How SEO friendly designs help online marketing

How SEO friendly designs help online marketing

Design should not only illustrate0 your site for the business but also strategic enough to rank one globally.Why??

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Soumen Halder

Art is embraced by all, whether it is a human or the spiders of the search engines. It is known to all now that web designs must be user-friendly based on the targeted audience and customers. But now when you have optimized the sites, you need to make the whole design of the site search engine friendly too. You may not know these things prior to this kind of optimization. When you optimize a site, you need to make sure it matches the criteria of the SEO. As it is strategic methodology to make your site to get the best in the search engines, we can make it look like it is better then the rest; as it is should be.

Now, why there should be a particular design for this whole concept? To follow the strategy you need to make it a strategic design too. Great, but what is this strategic design? A custom thesis theme from DIY Themes is one of the smartest moves you can make to guarantee that your site has a SEO friendly design. So, what does a custom Thesis theme contain to do with SEO? A Thesis theme is web site/blogging framework created by Chris Pearson and Brian Clark, which runs on the WordPress platform, and is the archetype of SEO friendly design. It is broadly known as the very best premium WordPress theme, but in actuality, it is so much more.


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Well, what is this custom thesis had to do with my SEO friendly sites. The answer is much optimized too; having a SEO friendly design essentially means that the code behind the design is valid and optimized. All other stuff being equal, search engines like clean, valid, optimized code better, and the better they like your site, the more traffic it will receive. This is where a custom Thesis theme really excels.

Other necessary things you can keep in mind too that like the flash designs and the Div style in the designs of your styles. The site when optimized should have very simple designs with less vibrant colors which are mainly suitable for the search engines to crawl the sites. Like you are making your site user friendly to attract your viewers; in the same ways you are making it friendly as incase of the search engines to figure it out.

It has been seen in various research that approximately 45-65% of web traffic to any website comes from search engines. Therefore, a website design that is not search engine friendly is stunned off by this amazing volume of traffic. Therefore, ensuring that you use proper HTML coding, target proper keywords through satisfied and meta tags, make use of ALT tags, use proper links and so on, create the site speedy to download and easy for the user. A SEO friendly website speaks of quality web page design. If you are a kolkta seo company with some standing, then the kind of web page that will bang your brand value would enunciate the quality of your designs for you and your service.

In a nutshell we can say that, flash movies, stunning images, streaming audio with all bells and whistle for your website is not needed when you are optimizing your site. Marketing is necessary to bang your own drums but too loudly makes the whole process disgusting.

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