Daily Horoscopes – November 23, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Daily Horoscopes – November 23, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

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You will receive a fresh proposal for business that is worth considering. This may be an opportunity to make additional money on the side. You may get the feeling that a colleague of the opposite sex is attracted to you. Before you spoil things wait for more clear signals. 


You are on the threshold of achieving a work target that you had set for yourself. It is time to concentrate energies in consolidating your position in your job or business. There will be some self-appointed advisors offering suggestions primarily to join the bandwagon. You need to be firm when handling such elements.  


You will be happily riding the crest of success and major financial gain. Do not let the past affect the present high that you are enjoying. Socially you are very much in demand and sought after but there is a particular bond that causes pain. Either take action or forget it. 


Travel on a business tour to an important centre is likely and will prove profitable. Try to explore new regions previously not visited. Personal life runs smoothly, though you will miss moments of leisure and romance in the company of your beloved. 


A lack of confidence may make you doubt your own judgment. Do not give in to such negative thoughts. Carry on with your work, success is assured. You may not find yourself totally in rapport with a new romantic companion. Give yourself time before making any commitments. 


Your success depends on your capacity to explore new opportunities while exploiting the existing ones. It will brighten your future. A spontaneous plan to get away and do something different with your beloved adds excitement to the day. Look forward to a good time. 


Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. This could lead to a promotion and increase in income. Those associated with art or media will be in the news. Things are also looking up for you in your personal and social life.


It will be your instinct or the intuition, which will play a significant role in the decision you take regarding work. Decide what to do and whom to trust on the basis of a gut feeling. Your decision will be the right one. Your cash flow problem is improved. Loved ones will be a source of strength. 


An increase in your work activities could bring in more money but take its toll on your health. By taking it easy, you will not lose advantage. It is necessary to maintain cordial relations within the family so that you are able to keep a check on outside influences that could harm your personal interests.  


Wrap up earlier ventures and get direct returns. There will be new work offers. Accept those that are likely to be over soon. Long-term projects could mean less profit and more headaches. Do not rely on others to do your work for you. 


Plan your immediate needs and work towards achieving it. Hard work and perseverance will certainly get rewarded. If you find yourself constricted in any manner, do not hesitate to seek help and advice of others. Take the initiative to patch up your difference with a colleague or an associate.  


Helplessness and a vacuum feel claustrophobic. Do not sit around and mope, it is totally uncharacteristic of you. A walk in the outdoors should cheer you up and put things in the right perspective in your mind. You will get a chance to push things through that are close to your heart. A female relative or friend could appear vindictive. Try not to react.



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