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Love Horoscope – December 9, 2011

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Aries: Subtle feelings and relying on your intuition allow for an increasing buildup of emotional communication. As your well thought of plans feel like they are coming ever closer to goals and dreams, this becomes more important. Taking things slow and easy is the best way to keep a handle as try to pace yourself rather than blaze forward. The emotions you are looking for will come. The planets are radiating an energy that encourages you to find hundreds of reasons why you don’t want to date a certain person, but you find one very powerful and controversial reason why you do. You love being the oddball, and dislike being just part of a crowd. The person in question will certainly get you noticed, but is it the kind of attention you really want or need?

Taurus: All consuming fantasies have their place in life. But if all you focus on are the dreams now, when the real thing walks by will you notice it at all? You have been secretly hoping to find someone to keep warm with this evening. The energy surrounding you will cause you to instead end up in deep conversation rather than something physical. True, this could eventually get very intimate, but at this moment in time, this is as far as it gets. Give the relationship a few days, things will turn to your favor! So dream a little dream, for you and that special someone, but pay attention to what’s going on around you so you don’t lose out. There are nothing wrong with your fantasies, it is just reality can often times be so much better.

Gemini: The planets are radiating an energy that makes this a very sociable day, full of interaction with people who are well verse in an array of subjects. If you enjoy fascinating discussions, reading, writing, and general intellectual activities, then you could be in for a treat. You may find yourself attracted to someone whose brainpower you really admire. Sadly, within this warm and open energy some people may try to take advantage of you. Some may go as far as to attempt to treat you like the proverbial doormat. Although your desire to please may be very strong, don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of, or you may find yourself being taken for granted in the future. Set the tone now to avoid any misunderstandings on their part.

Cancer: Unexpected twists and turns are likely to challenge your personal relationships at this time. You may find romance and love strays out of the bounds of appreciation for all things earthy and physical. During this time it becomes a much more intellectual and abstract affair. However, the energy surrounding you permeates you with thoughts of romance, rather than actually acting romantic. As you can imagine, this will lead to a few problems. No need to worry – you have all the skills to circumvent an overactive brain! Challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources. Be wary of new people entering your social circle. Do not shun them out; just take your time in getting to know them. They may not be quite right.

Leo: There is a magnetic intensity surrounding you due to the energy of the current planetary alignment. Your spirits are high at this time, and you feel optimistic, self-confident, generous, and just outright happy. Finding a date should be relatively simple, provided you don’t get into any banal conversations and come out with the standard patter. You need to hone your brain for success, thinking bigger, seeing the bigger picture, and be able to talk about more than the usual gossip. You greet life with a fresh attitude, and envision bright new adventures for growth and fulfillment. It should be easy for you to forget the mistakes of the past and continue to move forward. So long as you learned from them you won’t need to worry about repeating them.

Virgo: You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. Parties or other social events may have a delightful surprise in store for you today, especially where romance is concerned. The energy surrounding you enhances your physical attributes making you enticingly attractive. Those caught under the spell can’t wait to find out what truly lies beneath your mysterious and seductive persona. There will be one person who seems to catches your eye. Things could happen after a meaningful conversation. A new romance or friendship may start or an old or current one may take a new turn for the better. Look forward to a few more days like this.

Libra: Communications of all kinds play an important role for you right now. Oddly, the energy surrounding you encourages you to be the silent but deadly type today.  But people probably won’t respond if you keep quiet and simply ooze sex appeal. If you have the gift of the gab, then for goodness sakes, use it to tell everyone all the fascinating things about yourself. A significant conversation with a loved one as well as getting your own ideas and perceptions across to others is probable today. You may hear from someone who has important information for you, or feel a pressing need to email or call someone else in order to bring some matter in the open. Use your mouth, your natural skill of persuasion to make things happen for you.


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Scorpio: This is an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life especially if it’s an unhealthy relationship which keeps you from going after what you really want in life. There is absolutely no point in sitting off to one side and being quiet, when you are really wishing that someone delicious would walk right up to you and ask you out for a date. You are also more perceptive than usual. You can see other people’s true colors more clearly and you may discover a secret or the hidden aspect of some situation. Use all that energy surrounding you is radiating do something to get what you want. Go make an exhibition of yourself. Once you have succeeded in attracting that someone’s attention, keep talking till they do ask you out.

Sagittarius: The energy you today transforms you into THE total package. You will be seen as intelligent as you are gorgeous.  Forget the physical enhancements for right now and focus on learning some of those thought provoking quotes that knock the people out when spoken at precisely the right time in a boring conversation. This is what will get you noticed – apart your impressive vocation. During this time you need to put a wall or two up. Keep in mind that not everyone is your friend, and that sharing your intimate feelings with the wrong person may well come back to hurt you later. Express your feelings, but don’t drown others in them. Your emotions are running so high that you need to be careful not to go overboard.

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you makes you more passionate and causes you to respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Today, you are faced with a choice of two or possibly more potential dates.  Either the person or persons in question are a lot like you or they opposite in the way that intrigues you. Conduct some kind of cunning interview, while pretending to tell them your life story. You can talk your way into the one that is most suitable for you.  Emails, phone calls, and conversations that you initiate are both beneficial and productive at this time. If it feels right say it and don’t regret the impulse or the answer.

Aquarius: There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. Lovers, children, and other people or things dear to your heart are emphasized at this time.  People are admiring you, not just for your sporty and athletic figure, but also for your penetrating and inquiring intellect. The energy surrounding you thrusts you in the limelight – everyone wants to be near you.  Your deep and philosophical nature is drawing to you towards travelers of the mind and consciousness. They wish to journey with you to far away states of being. General good feeling and a sense of support and harmony make this a happy time. Enjoy this time and the expansion of mind and soul that follows.

Pisces: Feeling the need to be free spirited and independent arises in you, making you more selfish, independent, and unwilling to tolerate being stifled or put down by others. You also rebel against others who are domineering or rigid in their way of dealing with other people. Rubbing things together creates friction, but the planets are interacting in a way that encourages powerful attractions. All you need do is keep talking, no matter how impossible or how unlikely the stakes and how up high the social ladder your opposites are. You have the know-how. Faith and confidence also helps – so get some. By the end of the day you could have the date of your dreams! Expect to endure a few changes during this time in many of your relationships.

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