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Jagit Uppal – Daily Horoscopes – December 10, 2011

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Prediction for 10-12-2011


You will have a busy satisfying day at work, when profits will accrue and new assignments are also likely. Wait for a more favorable time before you launch your expansion plans. It seems there will be several changes within your work. The evening is spent with your friends and beloved.


Things are moving rather slowly and you have set yourself certain goals. You will find an opening today that may increase the pace a bit. Trust and faith in love are fine but do not under estimate the persuasive powers of someone who is out to make a play for your beloved.


Work opportunities look promising and will lead to gain. You may be asked to preside over an important function or seminar which will enhance your chances of growth.  At a party or large gathering you may meet someone you are instantly attracted to. This encounter could lead to a deep love affair.


A rather busy hectic schedule seems to be getting the better of you. A change of routine or a different approach to your work will go a long way in making you feel more relaxed. There is a possibility of purchasing some land or property or bringing about some changes at home.


A profitable day is indicated. You need to put in all efforts to remain ahead in your work and business.  You will benefit by working in co-operation with others. At times you may feel partners are not doing enough in terms of money and efforts put in. Avoid changes right now. Love life is happy and gratifying.


There could be some unexpected funds coming your way. Be careful about your things. You could misplace something important today. A hasty and rash decision could land you in trouble. It may not be easy to solve all problems. But at least you can tactfully convey that you can make amends .Unwind with friends and relatives at a get-together this evening.


You will have a rewarding day at work. Financial gains will accrue to you from work completed earlier. Clearance for a particular assignment will come through now.  Plans for a journey may change.  Certain contingencies at home may need your attention.


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Your performance at your work is highly appreciated and is sure to be considered when promotions are taken up. Some exciting offers for new business could materialize Differences with your mate over trivial matters are likely and but with a little prudence you can avoid problem issues.


While you will put in enough efforts, the task undertaken is not likely to be completed. You may have to wait a little longer for its satisfactory completion. Any move involving estate or legal matters should be undertaken with care and caution. New decisions can wait until you are more confident of yourself.


You will be in your element now. With a little extra cash in your pocket, you will be much more optimistic about the future. Happiness and joy in all you do is assured. Family affairs run smoothly. Others will be very co-operative and even help you financially. Health wise, you will be full of vitality.


You will be expected to manage your own work and also be prepared for any contingencies that could crop up. Also be prepared for a lot of people are likely to drop in on you today. Do not try to impose your views and ideas on people. There could be misunderstandings. You are better off keeping a low profile.


Watch what you say or do today for you could land yourself in trouble. Make every effort to keep out of a controversy.  Forget about work problems and concentrate on just being happy. A get- together with friends will help to divert your mind and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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