Daily Horoscopes – December 4, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal


Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 4, 2011

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Prediction for 04-12-2011


Make every effort to advance your present position. Push ahead in your work by completing the assigned task on schedule. If you follow a well thought-out course of action, you can achieve the results you want. Those who have been traveling will be returning to home and family. 


You will sign new agreements and contracts on profitable terms. Seek short-term benefits. You are likely to gain from speculative ventures. Of late you may have found yourself being thrown together with a person whether for work or otherwise. An attraction could develop. 


You will be pleasantly surprised by the offer of help from a colleague just when you need it Remember to show your gratitude when the chance to repay comes along. You will now receive news of a good reward in the form of promotion, raise in income and open respect from others. A chance encounter with a person of opposite sex will assume romantic undertones. Proceed subtly if you wish long-term association.  


This is not a good day to discuss office matters or management policies. Others will not be receptive to your ideas. Perhaps you are not in your element today. Take time off to reflect or do something that you enjoy. Matters will improve by evening. 


Interesting job offers are likely. A discussion with a close associate about your doubts concerning new work offers may help you to arrive at the right decision. An artistic hobby or creative talent could bring you into the limelight. The fancy-free will find an associate of the opposite sex taking more than a casual interest in them. 


Financially you are doing extremely well for yourself. You will be inundated with more work than you can handle and have to work hard to finish all that you have set out to do. You will have the support of your mate and loved ones. You will be bringing about some necessary changes at your residence or office. 


Stick to your routine work for a loss is likely in fresh ventures. You should hold on to your money, which may be required for contingencies. it is no use getting anxious and agitated about an event over which you have no control. Patience and past experience will help in solving your problems.



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You will be toying with some new ideas to incorporate into your work. Go slow in your new methods and without disturbing your regular schedule. Your routine work tends to get neglected for you could be involved in too many things all at the same time.  


Take care not to be a victim of false information. Listening to gossip could have repercussions on the way you respond to the views of those that matter in your work set up. Problems of youngsters will occupy a lot of time at home where some differences on this issue with your spouse is indicated.  


Important decisions will need more time. Your logic, method of work and result oriented approach gets appreciated by those who matter. You will succeed in your objectives. You will be in the mood to celebrate the evening in the company of your friends and family. A romantic involvement gets stronger. 


All is not lost, you are may be feeling low today accept your limitations but think about what is in your favor and pursue your goals. You will have all the help that you need. Try to be patient with people who care for you and be just concerned about the way you are today. Relationships could suffer if you let minor irritants upset you.



Brace up for a hectic schedule. Socializing to maintain your contacts with people that matter will help to boost your career interests. You will be in touch with an important person who will take a particular liking to you and your work. You will achieve success in new business interests, which others may consider to be risky.

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