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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 7, 2011

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You will be sought after at work and within your social circle. Your popularity is on the rise and you will enjoy the attention. You will be re-evaluating your relationship with your beloved who seems to be behaving rather strangely. Do not unnecessarily jump to conclusions. It is just a passing phase.



The pressure of new work, which comes along suddenly, could upset your plan for taking a break or withdrawing from routine work. There may be some problems at home. Perhaps heavy entertaining has increased expenses and you are now finding it difficult to cater to the needs of the family.



In a new deal be sure that everything is in order before you go in for any agreements. Accept only offers that promise quick gains or you could block your money indefinitely. The behavior of someone close could create some doubts in your mind.



A small hitch in your meticulous routine could upset you. Keep your cool and you will find easy solutions to your problem. Love will happen if you make yourself more approachable. Be more friendly and easy going with people and there is bound to be good result.



Diligent efforts to recover your dues succeed. Some chances of gains in speculative deals or shares also exist. Plan you further investment s carefully. Emotionally you will be feeling much more positive and secure. It will be the charms of your beloved, which keep your spirits high.



Some of you can look forward to a promotion. You will diversify your business interests. This is the right time for you to set your goals for long-term benefits. Success is assured to you. You can look forward to great times in the company of your mate or beloved.



You are assured that all you attempt will have a favorable outcome. Efforts put in now will definitely lead to gains that may take a while to fructify. Be patient, you are headed in the right direction. Do not miss a good opportunity to be out with friends or loved ones this evening.



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News that you have been waiting for, concerning a new venture, will arrive soon. You will work with a renewed vigor and achieve wonders.  As the excitement of holidays and fun times ahead grows, happiness in love and family life is indicated. Your beloved will have some exciting plans for you.


Major developments in your career and profession will bring you more into the limelight. News from overseas is favorable, and some of you will be traveling abroad on invitation from your business associates. Domestic affairs will be satisfactory. Personal life runs smoothly.


There is no threat to your job or status in your organization.  In fact, the developments within the Office will prove to be more profitable for you at a later period.  Home and family life is happy and congenial.  A friend or relative who lives in far away will soon visit you after a long time.


A change of location is indicated for some of you. Overseas influences are strong and you will definitely gain.  . Meetings and negotiations scheduled for today are bound to be successful. Your subordinates could give you a bit of trying time.  If your beloved is away, you will hear from him/her today. 


Try to have a more positive outlook in your dealings with others. Do not underestimate the value and strength of faith and justice in people. Understand rather than be critical of others’ mistakes. Your own shortcomings may become targets of discussion if you are not more careful.

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