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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 6, 2011

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Gains from your efforts are indicated. Work proceeds effortlessly even though you seem to be doing a lot of things at the same time. News from someone close will make you feel better. Learn to relax and let go of things occasionally. You will have an enjoyable evening in the company of your beloved and family.


You will learn more by listening and observing others than by trying to put your own point of view across. Sales transactions will go through smoothly and you are likely to gain. You can look forward to a happy day when all your desired tasks are accomplished smoothly and successfully.


Expansion of work activities could see you planning your infrastructure better. There is going to be more demands on your time from home, family and friends. You will have to harmonize both spheres of your life tactfully so that you can do what you want to. Your rapport with loved ones will be good.


You can look forward to some good news pertaining to work. Plans for a journey may change. Monetary gains will accrue to you from work completed earlier. Those in love have a strong bond and will share intimate moments of togetherness. You may buy something beautiful for the house.


Avoid any changes. You should carry on with your routine activities for you are poised for a major breakthrough in your work and career. Though you may be inclined there is little time for love or romance. There are far too many things happening in your life right now.


You will feel tempted to put in more funds in your current venture, which is showing remarkable result. There is no harm in sticking to your present work and at the same time expand your existing operations. Do not branch out into a new field howsoever lucrative it may appear. 


Work tensions are gradually easing and you will be able to achieve your objective faster. There will be meetings and discussion for the merger of two groups or union of two persons or perhaps for finalizing marriage arrangements. If unattached you will soon get involved in a delightful romance.


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With work under control take it easy. Restrict yourself to your line of trade that is showing a gradual growth. Travel is indicated for work. You can fall prey to loose talk or gossip about someone known. Do not be influenced by others. Avoid trouble makers.



Those in communication, media or travel will get a breakthrough in their career. Artistic and creative pursuits will be rewarding.  You will feel the need to be closer to a certain person with whom you can discuss your most intimate thoughts and inner uncertainties.



There are likely to be many changes around you and they will be for the better. Your personal efforts and radical intuition are more likely to lead to success than dependence on others.  You will suddenly find yourself becoming the centre of attraction at all functions where you will be sought out.



Your expectations will be high and you may have to contend with some delays in a sanction or repayment. It would be better to lie low rather than seek a way out, as it will happen automatically. You need to make an effort and do things differently to bring back romance and excitement in your life. 



New development around you will give an opportunity to change the course of your career. The work that involves marketing or public relations will get you better exposure. Travel will be smooth and you will achieve your objective. Changes around you will not upset your rapport with loved ones.

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