Daily Horoscopes – December 1, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 1, 2011

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Prediction for 01-12-2011


Keep your options open for you may come upon a good offer which is worth pursuing. Negotiations and discussions held today will go in your favor. You are on the upswing where money is concerned. For those in love romance is growing. It is quite likely that the admiration is mutual. You have an exciting relationship in the offing. Be discreet. 


Don’t give up a chance to turn an awkward situation into a profitable one. Be diplomatic with colleagues and try not giving your own views in front of others as you could send the wrong signals especially since you are delicately poised for progress. The success of youngsters will make you happy.


Opportunities abound and you are at your best when under pressure. However whatever happens today may throw you off guard about a certain issue that you may have overlooked. Expenses could exceed your budget but your tactful handling of the situation will save the day. Stress and anxiety may leave you feeling exhausted by the evening. 


At work some planning restructuring is needed. Looking at new avenues for work will be to your advantage. Success in your efforts is assured. Personal relationships may leave a lot to be desired. See that you don’t put your trust in the wrong person.


Even though you are in a position of strength you are advised to cope with delays and other such problems with patience and forbearance. Try not to show irritation and anger. In the evening you may feel obliged to go out with friends even though you may be tired.


Monetarily your position is very good. A meeting or discussion scheduled for today will lead to gains for you. Those in the fields of teaching or communication can look forward to good news. You will be organizing a get-together, which will be enjoyable. 


Meetings and negotiations will go in your favor but you need to be patient and that is precisely what you may find difficult to do. In matters of personal relationships you need to be more tactful when dealing with a loved one that is having a difficult time.


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You will go out of your way to make things happen at work .You will be successful in your efforts. Look forward to gains and also developing new associations and friendships. An outing with friends will prove enjoyable. You can look forward to the good times. 


At work an easygoing attitude could land you in trouble. Avoid arguments or discussions on matters that are upsetting to others. Be more consistent in your work or career in order to achieve a breakthrough. Concentrate on one thing at a time to get best results.  


Any problems that you encounter will be overcome easily. Unexpected monetary gains are indicated from sources that you least expected. You will have to attend to estate matters on behalf of your family. You will be happy to meet a gracious and enlightened person today. 


Rushed expansion, or taking on more work than you can handle, could be the cause of the present predicament. All is not lost help is at hand. There is a tendency to misinterpret a person’s friendship as flirtation or romantic interest. Be sure before you make a fool of yourself. 


The entire day will be spent in meetings and appointments and trying to stick to time schedules. There may be some urgent documentation also to be done. Do not get tied down by any promises, especially regarding money matters. Someone will borrow money and not return it at all.


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