Lovescopes – November 26, 2011

love horoscopes november 2011

Love Horoscope – November 26, 2011

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Aries: When is the last time you have done something for yourself? Not just go out to dinner but actually go somewhere? It may be best if you utilize the energy of today to plan a really great holiday, or a real adventure. Going with a special person would really strengthen the bond between you. If you choose to go alone, you will possibly meet up with someone who shares a lot of your real dreams, and also your sense of humor. Some of you will likely experience some tension in your close relationships. One of you feels that you have been giving more, and not receiving enough in return, or one of you is more loving or passionate than the other. Frustrated love desire can easily turn to anger or irritability at this time. Give it a few days to cool off.

Taurus: Something has or will have happened that will spark a need to internalize and begin the process of introspection. You have a strong need to explore your spiritual self, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future. You’ll have the faith and confidence to be able to express just how you feel about that someone special. If you can be together someplace where you can both relax and really have some fun, then the rest should come pretty easily. You will really benefit from acting spontaneously and being as you are, rather trying to make an impression. Though things seem slightly surreal, it would be unwise for you to make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships right now. Wait until this period of self discovery passes.

Gemini: All of your emotional connections should gain strength and zest regardless of what type they are. Your spirit is flowing freely which makes you very attractive to almost everyone you come into contact with. Opportunities will arise for you to move in circles that are both exciting and challenging. A chance to find out more about someone you are dying to get closer to, in a particularly pleasant and deeply satisfying way will come your way. This person will warm you ways you may not have known before. It will be likely you two will have a very strong romantic connection and it will get stronger. Close friends, family members, and your love interests should be easy for you to connect with in very positive ways.

Cancer: Your personal relationships seem to need a lot of TLC right about about now. If things have been difficult, then make use of this time to get out with your partner, let your hair down, and really have some fun. Laughter is one of the best medicines for curing all kinds of ills, and if you can laugh at yourselves, half your worries have already vanished! Your enthusiasm and inner drive for living are very high now. You make things turn around and wash the worries away. This is a positive time when you express your feelings openly. You feel alive and interested in the world about you and your love relationships are exciting and harmonious. It has been rocky the last few days, bask in the warmth and make positive changes in your life.

Leo: Did you get bitten by the LoveBug today? It is giving you this wonderful and powerful feeling. It seems as if love or lusty romance is extremely contagious today. You may well feel as though you could fall in love with everyone, as each person you meet seems to offer so many open doors into new worlds. But don’t promise more than you are willing to give, and if in doubt, don’t promise anything at all. This is not the best of days to make plans or decisions. It could be hard to figure out the right move, especially with that special someone. You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. You are in charge of this ship called life, you steer the boat where you want to go. Tomorrow is another day and a new perspective.

Virgo: You know just what you want right now and it’s not a good thing for anyone or anything that gets in your way! You may find that you have one passion in particular that lasts longer than you originally would have thought. This person is exotic in many ways and has you captivated by their charm and wit. You want to be where they are and experience everything you can with them. Because careful that in your lust you do not become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. So it would be a good time for you to do certain thing you need to do by yourself rather than with others.

Libra: Your more intimate relationships may challenge you during this period. What you want and what those close to you want are two very different things at the moment. You and your partner should explore new ways of being together, revitalize yourselves and the relationship. Your tastes are running towards the unconventional at this time so you may decide the best way to spend time together is an exotic holiday. You thirst for a bit of adventure – in fact, anything that takes you right out of your usual daily routine. Discuss your desires for a change of location with your lover and they are likely to be met. This is not a time to stay in. Use this energy as a chance to get out and have some real fun.

Scorpio: If you are going through a hard time in your relationships, take a chance to have some real fun and get a distance from your problems may well encourage a good solution. You will want to push your way through, but right now you’ll find that can be a losing strategy in any of your relationships. The more you shove – the more resistance you’ll get. Back off for awhile is going to be the best strategy and the problem will more than likely fade away. You do not want to completely break off the relationship, just a break from the one who is currently causing you so much trouble. Use the wonderful energy in the air to go on a private retreat. Let your cares be messaged away or left by the water.

Sagittarius: Scheduling time for recreation or to take care of a personal relationship is a good idea now. Just be aware that the desire to socialize and be friendly or even to be loved may interfere with getting commitments done. But let’s face it, any affairs you are involved in are completely indulgent and very worthwhile today. The energy surrounding you makes you that much more attractive and languid, especially right now. Those in your immediate entourage may not be able to resist you, even though they may have put up a good fight so far. If any doubts about what you are doing come up, don’t get involved. Though think about it before you turn it away… you can’t have fun if you always play it safe.

Capricorn: You are receptive to beauty at this time and want to be surrounded with harmony, beauty, and kindness and love. These desires will entice you out of those quiet little corners of your mind and transform you into a more sunny and sensual personality. You feel tender and gentle toward others, and you want to please or to be of service to them in some way. The warmth will definitely make you a little less distant and intellectual. You will see that you have far more to gain by sharing a warm embrace or two with all the right people than by being cool and existentialist. Also some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. You needed this lift right now, embrace it.

Aquarius: You are likely to get swept away by warmth and passion today. Love or romantic lust becomes very powerful, and also very wild in your life right now. Discovering new things about your mate and yourself is likely at this time. As you learn more about each other the degree of harmony and solidarity in your relationship will increase. Socializing as a couple should prove to be very rewarding and actually enhance your more intimate moments. Be aware that the energy of all the passion could make you completely self-indulgent and vain. You could be obsessive or at least constantly concerned about your image. So much in fact that the thought of your hair getting messed up and out of shape if you dare to indulge in your lusty thoughts has you annoyed.

Pisces: Now’s a good time to reconsider some of your ideas and beliefs concerning a current relationship. If you have been under the misguided apprehension that partnerships were all about angst, self-development, and the sharing of each other’s less desirable qualities, then be prepared to be thrust into an orgy of laughter, carefree caresses, and good-humored enjoyment. Love can be fun, as well you know! There is great depth to your conversations and thoughts. You find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, and also asking very penetrating questions of others. Superficial answers don’t satisfy you now. This is an excellent time to learn more about your own inner depths

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