Daily Horoscopes – November 29, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

horoscopes november 2011

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 29, 2011

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Prediction for 29-11-2011


A deal is offered which seems shady. A refusal to compromise on your principles is the best option. A message you get clears all doubts and clears the way for steady progress as planned. Romance is an area where you can be impulsive and do something totally out of character still not be judged.



New work offers in partnership are not for you. Try to work independently you are more likely to gain in this way. Success is assured. You will be in the mood to take it easy and perhaps participate in a favorite pastime or hobby.



Things may not work out quite the way planned. This could upset you, no doubt, but you shouldn’t make a prestige issue of it. You will get love and support from your beloved who understands you well. A happy event is celebrated at home in the company of family and friends.



Work out odds for the task that could come your way. You will come across a lucrative deal at a bargain. Accept this proposal, especially since it is in your field of specialization. Youngsters will strike an easy rapport with a colleague of the opposite sex who has recently joined their circle.



You seem to lack interest in anything. The spontaneity that you seek is somehow missing from your life right now. You may find it difficult to concentrate on your work .You seem rather vulnerable to outside influence, which is the reason for your being upset. Matters will improve by this evening.



Obstacles at work could crop up. Avoid speculative trading specifically for a loss is foreseen. This is the time to go slow and keep abreast with the changing scene. You will safeguard your interests by lying low, and by avoiding bringing about any change in your work strategy.



You will find plenty of time to devote to extracurricular activities and to your favorite hobbies. Some of you may even visit a place of entertainment or holiday resort. Health remains good even though you may be attending a lot of social function and going on occasional binge.




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Good work always gets noticed and if it has not then you are about to be the limelight again. Some of you will get a promotion, together with other benefits. You need to work hard to establish a good rapport with others. Travelers who have been away will be returning home.



You have a vague feeling that everything is not quite what it should be. Do not despair. It may turn out that your plans need to be rearranged in a more suitable manner. A creative talent, sports or a personal hobby will bring you into the limelight. An outing with friends will help to improve your mood.



Interesting work proposals are likely to turn up from overseas. You will be able to achieve wonders at work through further financial investments and also because of the support of family and your partner. Plans for holidays and good times are indicated. Problems if any within the family will be resolved.



Monetarily you are doing fine and you will continue the same lucky streak. Any work with the governmental authorities will be sorted out. A tricky domestic security problem will have to be taken care of with great discretion or care. You will not be misunderstood by loved ones.



A beneficial break in your work or business proves to be good and leads to considerable monetary rewards. You are likely to invest your money in bonds or such securities. Those in the creative field of work will be in the limelight, for their recent achievements. Home and family life is happy and peaceful.


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