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Addicted to Astrology – Daily Horoscope – December 8, 2011

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Be on the lookout for intrigue, SECRET meetings, or an exchange of confidential INFORMATION. There is an aura of mystery surrounding you. You may possess secrets best held in confidence for the time being. As you gather information, you could DISCOVER that others aren’t living up to their commitments or that they are delaying action, intentionally or otherwise. Maintain your emotional balance, Aries. Your lucky number is # 7.  A Virgo and a Pisces are involved.
Financial and money issues top your agenda today, Taurus. Check your accounting, pay bills and be sure to collect what is owed to you. A surprise some MONEY could be coming your way and you might hear all about it today. Project a positive and prosperous outlook and take it with you throughout your day. Be courageous. Expect to WIN at whatever you chose to pursue. A Capricorn and a Cancer play key roles. Have luck with the # 8.
Complete what you have been working on. Clean out the old and prepare for something new. Focus on promotion. Get ready for more RESPONSIBILITY. Make sure you get the permission of others before moving forward with your plans. You will have excellent ideas into the motives of others. Look beyond the PRESENT for best results, Gemini. An Aries and a Libra play key roles. Your lucky number is # 9.
It’s time to express your true self.  Make a break from tradition and follow your own counsel. Don’t let a fear of any type of failure derail YOU, Cancer. Stand up for yourself especially where a dispute is involved. Be confident that your ability to negotiate any argument via diplomacy and persistency will work to your ultimate benefit today, Cancer. LOVE is looking more promising. A Gemini, Leo and an Aquarius do CARE and will prove it. Have luck with the number # 1.
Give full attention to your intellectual and emotional curiosity. Ask questions; find out what you need to KNOW and rid yourself of information that you don’t. A flirtation lends spice. Realize that there is always a price to pay. There is no such thing as a free lunch nowadays. WHEN you find one, email ME, Leo. Success comes THROUGH going with the flow. A Cancer and a Capricorn will play important roles. Your lucky number is # 2.
You  might be viewed as overly persistent and determined to succeed. You  might feel restless and come across as ultra possessive, especially in  relation to LOVE and a romance. You are seeking stability, security and  perhaps even a serious commitment. Be careful that your FEELINGS aren’t  being manipulated. Another Virgo and a Pisces can be involved in this  picture. Make sure you understand the CONSEQUENCES of being too open  about private matters, Virgo. Just exercise discretion and relax. Have luck with the number # 3.
It’s a great day to participate with groups of people, whether it’s a club or an organization.  Stay focused and remain organized, Libra. There is NO time to REST. Tend to DETAILS. Your contact with friends is deeper than usual. Direct your creativity into something artistic for best results, Libra. You will get support and the backing you need to turn your dreams into realities. A Leo and an Aquarius could have some QUESTIONS for you. Your lucky number is # 4.

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Think freedom, but don’t CONFUSE it with security. FREEDOM can be risky today. Take a risk and release old structures that NO LONGER work or are useful to you. Get a new point of view. Stress openness rather than secrecy. You could have emotional encounters with intense and powerful people; they in turn could have an effect on your outlook. Pay attention to your personal possessions, especially those you SHARE with others. The mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius play loyal roles while Virgo and a Pisces play mysterious ones. Your lucky number is # 5.
Freedom of thought and action will prevail. Variety is the spice of life. PHYSICAL desires are accented. Seek a change of scenery, a new point of view. This is an excellent DAY for taking a risk. You will overcome red tape, restrictions and limitations. Approach the day with an UNCONVENTIONAL mind set. The signs of Taurus and Libra will play TOP roles. Have FUN with the number # 6.
Separate your dreams from REALITY. Avoid self-deception; perceive relationships in their true light. Make sense of what is going on. You could feel romantic and possess a tender LOVING touch. Define terms, check rules and regulations and streamline daily procedures. A Pisces and a Virgo will play IMPORTANT roles. Your lucky number is # 7.
It’s a day of mystery, Aquarius. FINANCES are in the spotlight! You could receive a sudden sum of cash or come into MONEY. Business matters and potential prospects are looking very fortunate. Be in control of your assets and aware of your liabilities. You feel LUCKY TODAY as opportunities for advancement and more money are fortunate and highly auspicious. Make the most of your day by going after whom and what you want. It’s a great day to be AQUARIUS! Your lucky # is 8. A Capricorn and a Cancer will play key roles.
You feel strongly/intensely regarding a RELATIONSHIP that could involve a long time friendship/love. You could tend to dissect your feelings trying to figure out why you feel the way you feel. You have excellent foresight into this partner’s motives and intentions. This is an EXCELLENT time for your CAREER. Realize that there are some people who might misunderstand you and where you’re coming from. An Aries and a Libra will play SUPPORTIVE roles. Your number is 9 today.

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