Daily Lovescope – November 24, 2011

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Love Horoscope – November 24, 2011

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Aries: Love may be wild and passionate today, feels like it is made just for you. If you are dating someone for the first time, don’t expect this to be like anything you have experienced before. It is essential that you both have the same sense of humor, as there will be plenty of banter between you. It is also essential that you can talk endlessly about the meaning of life and baseball! Those in an established relationship, this is a time to be mutually reassuring, rather than wildly supportive of your most intimate relationships. There’s a certain stability in the general energy that makes it safe to say what you feel just keep it a bit conservative as your partner may not be able to handle the true depth of your emotions just yet.

Taurus: It may be a stressful week and it is long from over yet. Today, you may not have any choice but to loosen your inhibitions. There are some carefree and passionate energies around, which even you may find hard to resist. Let go of the tensions and allow yourself to relax and breathe if only for a few hours. If you are going out, then be prepared for a battle if you dislike being ravished on the first night. If you don’t mind, you could be in for a treat! Your intuition is also front and center today. Let your sweetie in on how you feel rather than to assume they already know. And if you’ve been keeping your eye on someone that you’d like to have in your life, it might not be so bad to take a risk and let them know, but do follow your intuition. Using it today will get things done for you.

Gemini: You will possibly have more on your plate than you know how to handle in your relationship. If you are currently juggling more than one lover and trying to fit it all in with a hectic daily schedule, then you will certainly have your work cut out. There is no point in hiding anything; best to be honest and enjoy what you have while you have it. For those Gemini not wrapped up in their own soap opera, this is a time for you to shine! You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. You will be noticed more than usual. It would be a good idea to use the energy surrounding you to begin something new, to initiate a relationship or project you may have been considering.

Cancer: This may feel like a day you really should have stayed in bed. Lovers are not in the mood for empty notions, even if they themselves have been doing so for weeks or months previously. They may suddenly demand a ceremony or some kind of ritual to mark the fact that you are together. If this poses a problem, then just go for something lighthearted and meaningless. Some of you may experience desire and need driven by ego. It can make the moment a real scorcher of heat and intensity but be careful you do not push things to far get frozen out. In the passion of the moment you or your partner may be looking out for number one instead of long term harmony for both of you. This could come back and bite you both on the ass later.

Leo: There is a very harmonious energy around you today, tinged with a sense of excitement. You and your loved one may decide to broaden the base of your operations, plan an exciting holiday to someplace exotic, or take up some new kind of sport. The atmosphere between you is easygoing and fun, so make the most of it while you can. Most of your relationships are very satisfying and loving at this time. You may want to invite company into your home and enjoy some quality time with those you love. The role of gracious host or hostess suits you very well right now. Throw a party or just invite some friends over to watch a movie and munch on popcorn. It’s a kick back type of mood. Take full of advantage of this time because you never know when it will come around again.

Virgo: Thoughts of love, an appreciation for beauty, and enjoyment of your surroundings are the energy of the day. It’s more mental and emotional than physical. This is quite an intense phase in your romantic life that you are entering and it is just beginning. If you have recently begun a relationship, then expect it to strengthen in some way as you discover more ways in which you can blend your skills and talents together. It is good to maintain an open attitude concerning your future, and not to plan anything at the moment. Allow the relationship to flow. This is a good time to schedule social activities where tact and friendliness would be a plus. People want to be around you.

Libra: There is a wonderful sense of harmony and general happiness around today. Romance blooms in many ways, and for you today it is likely to blossom in a very primal, lusty manner. Physical needs should be allowed to take the forefront. After all, the lusty energy needs to be expended somehow… If you have anything at all to discuss, then think ahead to the future. You are both in the mood to be optimistic right now, so set your sights high. The more spiritual aspects of love will have there moments, but today a wild, uninhibited frolic is in order. Have fun! Partners may have any number of surprises up their sleeves at the moment.

Scorpio: Today you want to stand out, to be the center of attention and receive recognition. You just don’t feel all the positive things your mind is putting out. It is a time to appreciate who you are as a unique individual. If you want to change something about you why not take up a new fitness and health program. If this negative feeling you have is linked to being overweight, and unappreciated by your lover, or noticed your ratings in the attraction stakes dropping rather rapidly, then do something about it now. If you look ahead to how you would like to be, this will keep you focused on getting results. This energy may charge you up with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose. Continue with this and try something bold and new today.

Sagittarius: This is a great day for love and love affairs. If you are already involved in a permanent relationship, then take some time out to do some interesting things together that will broaden your range of activities. Don’t question moments of inspiration in your relationships right now, trying to pin them down will mean simply losing it altogether. Enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. If you are looking for love, then you may have more luck at metaphysical meetings or spiritual retreats, sports centers, or while on holiday! Make a long lasting memory by writing down your day or even taking a few pictures. It will give you a chance to remember the simply great moments for many years to come.

Capricorn: This day has the potential to give birth to all kinds of positive ideas and feelings. More importantly, a new phase in your personal and private life is about to begin. You may decide to come to some new arrangements concerning the place where you live. Perhaps you decide to move in with your lover, or your lover may decide to move in with you. Alternatively, you could be thinking of buying or renting a property, or perhaps remodeling the apartment where you currently live. Positive emotions and thoughts spring forward along with heightened levels of optimism. There is really no limit to what’s out there for you. Take the initiative and run with it now and you’ll go far. Get out there and find exactly what you want and take it!

Aquarius: All consuming fantasies have their place in the scope of life. But, if all you focus on are the dreams now, when the real thing walks by you may not notice it at all. If you have been looking for that perfect relationship, then you may be in luck today. Your best bet is getting out and about, and attending as many events as possible. If you are going out this evening, then you may find yourself in the company of someone who loves to talk endlessly about the meaning of life. Hopefully you are prepared to listen! So dream a little dream, for you and that special someone, but pay attention to what’s going on around you so you don’t lose out.

Pisces: Think about making some new investments with your sweetheart. If you want to rearrange your finances and make them work harmoniously together, then any plans made today will be extremely useful. If you are planning on some kind of investment, then perhaps it would be wise to look, but not to buy just yet. An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic life or support system. Your tendency to follow your heart more than your head acts at cross purposes to those who care for you. This could be a no win situation that requires walking a fine line on your part and calls for you to be a bit more patient and taking the time to think things through


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