Daily Horoscopes – December 5, 2011 – from Jagit Uppal

Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 5, 2011

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You are likely to get time to indulge in things that you love to do. Monetary problems will now be sorted out. You will get some long overdue payment. If on the creative side you will be the centre of attention for your accomplishments. The domestic scene is fine.



Financial prospects are good. There will be several new work inquiries. An important development in your career will bring you into the limelight. Those seeking a change of job can also look forward to some favorable development. You will be feeling content and happy with your progress.



A favorable opportunity in the form of a job or business proposal is likely. At work you will accomplish a difficult task. This will win you the appreciation of your employer or senior and improve your image in your organization. You can look forward to financial benefits soon. Home and family life is peaceful and happy.



You will have a fruitful day. You will be able to catch up with pending work. You may need to help a colleague with a difficult assignment. Matters concerning applications and interviews will have favorable response. You will also get some good news from a loved one.



Regular work will bring the normal level of profits but you are likely to get sudden money. You increasingly feel that you can put your savings to more profitable use. This is a mistake. Let your money rest in fixed deposits. At home a pleasant feeling prevails.



Devote all your attention to your career today. Rapid developments at work may require you to bring about certain changes. You will succeed in an area which was considered an impossible. This will increase your worth and credibility. In a romantic tryst take the initiative you will not be disappointed.



You need to stick to your plans for there will be certain elements trying to dissuade you in the pursuit of your goals. Avoid getting involved in any arguments and try to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone in your own interest. You will have to be your diplomatic best today.


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A sale transaction may not yield the gains you had imagined, but it will certainly help to take the pressure off you for a while. Love and romance have to take a back seat as you will have to burn the midnight oil to catch up on pending important issues at work.



You will have to work in co-operation with others to make any headway in your career. Partnerships and joint efforts will do well. Caution is advised in your dealings with strangers. Someone is trying to get the better of you and know more about your personal life.



You should put your plans into action and take personal interest in getting things done. Try to improve your relations with others. Your aggressive and over confident approach could make others uneasy in your company. Consciously or unconsciously you do intimidate others.



You are given complete charge at work and an opportunity to tackle a difficult assignment alone. Work sincerely to take advantage of the present situation. Your love life and family life will be fine. The health of your parents or beloved may need attention.



If there is a business proposal you should seriously consider it for this may have immense opportunity for you for growth. The employed may receive job offers from a larger organization and if seeking a change, go ahead. Home and family life is fine.

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