Daily Horoscopes – November 27, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Daily Horoscopes – November 27, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 27, 2011

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Prediction for 27-11-2011


A technical hitch slows down work today. It could be a power failure, breakdown in telephone system or a transport problem. Do a reality check and make plans that you know you can implement successfully. Work at a more reasonable pace. Take it easy and keep a low profile.  


Tying up loose ends smartening up with some discipline will lead to better work output and gains. It is monetarily a good day. Spend time to understand the emotional needs of your beloved who is missing the carefree the days of courtship or happier times together.



You are in a situation where you are forced to take a decision, as it cannot be put off further. Though the immediate outcome is not encouraging, in the long run you are bound to gain by the decision you have taken. There are no material losses but you may be feeling emotionally low this evening. 


Concentrate your attention on work else you could lose some money through neglect or indifference. Stay clear of fresh proposals and also from those people who are known to give unwanted advice. You are a better judge of your condition and take all measures to protect your job or financial interests. 


A breakdown in communication could upset your plans for the day. Your mate will either be in a bad mood or may not be feeling well. Some tension in family life is indicated. Don’t listen to hearsay; wait for the facts to be conveyed to you before you make a move. 


You are quite excited to start a new assignment, which is somewhat challenging. The successful completion of this will bring bonus rewards. A longing for moments of leisure and romance makes you plan an exclusive evening in the company of your beloved. 


At work or in your business, you will be in a position of advantage. You can now put your new plans into action, for others will be willing to support you. Those desirous of a change of residence will come across a good bargain. Family life is happy and congenial. 


Unexpected visitors could make an unscheduled demand on your time. Any plans that you may have had to attend to work or chores around the house may have to be shelved temporarily. You may also need some extra domestic help. Lovers planning a quiet evening will feel crowded. 


Do not give in to your doubts or let others discourage you, even if you encounter a disappointing experience. Bide your time. Try not to react to quarrelsome temperaments and selfish wills. You will have much more physical energy and serenity of mind. You will emerge successful in your endeavors. 


With nothing much on the horizon you begin to feel things are slowing down. To someone like you who enjoys a challenge this could be quite a depressing thought. Enjoy yourself while you can as the developments in the next few days are going to be very exciting. Rapport with your beloved is good. 


While the routine work continues unhindered, you will come across a favorable deal, which requires minimum of investment and also assures a good profit. Be quick to avail of such an opportunity. This also a good time to catch up people that you have not met in a long time. 


Your profits can be increased by certain radical changes. Begin from cutting down expenditure, and get rid of unproductive investments. Long distance travel is destined to prove beneficial. You can combine business with pleasure by finding time for some of your own personal interests.




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