Daily Horoscopes – November 28, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 28, 2011

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Prediction for 28-11-2011


You can look ahead to some good news about your soon to be improved circumstances. Professionals will get to work with organizations of international repute. Your determination and dedication has won the day for you and family members will be in touch to congratulate you. 


The financial position will be good but there is a need to watch wasteful expenditure. Legal issues get resolved. With your ambitious nature you may wish to acquire more knowledge and may join a short-term course. Plan finances carefully for the future. There may be unexpected expenses around the corner. 


You will feel optimistic about future more so after you sign a prestigious contract with a large organization. You have the support of influential people and financial resources will flow easily to facilitate execution of your plans. Happiness and good times in the family are indicated. 


Fresh negotiations for work could run into a few problems. A more flexible attitude will help you to overcome your difficulties. Personal activities connected with romance may have to be postponed or cancelled. You could feel trapped in a situation that you have no control.  


You seem to be having a great time enjoying your recent success and in the process neglecting your routine work. You can ill afford to neglect your work for there is a strong opponent waiting to occupy your place. A hectic schedule will leave you exhausted with fatigue. 


Your finances need attention. Follow up dues and payments you are not short of money but you have to plan better returns. Your love for the family however should not result in a possessive feeling and a tendency to interfere and influence their personal decisions. If you are open you are sure to maintain a happy relationship and atmosphere at home.  


Look forward to new developments and work offers. Take your time to pick and choose what you really want. A purchase of some property or house will be an asset that you have been planning for long and are now within your grasp. A relaxed evening with your loved ones will remain memorable for a long. 


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You will be in demand in your work and profession Try to maintain cordial relations with all, for you never know when you may need them. Where money is concerned be practical and check bona fide of persons you may have to deal with. Keep away from minor problems in personal relationships. 


This is a good time to establish contact with old friends and business associates. If you have been facing any problems in your personal life, find time to get family members together and sort out the differences that have been the cause of unpleasantness at home. 


New business proposals lead to gain. At a business meeting or on the negotiation table your ideas and plans will be received well. Investments made now will grow fast but you should not hang on to your gains for too long. You may have to attend social gathering to fulfill an obligation to a family member. 


Some of you may decide to do a study course to enhance career prospects. The employed waiting for news concerning a promotion or transfer may have to wait a little longer. A busy schedule leaves little time for romance. You will be attending a religious function with family and loved ones. 


Monetary gains are assured in fresh ventures. However, restrict yourself to your own sphere of activity and not try anything new. Try to be practical in your approach to life. It is good to dream; sometimes they could well become your goal. You have the ability to realize your dreams.


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