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Addicted to Astrology – Daily Horoscope – December 12, 2011

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The emphasis falls on your home and family life today, Aries. You could be feeling nostalgic and secretly long for holidays past. You will be emotional, reflective and thinking about past loves. It will be a bittersweet day as you take note of how much times have changed. A strong urge to suddenly connect with your family will overcome you, Aries. Show your enormous ability to create the right ambiance when entertaining your friends and relatives. Make certain that everyone involved feels your love and positive energy. A Leo and an Aquarius will support you no matter what, Aries.
The emphasis falls on short distance travel and communication today, Taurus. You could take a short trip to visit relatives, meet friends or see siblings at a distance. Your presence will lift others out of the doldrums and make those closest to you feel warm and appreciative of your company. You might not be up for the challenge but be prepared to put on a happy face anyways. Your genuine warmth and sincerity will win over everyone you seek to impress. Realize how wonderful you are, Taurus. Smile and the world will smile back today. A Virgo has something to tell you.
The day will center on your thoughts about money, how you make it and what you owe. You might be feeling obligated to stay on top of your finances yet you could inadvertently stumble upon an unexpected treasure. There is money coming your way from an unexpected source. Make sure to keep an eye out on your personal possessions/belongings such as keys, purses and your wallet. There are some that would like to reap what you have sown. Pay attention to your property and possessions. An Aries, Libra and a Leo will compliment you on your great taste, Gemini.
The Moon is in your 1st House of popularity, sexuality and personal magnetism, Cancer. You will shine at any gathering and people will want to know what your secret is. Be warm, receptive and don’t get a big ego from all the attention you’re receiving. You could meet someone special through your relatives or through a friend of a family member. Make sure to dress for success and expect the unexpected when it comes to love and your career today. You gain a strong sense of satisfaction through social settings, gatherings attended and the many compliments you’ll receive, Cancer. Listen to another Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces for excellent advice.
The Moon could find you feeling alone with your thoughts. There is a tendency to feel isolated, nostalgic and reminisce about the old days. Family and friends will play a role but careful when dealing with them today, Leo. You could say the wrong thing at the wrong time and accidentally hurt someone who only wants to help you. Tempers could flair if you’re not careful. Think before you blurt out something that could be taken the wrong way. If you find yourself dwelling on the past, make sure to escape via a good movie or your favorite home cooked meal. You might want desire some alone time and be frustrated with family obligations. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. A Taurus, Libra and a Sagittarius play important roles.
The emphasis falls on hopes, wishes and the VIPs in your life, Virgo. You will fulfill the hopes of others and gain the added trust of those you seek to impress. The signs of Taurus and Capricorn will play important and trustworthy roles in this scenario. You will be easygoing, secure and able to see the future quite clearly. Your hopes and wishes as they relate to love are happening slowly but surely. The memories you build today will last a lifetime as you bond closer than ever with your friends and family. It doesn’t get any better than this, Virgo. Realize how far you’ve come and know this is just the beginning. Celebrate and enjoy your friends.
You will be overly concerned with your job, schedules and family obligations that need immediate attention. Authority figures, your parents and even the topic of parenting can weigh heavily on your mind. You will find yourself closely examining your own personal attitudes in these areas. Don’t doubt yourself, ever, Libra. Set a good example today and others will follow your direction. A Virgo and a Pisces will brighten your day considerably, Libra.

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The emphasis will take place on faraway places and people. You could be focused on your worldviews today, Scorpio. People from other cultures, from a distance and out of state will intrigue you. You might feel that the grass is greener in another setting or location. Be kind and sympathetic to others today, Scorpio. It will be imperative that you pay close attention to your intuition and gut instincts. Your thoughts and feelings will prove to be very accurate and you will know what others are thinking without even trying. A Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will play strong roles in your day, Scorpio.
This could be an intense (hot and cold) emotional day for you, Sagittarius. There could be pressure, added responsibility and a sense of not fitting in. Be aware that like attracts like. With the moon in your 8th House, you could feel strongly about the company you keep, the friendships you have and the love you feel is or not being reciprocated. Realize that these feelings are only temporary and will subside once you relax and let your guard down. The Suns transit through your sign can help counteract these feelings and help you come across as one who ultimately saves the day. A Taurus and a Scorpio play roles.
The Moon is in your opposite sign of Cancer transiting your 7th House of partnerships and marriage. You will attract people in positions of power, Capricorn. There is a feeling that you are attracting the right people yet you might need to be extra cautious today as there are some who might want to manipulate your feelings. Realize that this is a power day for you! Know when to decipher the difference between genuine sincerity versus false flattery. Actions speak louder than words so pay attention to those that take action rather than people that talk but don’t contribute. You know who they are. The choice is yours, Capricorn. A Taurus and a Virgo play important roles.
You could be concerned about your health and the health of one close to you today, Aquarius. Your best qualities emerge as you will be selfless, of service and warm and emotionally available with those you consider family. You consider everyone family and today will be no different. A strong need to connect with your favorite people will be accomplished quite effortlessly. You end the day feeling the love and extend feelings of gratitude towards all those special friends and family members who have always been there for you. A Cancer and a Capricorn have something to say.
You will be exceptionally nurturing and excited with the direction in which your love life is headed. You can bond with others and experience great luck during the Suns transit of Sagittarius as it brings luck from out of nowhere, literally. You’ll get offers to make more money and be on the receiving end of surprise news that will brighten your spirits. There is much to be thankful for this year, Pisces. Extend kindness to those who have listened, loved and never left your side. An Aries, Scorpio and a Leo will play important roles.

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