What Your Hugging Style Says About You

What Your Hugging Style Says About You

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by – Kathryn_Williams

Hugging was invented in 3500 B.C. as a way for cavemen on the Mongolian plains to keep warm during the months of November, December and February (January was fur dress month, so hugging wasn’t necessary). Luckily the tradition continues today. The hug, otherwise known as the bosom kiss, is one of our most basic human gestures of friendship and intimacy. Do you know what your preferred style of embrace says about you?

The Bear Hug

Hallmark: Full body contact with a solid squeeze.

What it says about you: You are confident and emotional. Your favorite singer is Celine Dion. You like Jack Black movies. Your favorite color is yellow.

Side Hug

Hallmark: One arm around the waist or shoulders.

What it says about you: You can be awkward. You go to summer camp. You like foods served on a stick.

Patty-Cake Hug

Hallmark: Patting the back of the huggee. Guys often do this in conjunction with the Air Hug (see below).

What it says about you: You would rather not be hugging. You are rhythmic, perhaps in band. You think babies are cute.


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Ring Around the Collar

Hallmark: Arms wrapped around the person’s neck like you are trying to become a necklace.

What it says about you: You are short. You like tall people. You want to make out.

Unnecessary Roughness Hug

Hallmark: Patting, squeezing or colliding with huggee with a little too much force.

What it says about you: You can be aggressive and/or dramatic. You are an only child. You love anything peppermint flavored. You are on the wrestling team.

Lingering Hug

Hallmark: Never letting go.

What it says about you: You are needy and/or in love. You chew a lot of gum. You are from Minnesota. Your favorite flowers are irises but you also like calla lilies.

Air Hug

Hallmark: Arms in a wide arc around the huggee without any of that uncomfortable touching stuff.

What it says about you: You are afraid that you smell. You enjoy professional wrestling as much as the next guy. You eat hamburgers three times a week.

The “Special” Hug

Hallmark: We’re not allowed to say here, but it involves the letters H, N, and D.

What it says about you: Bow-chika-wow-wow.

How do you hug it out?

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