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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 8, 2011

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Predictions for 08-12-2011


Money from a property or a legacy should be invested on a long-term basis for further gains. Overseas influences are strong. You can look forward to some favorable news perhaps a journey Overseas may be necessary. Family gatherings are enjoyable.


You have to take a crucial decision regarding your work. But you must realize that it should be based on sound facts and not on emotions or prejudices, likes and dislikes. If you accept your limitations it will open up new horizons, which will help you to understand the problems of others and help you to find a solution.


There will be constant interruptions in your work, which could be frustrating. Plans for an overseas travel are likely. A sudden journey is indicated. At a social get-together you will be very much in demand.  Those participating in sports or out-door events will do well.  


Avoid making important decisions or bringing about any changes today. Just focus on your regular routine for best results. Attend to important issues personally. To maintain peace at home avoid any arguments which can lead to conflict and end in a quarrel. 


Try to cash in on the fortunate professional phase. You will get a chance to handle work independently. Good results and gain are indicated. Some developments around you will bring in your life a person who will become a good friend. Love is a possibility.


Meetings and talks will go off very well. Be patient and consider all factors before making a decision. An advance payment will materialize. Loved ones may feel that fun and laughter times are missing.  It may be an effort for you to comply but is worth it for all-round happiness.


New responsibilities at work keep you busy.  You may be worried about meeting deadlines.  Your abrupt and angry manner could hurt someone close to you.  Be the first one to make amends for your nasty behavior.  A minor health problem should be attended to.


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Manage your own affairs at work rather than depend on others. Check out every phase of your work for there could be a tendency to make silly mistakes in your anxiety to get ahead quickly. You Have a way with people and will be making ample use of this quality with people you meet today.


Some problems you have been facing in your business are likely to be sorted out very soon which will add to your enthusiasm and energy. You may now progress much faster than you had thought possible earlier. You may receive some good news, which will create an atmosphere of happy expectations. 


You are able to efficiently handle the onslaught of work and discharge your duties, but somehow you may feel empty within yourself. It is time to draw a line to your expansion plans. You could be missing out on things that you enjoy doing. Find time for yourself too. Your beloved and family members will understand.


You will be busy handling different problems particularly those in the fields of sales, marketing or media.  It will be a tiring but rewarding day.  Money from a property or a legacy should be invested on a long-term basis for further gains.  An outing will be enjoyable though a bit exhausting.


You will be able to profitably start a new venture. Renovation or redecoration of the house can be taken up now keeping in mind your current financial position. Look out for options to do it in the most convenient way. You will have an enjoyable evening in the company of your beloved and family.

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