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Addicted to Astrology – Weekend Horoscopes – December 9, 2011

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  The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 3rd House of siblings, expert communications, relatives and short trips. You might find yourself in a mood to bond more with family members. Tone down any need to be right or have the last word. This behavior can be detrimental to you, Aries. You could also find the subjects of cars, computers and anything electrical to cause tension, especially with significant others. There could be suspicions and you may feel you are somehow being taken advantage of and not appreciated for your many contributions. Realize that you are not alone and continue to express your fears, feelings and personal truths with those in your family and whoever else you feel the need to confide in. Friends and family will appreciate your honesty and respond to your willingness to be open. The signs of Taurus, Sagittarius and Pisces play important roles.
The Moon enters Gemini and is a Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse on Saturday. You might come across as emotional, ultra sensitive or overly concerned as it transits your solar 2nd House of money, possessions, what you own and what you consider to be your personal security. During this weekend, the urge to indulge yourself takes precedence over everything else. You could be on the receiving end of gifts/presents from your various admirers or you could make more money with or through your significant other. Sales, shopping and getting the most bang for your buck are possibilities as the Moon transits Gemini. What you value, personally and financially will come into clear and sharp focus this weekend. On Sunday, catch up on correspondence and calls to prepare for the coming week. A Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces will comfort you, Taurus.
The Gemini Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in your 1st House emphasizes personality, assertiveness and physical appearance. You notice that your beauty, personal charm and popularity suddenly and without warning makes you extremely attractive to the opposite sex and same sex. It’s a great time to purchase new clothes, get a new haircut, be charming, outgoing and work that sex appeal. The Moon puts you in the spotlight, for better or for worse, Gemini! Be on your best behavior as others will sense your magnetism and charisma and will let you know it! Make sure you don’t ruin what could be a great weekend, especially when it comes to love, friendship and your career by being too controlling or by letting any stubbornness get to you, Gemini. If the going gets tough, listen to the signs of another Gemini, Libra and Aquarius for ways to deal with your sudden surge in popularity.
The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini transits your 12th House of secrets, fears, psychology, self undoing and brings an intense need to unwind and seek solace in a private/secluded space. Obligations are calling you but this weekend offers insight into secrets you keep, your motives for keeping them and is a prime time for introspection. This is an excellent time to study an esoteric topic such as Philosophy or Astrology. Whatever it takes, it is extremely important to gain some insight into your deepest needs, fears and ultimately to face your inner self for better or worse. Work on that which motivates you and examine what doesn’t. The 12th House also rules places of seclusion. Take some time to study and understand the very nature of why you do what you do and how you do it this weekend. The signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will be involved.

Watch that Leo pride this weekend, as the Gemini Full Moon/Lunar eclipse transits your 11th House of friends, hopes, ex loves, friends who assist you on any creative projects or in any social groups to which you belong. There is relief waiting for you at every corner, Leo. You need to take advantage of the opportunities being made available to you, like now. You are in one of the very best cycles to completely restructure your life, from the ground up. In fact, the sky is the limit for you now on every level imaginable. Pick areas you would like to improve and get to work. You can be emotional at times and this will always work against you. So why NOT let things go and get the assistance of those who really and truly want to see you succeed? Take advantage of offers being handed to you now. A Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be tremendously helpful, Leo.
  The Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse in Gemini transits your 10th House of career, power, status, authority, reputation, fame, fortune and prestige. This is a time to show others what you are capable of in terms of your talents. The 10th House rules authority so use yours wisely or you could experience some faux pas, embarrassments or unpleasant surprises if you’re not careful. While VIPs could admire your talents, they could also think that you may have been calculating and hiding important facts and figures from them. Honesty should prevail in all aspects, Virgo. Watch out for either secrets or hidden information to come to the surface sooner than expected. The signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius could hold you accountable for errors made concerning facts and figures in the past. Make sure it’s the good things and not the bad that others find out this weekend, Virgo.
The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 9th House of travel, legalities, higher education, spirituality, publishing, foreign people and foreign travel. All of these areas could be on your mind as you think of new and improved ways to make yourself more interesting to those you hope to impress. This weekend will be extremely complex and will help you realize the value of education and how it contributes to your ultimate successes, Libra. Also, focus on different cultures, foreign destinations and new experiences. Create ways to make old experiences feel like new. Give others the best you have to give. If you feel like you need to further your education, this is an excellent time to look into your options, Libra. A Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius play roles.

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  The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 8th House of intimacy, love affairs, joint finances, your partner’s financial affairs and death. It’s time to make peace with those from your past and present who might have misunderstood or are currently misunderstanding you and your intentions, Scorpio. There are some close to you who insist on changes which you have no control over. You might have no choice but to simply go with the flow and accept that which cannot be changed. Time has a purpose and you will sense the need to apologize, make amends or perhaps say farewell to those you have leaned on for support long enough. Realize that others could come across as cold-hearted and insist that their way is the right way. You have been down this road before, Scorpio. You might find that you are facing your deepest fears now and that courage, more than anything else, will be expected of you. The signs of Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be supportive and unusually understanding.
  The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini transits your 7th House of marriage, significant relationships, partnerships, popularity, business, competition, lawsuits and open enemies. Be on the lookout for new business projects as your popularity increases significantly. This is one of the best weekends for you to get out of the house and seek out new relationships, personal and professional. Take advantage of holiday gatherings as you meet friends who will be instrumental in offering you the keys to fame and fortune. Recognition is definitely coming your way, Sagittarius. Make sure it is the kind you are seeking as others will be talking about and observing you. The opposite/same sex could find you attractive, competent and popular. You are an open book to most, Sagittarius. This weekend offers you the chance to make a first impression and correct all mishaps made in personal, professional or all social relationships. A Taurus and a Scorpio will play roles.
  The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 6th House this weekend. You could come across as sentimental, sweet or stubborn. The areas of work, health, employment and your daily routine (especially where personal wellness is involved) will be front and center. It’s time to let go of others responsibilities and spend some time focusing on your own. This weekend could bring revelations regarding health related areas/issues, the health and wellness of those closest to you and taking care of serious business. It could be challenging to achieve moderation where these areas are involved. Take better care of others by starting with you first, Capricorn. The only real way you can be of service to others is if you are able to take care of yourself first. It won’t be easy and it might get loud, but the results can and will astound you. Focus on keeping your private life separate from your professional one. A Gemini and a Sagittarius will learn to figure things out for themselves.
  The Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 5th House of love and romance, luck, gambling, taking chances, creativity and children. You could feel less burdened where these areas are concerned this weekend. Where there have been obligations and frustrations in these areas, you will notice a shift in the air as lightness overcomes you and you suddenly feel relaxed and able to let your guard down. Children can be a source of joy and surprise. You will be able to focus on creativity, hobbies and share these passions with people from all walks of life. There is a sense of luck, timing and good fortune when you least expect it, Aquarius. Love will be clarified and you will instinctively know when to hold on and when to walk away. This is your kind of weekend. Just make sure you tend to all correspondence and wrap up any unfinished business in all areas of your life, including career, family, friends and loves. An Aries, Gemini and a Libra will support your hopes and wishes.
  The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini enters your 4th House of endings, home, family members and where you live, Pisces. This is an ideal time to make peace with the past and any family members- if there has been tension. You might be concerned with a certain member of your family and want to reach out to this individual. Do it, Pisces. There is something of value to be learned from every issue/problem or conflict we experience. Realize that which we despise in others is really that which we don’t like in ourselves. Sometimes we have to just make peace with the way things have turned out, like it or not. It might feel harder than normal to let go of little things this weekend, Pisces. You are naturally intuitive, well spoken and quite popular. Utilize these qualities when you need them the most. There is someone close who needs more love and support, Pisces. Expect the issues of motherhood, the way you were raised and where you live now to be extremely compelling and profound areas of your life this weekend. The signs of Leo and Aquarius will play roles.

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