. During this time you may become overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to make changes and make them NOW. If you have something that needs to be said, then this may not be the right time to do it. You may feel rather emotional, but you are lacking a sense of clarity. You are not the only one though; your partner is at the same juncture. It would be best if you could enjoy the process of being together without making any extra demands right now.

Libra: Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now. It’s time to let go of issues that have been holding you back from really achieving the peace and harmony you know you deserve and desire. This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time in your relationship. As you do so, take care not fall into a state of confusion because you are trying to cover so much ground. Otherwise you’ll find yourself speaking all kinds of truths and sweet nothings to your partner, but they may not make much sense tomorrow. Think about doing something both romantic and creative together that will add to, and not detract from the relationship.

Scorpio: It’s a day full of luck and charm and you are likely to be extravagant with your money today. Because of this you may find yourself lost in wishful thinking and fantasy. If you have your heart set on one special person, you may find yourself whiling away the hours, considering all the wonderful things you could do, the places you could go, and ultimately your future together. Beware of being overly generous unless you are very sure this person isn’t in it for what you can be to them rather than what you can give to them. Emotional well being and contentment are very indicative at the moment and you can feel quite relaxed and carefree. Get yourself on solid ground before you begin to think so far ahead about this new person in your life.

Sagittarius: Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, and you may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities. You may just meet someone that makes all this socializing more than just a good time. As you are out and about, your mind could wander over all the endless possibilities that the universe has to offer. Today, you will probably allow yourself to journey farther than ever. Potential lovers may not be quite sure how to take you right now. One minute you are promising them the world, and the next you are off in your own personal heaven. Come back down to Earth for a while.

Capricorn: The emotions you are looking for will work themselves out in its own time, just hang in there. Subtle feelings and intangible intuition allow an increasing buildup of emotional communication. Taking things slow and easy is really the best way to handle this right now as there’s no hurry to get to the end of the game when you are just starting out. This would be a good time to loosen up and drop some of your more trivial concerns about your sweetheart. You may be wound up so tight that you could be blaming your partner for all kinds of things that they are not entirely guilty of. Give them a break from your dark side. Rather than complaining, try taking them out for a well-deserved meal. Listen to them; really listen, as they talk. You might find out something you were wrong about.

Aquarius: The energy surrounding you is quite passionate today. You will find love both deeply intense and wonderfully romantic. You will enjoy being wined and dined and taken out to all the best places. You will enjoy yourself until you realize that all of this does not come for free – there is a price! Before you get too far ahead of yourself and caught up in the whirlwind, you might to find out what this lovely day is going to cost you. This is not a good time for you to hold things in at all. Brooding and bouts of passive aggression can only lead to more frustration. If you have grievances get them out in the open so they can be resolved. You are tired of wearing a mask, there is no reason or you to wear one any longer.

Pisces: You are bold, daring, and enterprising during this time. You may have felt caged in by present circumstances and feel an uncontrollable urge to enlarge your vistas and expand your emotions. Your restless need to accomplish more and break free of present limitations may inspire you to seek a new relationship. This doesn’t mean getting rid of the old ones; it may mean a new friend or just adding to your current circle. It’s time to put on that wonderfully romantic outfit, rather than your usual attire of black and more black. You may also decide to take off your dark glasses and remove that stony smile from your face. For once just be in love! Otherwise it can be so hard to tell whether you are happy or have a problem with some part of your anatomy.


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