Daily Horoscopes – November 25, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 23, 2011


Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 25, 2011

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Multi tasking will not work out today; you need all the help that you can get from others. Work in co- operation with others to achieve optimum results. In matters of love you need to repose more trust and faith in your partner to achieve harmony. After a little soul searching you will realize that you have been overly sensitive for no reason at all. It is not too late to make amends.



New investments will yield profit. Look forward to financial good news, perhaps a new contract is offered on favorable terms. Do not make comparisons of what could have been just take the opportunity when it turns up. Plan a work cum holiday trip as you are likely to travel soon.



You should put your plans into action and take personal interest in concluding your task. Try to improve your relations with others. News from overseas concerning work, education or even a marriage proposal is worth considering. A more positive approach will do wonders in you rapport with others.



Your own inhibitions and lack of confidence in your abilities are standing in the way of your progress. Take corrective measures. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This way others may come closer to you and share your problems. You will be buying something expensive for the home and yourself.



Many new avenues of work open up to you because of your recently established contacts. Take your time before making a choice. Persons whose intentions are not noble could influence family members. You will have to take preventive steps to guard your interests and those of loved ones. Handle the situation tactfully.



Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. Those associated with art or media will be in the news. There is marked improvement in your personal and social life.



The ability to face any situation is seen. Your work will go through smoothly and give you time to have an important conference. It is also a good day for the small things that make you feel good. Your spirits soar when you suddenly receive news about a young relative.



You will get some valuable information, which will later help you to make substantial gains. Stick to routine and monitor the situation. Cash profits when you make them. Avoid fresh investments right now. You share perfect rapport and understanding with your mate and enjoy the companionship.



A dispute, or arbitration, will be settled in your favor. Begin with a clean slate and shed fixed ideas about work. Move with current trends and you will be surprised with support that you receive. With harmonious relationship re-established, the family will feel like celebrating, in which the elderly also join.



All your efforts put into a certain venture fail to bring any results. Seek help of someone, even if it means sharing your profits. There is no shortcut to success. You will have to work hard and pursue your goal with a single-minded dedication. You will have the help and support of loved ones.



Prevailing circumstances may undergo change unexpectedly. Financially you have a rewarding time when colleagues will be helpful and supportive. Artistic and creative pursuits will be rewarding. Those in the fields of communication, media or travel will get a breakthrough in their career. Try to relax to avoid a health problem.



There is some unusual news on the way and although it may come as a surprise, you will be pleased with results. If you are single there are bright chances of meeting again with a person with whom you had a pleasant encounter earlier.


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