Astrological Insights for 26 November 2011 – from Planetary Apothecary

Planetary Apothecary – Astrological Insights for 26 November 2011

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Venus moves into Capricorn today where it will remain through December 20. Our focus turns to effectiveness, hard work and taking things seriously. What’s real and what you can count on become important. Frugality and getting a good deal hold more allure. We want to ensure that people do what they say, and say what they do in relationships–or else the extent of our loyalty may be tested.

Yet, it’s not all put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other today given that Uranus squares the Venus/Moon conjunction. In fact, coming off of the Sagittarius Eclipse and Mercury retrograde, there may be unexpected manifestations that arise from someone putting their foot in their mouth. This alignment has also inspire shocks and surprises–it may seem as if a friend or partner does something that we never saw coming or something that seems really out of character. See if you can keep an open mind and hold a really large canvas in which your relationships can express themselves upon.

Uranus squaring Venus highlights the need for freedom within relationships. It may also inspire an innovative approach to partnerships, one that seems different than we had conditionally thought we resonated with. When it comes to the adoption and expression of beauty, if you’ve been wanting to try something new on for size—whether it be a different lipstick, fashion style, or seduction technique—today may be the day for which you’ve been waiting.


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