Daily Horoscopes – November 26, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 26, 2011

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Astroloogy Predictions for 26-11-2011


Do not allow a temporary setback to upset your plans. Not a good time to start a new assignment, unless you can complete it quickly. Avoid antagonizing those around you by being forceful in the expression of your opinion. Be practical in financial matter. 


Work is well under control. Some of you are likely to travel to sign a new contract or conclude an earlier task. Good news arrives through mail or is conveyed over the phone. Home and family affairs run smoothly. An outing with maternal relatives will be enjoyable. 


Travels will bring about success and profits. Those who are keen on professional sports may get an opportunity to represent their state or country and do well. There will be plenty of social engagements and parties or an important celebration to attend. A marriage proposal is likely for some of you.  


Some news from a distant place may start you thinking of planning a trip for expansion of your business. If you are single there will be opportunity to meet a charming person of the opposite sex. However, the lighter moments of leisure spent in the charismatic company of your beloved will more than compensate in terms of happiness and joy. 


Over enthusiasm, or taking on more work than you can handle, could be the cause of your present predicament. First cut back on your losses, and also curb unnecessary expenditure. There is a glimmer of hope. This may come through an opportunity to make sudden money through a transaction proposed by someone you know.  


You are likely to discover some snags in your routine work. Take corrective measures at once. Financial gains are indicated in fresh ventures. Avoid a person who is deliberately trying to get a negative reaction out of you. Be patient for the sake of domestic harmony. Lovers can look forward to a good time together. 


You need to devote more attention to your work that seems to go awry due to neglect. Avoid arguments or discussions on matters that are upsetting to others. Keep your temper in check and work at improving your relationships. A confrontation at this juncture will be a hindrance to your progress. 


Financial commitments are fulfilled and work in hand completed. At a meeting or seminar you will receive a good response. Those in creative field will sign a fresh contract. Travel for work or pleasure will be enjoyable, romantic for some is likely. 


A good financial position is indicated. A purchase of some property or house will be an asset that you have been planning for long. Happiness and excitement is all around. You will be making important and significant plans for the future with loved ones or your mate. 


You are doing well for yourself and the prospects for work also improve. Invest profits back into infrastructure. You are on to a good thing but don’t go overboard. Take one day at time and be practical. Comforts of home and family are gratifying.


Apprehensions about changes around could make you feel insecure about things in general. Do not jump to any conclusions; there could be some good coming out of what is happening. At home too you could face some problems because of a more aggressive stance that you have adopted of late.  


Gains from property are indicated. A creative and artistic urge will find a rewarding outlet. Family affairs come under favorable aspects. Everyone will hold you in high esteem at a large family gathering. Love life is full of excitement and pleasant surprises.




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