Daily Horoscopes – November 22, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Daily Horoscopes – November 22, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

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New developments and financial gains are indicated after a meeting with an important person. This could well mean the beginning of some of the major projects that you have in mind. Some of you will be traveling for a holiday-cum-pleasure trip with the family, perhaps to your hometown.



Hard work will be effective and advantageous. Collaboration will ensure success in whatever you are doing at present. You may head a significant undertaking, which will guarantee a steady flow of money. Romance will play a pivotal role and if you are thinking of a permanent relationship initial steps can now follow.



You benefit more through social contacts and also through good public relations. Be sure to meet commitments lest you lose credibility. Love life gets exciting with your mate or beloved in sensuous mood. What makes matters more enthralling is your equally warm response.



Financially, you are in a position of strength and could expand your existing business. If keen to diversify in a new area of work, you can now take the plunge. Home and family life is happy. The married will celebrate a happy event at home.



You will receive a favorable piece of news through mail. Those doing specialized training or a technical course will get an opportunity coming their way. Gains that were expected from a career change will be conveyed to you. However this may entail a change of environment, which you will have to consider carefully.



You may be investing more money in your work, which gets you an instantly favorable response. Matters concerning meetings, travel, may require a change or additional expenses. Those in the performing arts will do very well. A happy and joyful atmosphere prevails in your love life.



There could be a problem in communication today that may require you to reschedule your day. Your partner may be a bit under the weather or in low spirits. There is a little tension on the domestic front also. Do not get swayed by what you hear, try and double check for the truth before you take any action.



Applications made for a job will bring favorable response. Students will do very well in their written tests or interviews. With work well under control, you are likely to plan a brief holiday in the company of your family. Look forward to a pleasant evening with your beloved or friends.



Some of you will be invited to give a talk or address a large gathering. The focus is on education, training program, sports and cultural activities. You will feel the need to reduce your work in order to spend more time to personal interests or romance. Family members will be happy with your change of attitude.



You can expand your work and take risk in new ventures for success is assured to you. Do not discuss your future plans because you don’t know who your enemies are at this stage. The married may have minor differences with their partner. Try to sort out your problems before matters become more chaotic.



Keep yourself busy with routine activities for new ventures are fraught with delays and problems. Do not be in a rush to complete your work which you seem to be lagging in. Do not take short cuts as this could lead to further delays.



A new project or potential enterprise is going to come your way that will entail overseas travel. You will be able to accomplish your task profitably. You will meet influential people who will benefit you in your career and work dealings. If you have been estranged from a friend or a loved one you will be reunited, or reconcile your difference. A change of residence is foreseen.


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