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Easy Love Spells

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New Moons are a great time for a love spell – think fresh new beginnings 

Mercury is also retrograde right now – this will bring an old lover back into your life

Just remember to double check everything and don’t be too worried about miscommunication – let your heart do the talking

Wishing everyone a magical day – sonny



The right present can work a powerful spell over a man. The idea is to get him to carry part of you, or your spirit, with him at all times and/or to plant your essence near him. Do either, and he’ll never get you out of his heart.

Gifts made with your own hands are particularly effective since they’re laden with your spirit. Besides, while making them you can increase their power. Try this spell if you knit, crochet or power sew something for your beloved. Start the object during a new moon and finish it at a full moon. Each time you start, and stop, work say:

“As these knots I do entwine,
Let his heart be linked to mine.”

Never give him a gift without first keeping it close to you. If possible, wear it preferably next to your skin for seven days and seven nights; then give it to him. If you can’t wear it, sleep with it under your pillow for the same length of time. If the gift is jewelry, be sure that it’s set with your birthstone not the gentleman’s.

If you don’t have a believable pretext for giving a gift, try to get him to carry something of yours without knowing it. Swap your ballpoint pen for his or conceal something that’s been part of you; a tear, a strand of hair, on his clothes, in his car or, best of all, in his bed.

Whether your beloved is a man you’re trying to win, or the man you’ve been married to for twenty years, it’s a good idea to have him carry something of you with him always. No love is ever completely safe; why take chances?


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Another way to work your way into a man’s heart (or make sure you stay there) is to steal something from him. Of course you return it after you’ve worked your magic on it. Be sure to pick something you can wear, his belt, scarf, tie tack, etc. Wear it day and night for a week; sleep with it and touch it frequently. By the time you give it back, it will be as much yours as his.

With a few strands of your beloved’s hair, you can cast a very powerful spell. At the new moon, braid his hair together with a lock of yours and a red silk thread. Work in a drop of your blood to strengthen the spell. Fasten the ends together to form a circle. If the braid is long enough, wear it as a bracelet or ring: if it’s not, put it in a locket or a small red silk bag. Keep it on your person until the man is yours




It you have quarreled with the man you love, write your initials and his, in red ink, on a piece of wood. Draw three circles around the letters, and bury the wood in the ground. He’ll soon turn up. begging, for forgiveness.


If he suddenly stops calling you, write his name on a piece of paper and tape it under the phone in a place where it will be undisturbed. At the start of the new moon, light a pink candle at the hour he is most likely to call. Let the candle burn for twenty minutes while you concentrate on his name. (If anyone else calls during this time, the spell is broken and you’ll have to start over.) Do this for seven days.


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