How to get an EX to return your call

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How to Win back your Ex

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Some people have asked me if there are special words to use, to persuade your ex girlfriend to return your calls? Guess what, there are some words that will cause her to be compelled to call you back. Awesome, right?…

I’m gonna let you in a little know secret because people ask me this question more frequently than others, when they are trying to fix their relationship Okay, I will tell you how to get your ex to return the favor when you call, text or Instant Message them. However…

Don’t use this method by itself. If you fail to implement an outlined strategy, you may push her further away than before. What you absolutely mustn’t say!

The “Plead” and the “Emergency must never be used. A plead is something like “Sara, could you please call me. This is the 9th time I’ve called. I MUST talk to you.”

The “Emergency” sounds something like “Candance, it’s an emergency, as soon as you get this, please call me.”

By pleading or faking an emergency, you’re only crying wolf. These methods rarely work, and only makes the both of you feel awful. I’m sure you can see the error in both of those strategies.

Use His /Her’s Curiosity and Self Interest To Your Benefit

In the human mind, there are two very powerful forces at work. In fact, they are the most forces at work. Can you guess what they are? The two most powerful forces at work in the human mind are curiosity and self interest.

Here’s the BIG KICKER!

When the two are combined, you have a magical recipe. So, let’s check out what you should say that works nearly all the time.

In a sincere and light voice:

“Hello Dale, It’s Sarah. I just wanted you to know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I’d like to thank you in person.” After hearing that message, my curiosity and self interest would be in overdrive. Dale will jump at the chance to call back! Right now, Dale’s thinking ” Man! What did I do?” What does she appreciate?” Additionally, Dale feels great because the message is positive.

Now Listen… You have to do the “Set Up” before you call. You have to figure out what he/she did that you appreciate. It doesn’t have to be something huge, any small thing will do. But remember, you must implement an underlying strategy, before you make this call. If this technique is use without an underlying strategy, when they call you back you’ll do more damage than good.


Getting them to call is what you want. What you do before, during and after the call is what’s MOST important.



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