Daily Horoscopes – November 30, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – November 30, 2011

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Prediction for 30-11-2011


You will be willing to go all out and try unconventional methods of work with remarkable success. Your efforts are appreciated. Living in a joint family or with relatives could be trying. More so since now, that you need the time to relax and unwind. 


You will be able to achieve much of what you want to do. However you will have to work really hard for it. After a busy day you may want to relax and enjoy all that you have worked for. Your mate and loved ones will be happy for you. Some friends could drop in to see you. 


Your business deals will bring fabulous profits that were beyond your expectations. You may have to take off on a trip for some urgent work. Your schedules could get upset but you will not lose out on anything. Try not to react emotionally to some loose talk that is circulating. 


Consistent hard work that you had put in earlier will get you what you want. Benefits through government are indicated. A sincere approach in life always gets rewarded. You will be socially active and popular with members of the opposite sex. 


Use tact and diplomacy in handling workers or government officials. This could also mean you have to make some compromises. You may have to settle some dues or clear some payments or perhaps repay a loan. The emphasis is on family, friends, and social pleasures.  


A new business proposal is likely, but this could take its toll on your regular work. Domestic issues come to the fore and need attention. It is time you face the situation squarely in the face and take some decisions. A house or property may need more investment.



You will be full of enthusiasm and able to handle work efficiently. The money received can be usefully invested in fresh ventures that you may have planned. Taking risks is best avoided. You will be under the charming spell of your mate this evening.







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Partnerships and joint ventures may not be working out satisfactorily, but it is wise to stick to present plan for a while. It is a hard time with a loved one. Deal with the situation firmly else you could lose out financially and emotionally. Avoid arguments.  


Monetary gains are indicated through personal initiative. Matters concerning home and family are favorable. Your efforts of the past will bear fruit now. Expansion of your activities will help you to meet many new people. Those who have been away from home will be getting touch with loved ones. 


You are bound to gain if you follow up a tip that you receive concerning an investment. The employed can look forward to news of a promotion and an increase in income. Those in artistic and creative fields will do very well. Watch out for someone may try to create mischief in your life by making romantic overtures. 


Even though you are preoccupied with difficulties at work you may also be expected to manage a problem on the home front. Your personal life tends to suffer consequently and there nothing that you can do to change the situation. Visitors from out of town could add to your woes at a difficult time like this. 


Job seekers will get exciting offers. Those in creative field or dealing with sales and marketing are bound to do well and earn recognition. Strong romantic influences around are tempting. You could get drawn into an association with a person who could become difficult to forget.



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